bullets and burgers


August 28, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

What kind of country are we living in? No, seriously, I want to know. A nine year old girl just accidentally killed her shooting range instructor! I remember when kids had piano teachers instead of Uzi teachers. I think I’m going to start my own GoFundMe page where I ask for donations so I can move to Canada. I’m tired of living in a country where too many people love guns more than children. I’m living in a country where twenty little kids can be blown to bits and nothing, I mean nothing is done about it. Nothing to destroy the organization that time and time again allows this shit to happen. So we have shooting after shooting (mass and just ‘minor’) and for a week or two we talk about it and then we move on to the next story. Which of course this being the USA no doubt has something to do with guns, police brutality, or a place we want to bomb. I’m fucking tired of it.

I’m tired of hearing stories about nine year old girls at shooting ranges putting a bullet in their instructors head. It happened at a place in Arizona named Bullets and Burgers. I shit you not. I have to say that even a true cynic like myself who hates most American tradition and culture, was still shocked by that name. I wasn’t shocked that it happened in Arizona, no that did not shock me. I can only imagine what those in civilized nations think about that kind of name or concept. Hey, bring your kiddies to Bullets and Burgers where they can grab a cheeseburger, fries with your choice of sides…a pistol, a rifle, or an Uzi. This is real folks, not satire. I’m sure the founding fathers were imagining a place called Bullets and Burgers when they wrote the Second Amendment. 

It’s real American life. ‘Murica baby! In places where gun violence is rare (ie every other civilized nation) when something like this happens (even though something like THIS never does) the entire country is paralyzed from it. Here in the USA we just shrug and go back to texting about our latest meal or blow job.  I’m tired of it. I’m tired of seeing young lives taken or in the case of the girl, traumatized for life. This little girl killed someone. She will have to live with that forever. Her innocence is gone and who is to blame? So many people.

The NRA is to blame. They tweeted right after the incident about “7 ways children can have fun at the shooting range.” Actually it was “NRA Women” that tweeted it. Now I understand the reason so many men love big guns. It makes up for what they are lacking in the manhood department. Why women? Someone needs to explain this to me. Please. Yes this was an actual tweet right after this girl killed her instructor. The guy who runs the range is also to blame. He was on “All in with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC and as I was watching I was looking for a hint of humanity in this man, trying my hardest to understand why he allows kids to shoot guns at his range.

The humanity wasn’t there. Sure he said something about the guy that was killed being a close friend or like a brother or something but that was about it. The rest of the interview was about how much money he makes from letting kids eat burgers and shoot Uzi’s. It a big business in Nevada and Arizona, part of the gaming industry. As always it’s about money. Money and guns going together like a bullet in the brain. It just seems to fit together well in the USA.

When Hayes, who looked totally shocked and almost paralyzed by what this man was saying, asked him what changes might be made, the guy actually said this, “maybe we will have to do what they do at Disney Land, you know, when you can’t go on a ride if you aren’t ‘this tall’ (he used his hand to show height). Yeah that’s it! That’s the change that might be made. I mean shooting a high powered weapon is just like going on the “gravitron”. Ain’t this America for you and me baby!

Hayes had the look on his face that you have right now as you read this. If you hadn’t seen the interview. If an 18 year old has sex with a 16 year old we go ape shit in the country, we want the 18 year old to do life in prison. But it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a gun. It’s not OK for a 17 year old to vote but it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a gun. It’s not OK for a 20 year old to have a beer but it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a fucking gun!!

This is the story in the news now, but I bet most of you don’t remember or probably haven’t heard of this one from 2011. I mean that was 457 news cycles ago. An eight year old boy killed himself when almost the exact same thing happened as his father was showing him how to shoot. A bullet in his own brain. But we didn’t talk about that story, or we did and just moved on as usual.

Which brings up the people who are the most responsible. The parents. This is child abuse or at least it would be in most other countries. You see, these people (mostly men but not always) want their kids to ‘grow up tough’ and be able to ‘defend themselves’. The father doesn’t want his son to be a ‘pussy.’ The ones with girls always wanted a boy so they have to transfer their psychological bullshit over to their poor kids. This is what it means to grow up in America these days. Some of these same people will deride their kids if they want those piano lessons or voice lessons or ballet lessons.

We have become a sick nation. Cancer ridden. We are obsessed with guns and money and violence and killing. It stinks from the head down. From a government that creates (literally and figuratively) boogeymen that need to be bombed to the cops who see an immediate threat when a black kid is walking down the street to the parents who instill this sick idea into their kids heads that if you don’t shoot a gun you aren’t ‘tough’ or a ‘real American’. The range owner that Hayes’ interviewed said “some of these nine year olds are pretty big.” It sounded as disgusting as those guys who say “Hey, she might have been 12 but she looked 18 buddy!” We detest the latter but we excuse the former.  He also said the little girl “wanted to shoot a gun.” Nah, we know the truth. Her parents made her want to shoot the gun, it was their idea. No nine year old girl wakes up one day and says ‘I’d really love to shoot an Uzi today daddy!’ They caused the death of that instructor and the grief and guilt this little girl will feel for the rest of her life. 

The NRA loves this shit. They eat it up. More kids growing up to love guns, to buy guns, to pass that along to their kids and so on and so forth. The politicians do nothing because the gun lobby contributes big money to their campaigns. The few who might want to stand up to Wayne LaPierre, know they will probably lose the next election when the NRA and supporters give millions to a pro gun challenger.

Yes this is the USA.

Bullets and burgers and guns and money and power and deaths. 

Who wants to help me with that GoFundMe campaign?











August 24, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Someone needs to tell me why cops have tasers. Are they for when a kid kicks them in the shin? Or maybe when a woman starts to argue about being pulled over for doing 66 in a 65. Is that what tasers are for? Heck I’m so old I can remember when there was no such thing as a taser. Only on Star Trek. You know, when their ray guns were set to “stun” instead of “kill.” Seems like the guys on the Starship Enterprise knew when to set their guns to either level. If only cops were as smart.

Or as courageous. I think I remember when cops had courage. Been a while though. Now when an “assailant” is 25 feet away with a knife, and that assailant is on crack or heroin or meth and can barely speak or move, it’s OK for a cop to shoot that person 15 times. Come on, you only do that if you want to kill someone. If you’ve just been waiting for your chance. Maybe that’s why you became a cop in the first place.

According to the police chief in St. Louis that kind of action is actually protocol these days. When a guy who is shaking and frail is within 20-25 feet with a knife, even a Swiss Army knife, he is considered to be “life threatening” to the officer. An officer who is armed with a baton, mace, taser, a bullet proof vest and a gun. I’m no hero but I wouldn’t consider that to be “life threatening” to myself…without all of that weaponry and armor. I would probably look to just knock the guy out when I got my chance. But if I were a cop I would opt for the safer route and just mace the guy. If he kept coming which is highly doubtful, I would go to the taser. End of story.

Now cops seem to shoot when someone yells “Boo.” Well especially if it’s a black guy yelling. If this is the case why do we even need cops? Any civilian can kill someone for little or no reason. Where does the training come in? With cops like these we might as well just have law of the jungle and kill each other. Who needs them? Who needs to pay them with our tax dollars? Hey, speaking of which why aren’t conservatives screaming about our socialist police department being out of control and over militarized? Why don’t they want our police force defunded like Obamacare? I mean I haven’t heard a word, a whisper, have you? 

I digress. We call our cops “warriors” these days but I’ve never seen warriors so cowardly. Like when they shoot at a black woman in a car full of kids because she might have been breaking the speed limit. I mean how dangerous she is! Or when they beat a black woman into submission on the side of the road because she isn’t “obeying.” Or when they beat the crap out of the wrong guy and charge him with “bleeding on their uniforms”. That’s YOU Ferguson PD. Or when they choke a guy to death because he is selling cigarettes on the street. Or when they shoot an unarmed black kid six times because well..who knows.

I could write 100 paragraphs about the 21st century cop and how afraid they are to use their brains or fists or less lethal weapons because someone standing 25 feet away without a firearm is considered a “threat.” Example after example of police “overreach”, of escalation instead of a calming deescalation which is what they are paid to do. Escalation usually means homicide. Sometimes it’s tear gassing an entire crowd because one guy threw a bottle…of water. Once again I’m no hero but I will take the “water bottle challenge” and allow 20 cops to throw bottles of Evian at me and if I survive, all of those cowardly cops (and I don’t give a shit if they were under the command of Ron Johnson) that tear gassed pastors and woman and children, lose their jobs. How about THAT challenge?

I mean cops with helmets and shields and tanks and guns and mace and tasers and they gas an entire crowd because of thrown bottles? And yes there were many journalists who reported that it was only the bottles that got the the cops going…into their default escalation mode. What courageous officers of the law we are hiring! Yes WE are hiring and paying them which means WE can fire them? Right conservatives? I mean you guys would agree with that right?

So here is one of our modern day heroic cops. He continues his complaining and racist ways on twitter. I’m not going to get into all of the disgusting things he says about Eric Holder or the people he is supposed to be “protecting and serving.” I only have one question…why not find another job? I mean he hates being a cop so much, complains about everything he has to deal with so why not quit? Nobody is forcing him to be a cop, and nobody forced him to become a cop. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Our cops are also getting dumb and dumber. When you start to push, threaten and arrest journalists, point your weapons at them and have them overhear you bad mouthing protesters, you really can’t be too intelligent. I mean your I.Q. can’t be very high. Speaking of which, here is an example of what I’m talking about. It is indeed possible to be “too smart” to get hired as a cop in the USA. I’m guessing they don’t have these regulations in any other country. It takes a certain kind of dumb to actually lose the support of the mainstream media!

Then there is the cop who pushed CNN’s Don Lemon. How did this loser get hired in the first place? It’s not like he is able to hide his grotesque beliefs. Maybe it’s because the people who hired him have similar beliefs. These are some of the same cops who were enforcing those protest rules in Ferguson. Like walk but don’t stop. So the protesters couldn’t take a breath and stand in one place without getting harassed by the police. I don’t seem to find any clause in the First Amendment which says “Freedom of speech, except no standing still while exercising those freedoms.” Or “Freedom of the press but only in designated areas as assigned by local police.” Can you? If so send those clauses along to me please.

Where are all of those Second Amendment purists screaming and yelling about all of the First Amendment violations? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. They believe a group of white people protecting a rancher from having to pay taxes is “patriotic” but black people protesting the murder of an unarmed teenager is not. A German Journalist had to come to Ferguson to realize, as so many Americans are finally, at long last realizing, that the USA is not a free country. That all of those heroic soldiers really died for nothing, for shit. But hey, because of “freedom” right conservatives?

Speaking of Germany, police officers in that ENTIRE country shot off 85 bullets in a full YEAR. In the U.K. it was three shots, half of the number of bullets Mike Brown was hit with. In Iceland the first civilian ever was just killed by a cop. The entire country is in mourning. This is civilization, this is freedom, this is real law enforcement.

Maybe we need cops who aren’t afraid of their own shadows. We don’t need super heroes or anything, just people who aren’t 300 pounds, who can run or use their hands to protect themselves in situations where someone doesn’t have a gun. Where the training and the laws REQUIRE them to use the mace or the taser when the suspect has a knife or a bat and is 30 feet away. Cops who can disarm and apprehend without discharging their weapon 6-15 times. Maybe this is what we need.

By the way I love firemen. They put out fires, unlike the police, who ignite them.



Correction: I’m reminded by the loyal followers of DailyKos.com that the Star Trek weapons were known as Phasers not Tasers. If only our police forces had those instead. 






August 21, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Let me start with this. Here we are almost two weeks after the murder of Mike Brown and still no arrest of Darren Wilson. We hear lots of nonsense about how this is a complex case when it is a very simple case. One person shot another. That is it. One gun, six bullets into one person due to the actions of the other. Simple and straight forward. I will say this again. If the roles were reversed and if the officer were the dead one, Mike Brown or any person that might have done the shooting would have been arrested ON THE SPOT. They probably WOULD NOT HAVE BAIL. I will say this again as well. If you don’t agree with that statement the only excuse you have is that you are a racist. I don’t believe dumb can get that bad. It has to be blatant racism. Here is proof of that disgusting racism. You think it’s OK for a white cop to kill a black kid. That is your reason. So If you want to admit that fact you can write to me. If not keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t do well with bullshit.

I have heard lots of crap like “Well it was a cop so he should get the benefit of the doubt.” No he shouldn’t. In fact I propose that the laws should be STRICTER when it comes to a crime committed by a person with power being paid by the people. The penalties should also be stricter. This would almost ensure that we get only the best going into these positions of power. The bad guys will stay away. Fascism cannot be given “the benefit of the doubt.”

Here are the FACTS. There are several witnesses who have come forward with their names, put their faces on television and have told the same story. More and more every day in fact.  They tell us that Mike Brown was dragged into the car by a very angry officer who started the whole event by telling Brown and his friend to “Get on the fucking sidewalk.” That is the way you talk if you are an animal, a scumbag not a cop paid by you and I. It also points to the mindset of the officer leading into the incident. If you don’t believe cops talk that way here is a cop from the Ferguson protests who is now suspended indefinitely because of his threatening people with a gun and cursing at them. When Brown broke free of Wilson’s grasp he was several feet away, the medical examiner said it’s not impossible that he was 35 feet away, and Wilson shot several times, including two to Brown’s head. Several medical examiners have said Brown, being so tall would have to have been falling or down, on his knees, for the shots to his eye and the TOP OF HIS HEAD.

Ever seen videos of executions? That’s where the bullet often goes, into the top of the head as the victim is on their knees. All of the witnesses who are real and have come forward say Brown was giving up, and was killed. Hands up. There have been ZERO witnesses who have come forward and said Brown was “charging” at Wilson. The only person who says this is Wilson, and the people he has told the story to and who want to spread it around. I call this kind of rumor, the fallacy of the phantom witness. Fox news has lots of these phantom witnesses.

We also hear on Fox news that Wilson had been beaten almost to a pulp and that he had broken bones in his face. There heave been NO hospital records or even records that show Wilson went to the hospital. Here is a photo of Wilson standing over Brown’s dead body:

wilson over body

Even more damning is this video with eye witness testimony. Wilson appears to be fine, not badly hurt if hurt at all. Also remember this, as per the witnesses, Wilson pulled Brown into the car. A civilian has every right to defend themselves just as a cop does. But if Wilson were badly injured why wasn’t he rushed to the hospital?

Here is a fake report of Wilson’s supposed broken orbital bone. If you have to fabricate evidence it proves that you know you are wrong and are desperate.

Interesting how Fox News throws out fake unsubstantiated stories that legitimize the killing of a black boy by a white cop. Makes you wonder who is watching their broadcasts. Actually we don’t have to wonder. Right wing racists. “Josie” who we have heard on a few media outlets is a friend of Wilson’s wife. She wasn’t a witness, so she is repeating the same story told by Wilson. I wonder if these Fox viewers would believe the story of a black kid who killed a cop? Heck they won’t even believe the witnesses that we know of because they are black. The same people who refuse to believe the facts, the evidence in this case adds up to murder by cop, also refuse to believe in global warming or still think that Saddam Hussein caused 9/11. Think about that. 

It’s obvious why the Ferguson PD didn’t interview the witnesses. It’s obvious why they wouldn’t give Wilson’s name until six days after the shooting. It’s obvious why Robert McCulloch is doing something most lawyers say is extremely rare and allowing Wilson to testify in the grand jury trial. A defendant is rarely if ever allowed to defend themselves when a prosecutor is trying to get an indictment against them. It’s ludicrous. McCulloch doesn’t really want an indictment. So he needs to be removed. This is why he is baiting Gov. Nixon into taking him off the case. His heart isn’t in it.

Institutionalized racism is all over this case. You can smell the injustice, it’s in the air. The people of Ferguson are sick and tired of cops putting their feet on their throats all of the time so we get more cops cursing and pointing guns at them on a nightly basis now.

It’s the job of the legitimate media to separate fact from fiction. Otherwise they are allowing injustice to prevail. They are complicit in the murder of Michael Brown.





August 18, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was one of the first people to call the killing of Mike Brown an execution. This was based on the several eye witnesses who told the same story. A story of an 18 year old boy who was shot multiple times, most said 5-7 or 6-8 times in the arms and head. They also said he was falling down and on his knees when he was shot again in the head. Now we get an autopsy that corroborates that testimony from those eye witnesses.

Tiffany Mitchell

“Michael and the officer wrestling through the [car] window.” Brown, she said, was struggling to get away while the officer continued to try to pull him closer. Concerned, Mitchell pulled out her phone, at which point she said the first shot was fired “through the window.” Mitchell then saw Brown break away from the officer’s grip and run down the street from the police vehicle.

“The officer gets out of his vehicle,” Mitchell said, “and he pursues him,” continuing to shoot at Brown. “Michael’s body jerks as if he was hit,” Mitchell explained, “and then he put his hands up,” and the officer continued to shoot at Brown until the teenager collapsed “all the way down to the ground.”

Philip Walker

Brown “was giving up in the sense of raising his arms and being subdued,” Walker said Monday, AP reported. He also reportedly said that the officer “had his gun raised and started shooting the individual in the chest multiple times.” He then “stood over him and shot him,” he added.

Dorian Johnson

“He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air, and he started to get down,” Johnson said, according to AP. “But the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”

Witness after witness  that tell basically the same story. They don’t know each other. All saw the shooting from different angles. The people who won’t believe them are simply racists who won’t believe the word of a black person.

The fatal shot was a shot in the top of Michael Brown’s head. Unless Darren Wilson was seven feet tall or Brown was shot by a sniper this wound shows that Brown was down on his knees/falling down, not a threat, in a submissive position when he was killed by Wilson. This is an execution, pure and simple. If you don’t like that word too fucking bad. It is what it is.

Several witnesses with the same story that aligns with the autopsy yet we don’t even have a simple arrest. Let me make this very clear. If you are opposed to an arrest and a charge you are a racist. That is the reason. You can try to disguise your racism with bullshit excuses and your supposed knowledge of the law, but you can’t fool me. There is NO DOUBT, NO FUCKING DOUBT that if Michael Brown or any other black man, hell any other person including myself, were to have killed a cop or anyone in the same fashion as Wilson killed Brown, with the amount of evidence we have, there would have been an arrest and most likely no bail based on the gruesomeness of the crime.

If you disagree with this assessment you can give me reasons till you turn blue in the face, but what you are is a racist, reaching for legitimate reasons to not be labeled one. The sneaky excuses don’t fool me at all. If Michael Brown were white you wouldn’t be bullshitting that there is no cause for an arrest, you would probably be silent. You know that. I know that.

I have received so many tweets from disgusting racists. All of them from this country of course,  trying to disparage Michael Brown the same way the Ferguson PD has tried to do.

“He was a thug, he deserved it.”

“Come on Mike, you know Wilson was justified in killing a felon.”

“He was a thief and he got what he deserved, the officer is a hero.”

This is the shit I deal with on a daily basis. Many of these people don’t think they are racists. They actually believe the law backs them up. Brown may have stolen some shit so the officer was justified in carrying out his execution. That is the penalty for shop lifting. If that is the case then half of Brooklyn. N.Y. where I come from should be dead. Including all of those nice Italian boys who may have stolen a slice of pizza or some soda when they were 15 or 18.. Correct?

Probable Cause n. sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime.

That is it. That is what you need to make an arrest. Unlike some of the nonsense you have heard from talking heads who it would seem purposely confuse an ARREST with a TRIAL, you don’t need overwhelming evidence that can lead to a conviction in order to make a simple arrest. Now I believe there is plenty of evidence for a conviction but that’s not what the people in Ferguson are asking for. Make an arrest and then allow due process. And after an arrest the collection of evidence can continue.

Cops arrest people for many things based on the thinnest of probable causes like the smell of pot or residue that might be cocaine. Yet six gunshots to an unarmed teenager with several witnesses doesn’t warrant an arrest?  Are you kidding me or are you just a racist?

This is what the people of Ferguson want. A simple fucking arrest would make most of the unrest stop. A simple arrest! Yet “Tricky” Jay Nixon calls in the National Guard? Utilizing more oppressive force and tax payer money (where are the conservatives?!)   Hell what could go wrong with the National Guard? 

The Ferguson PD agitated the peaceful protesters, the world screams about the militarization of the police, yet Nixon calls in the military. We see how successful his unconstitutional curfew was. Meanwhile the FBI has to be called in to interview witnesses because the Ferguson PD refused to do so. They release a video of something totally unrelated to the case yet when it comes to things directly related to the case there is no information released. How in the fuck can people expect the same police department that showered with Wilson, the same 50 or so guys (mostly white) who whipped a towel on his ass after a long day’s work, to collect evidence that might lead to his conviction of murder? Are you kidding me??

It took them six days to just release his name. We know he is on a paid vacation while Michael Brown’s body lies cold in the morgue. We know the Ferguson PD has not interviewed any witnesses and has withheld any evidence or information they might have. We know police are arresting peaceful protesters, hitting kids with tear gas and also arresting reporters. Chris Hayes and other reporters were threatened with getting maced if they dare pass the police. Even the local clergy have witnessed the police shooting tear gas unprovoked.

So cops have “probable cause” to arrest journalists but not Darren Wilson? 

We are not only seeing blatant racism and injustice but oppression as well. Who the fuck do these cops think they are? There should be hundreds of First Amendment violations filed by the justice department against these cops.

You see how mad I am? You can only imagine what the people of Ferguson are feeling. Their disgust and hate and distrust will and SHOULD continue. The protests, the screaming, the marching SHOULD continue. It must all continue until there is justice. Until someone takes the lead and arrests Darren Wilson for murder.

Until the justice system prevails over the racists (the KKK is raining money for Wilson) all of the unrest will continue.

Look at what it takes to arrest one bad cop.

Any further bloodshed is on the hands of those in charge, those obstructing justice.





August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Update: Autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot six times most likely from a distance. Including bullet holes in the top of his head and his eye. 

autopsyThis will be short. We now know the identity of the officer who executed Michael Brown. His name is Darren Wilson. He needs to be arrested and charged with murder in the first degree immediately. We now have at least three witnesses, all strangers, all witnessing from different angles, the cold blooded murder of Michael Brown. They all depicted in great detail a boy who put his hands up, on his knees and was then shot several times. Wilson was so crazed that he even shot into a home nearby.

It’s time to arrest Darren Wilson. Not only has he not been arrested but we know that he had left town and gone on a paid vacation. This makes me want to throw up. Can you imagine the police allowing a black kid, heck anyone for that matter, to leave town if there was this amount of evidence pointing to them? Anyone who isn’t outraged by this crap can only be a blatant racist, there is no other excuse. I have heard from several of them in the past few days.

We are now seeing the usual character assassination of the victim. A video that has all of a sudden surfaced showing someone who might be Michael Brown stealing something from a convenience store.  No information about the killing of Brown but plenty of video about a nickel and dime robbery. This facile attempt to make the victim the bad guy will only go over with the racists. It already has. People who did the same thing when they were teens or had friends who stole gum or cigarettes from a store when they were young are now trying to justify that Brown deserved to be shot 6-8 times while his hands were in the air because he may have stolen something. I guess they feel that they or their friends should have been executed for doing the same thing when they were kids?

Ferguson police chief Tom “stonewall the case” Jackson needs to be removed from duty and now. He is an incompetent fool. He has now flamed the fires again after they were put out by the state police. He simultaneously releases a video that has nothing to do with the execution of Brown while telling everyone that officer Wilson is a wonderful guy that has never had any complaints against him in his six years on the force. Jackson is a joke. He needs to go.

We have a video of an alleged small crime but still NO photo of the killer cop. No evidence being released regarding how many shots Wilson took or how many bullets hit Brown. No real details about the killing at all.

At least three witnesses now. All telling eerily similar accounts of the murder of an 18 year old boy. Hands in the air, on his knees, begging to not be shot. Executed in cold blood.

Darren Wilson needs to be arrested for murder in the first degree. Now!



pol ferg


August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

So it turns out liberals love the Constitution much more than conservatives. You see if not for us “Libtards” there would be more bodies lying dead in Ferguson, Missouri. One dead boy is certainly too many. One boy who isn’t able to see how certain parts (liberal) of the country are rallying to see justice served. There would be more Mike Brown’s in Ferguson if not for the liberals in Missouri and around the country, on Facebook and Twitter demanding an end to the militarized police in the streets of Ferguson.

Funny how we haven’t seen those “conservatives” who bitch and moan about upholding the Constitution, hell they even have a “Constitution Party” yet where were they when police were pointing military assault weapons at peaceful, unarmed kids in the streets? Where were they when police were knocking down cameras and arresting journalists? Putting innocent civilians and journalists in jail? Where?

You know where they were. At home jacking off to the idea of all of those citizens of Ferguson owning guns. Yes that’s what they want. They want them all to have guns, open carry. Let’s imagine what would have happened if those citizens had those guns the NRA wants everyone to have. Who do you think would have won? The people or the militarized police department with their assault weapons and hand grenades and tanks? What carnage would we have seen on television?

They love their Constitution when it suits them. When white men with guns show up at a ranch and threaten to kill the Feds or the police if they try to force them off they scream about Second Amendment rights. But when unarmed, peaceful citizens want to express their FIRST Amendment rights then it’s crickets…nothing. And notice how no police tanks showed up at Bundy Ranch. 

This is how full of shit right wingers are, totally full of shit. But thank goodness for the liberals. They tweeted their disgust, they were out there in danger, getting tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. Yes this is America in 2014, not Selma, Alabama in 1962. But they were there protesting the police brutality and escalation of violence. They were there.

So President Obama made a call to Governor Nixon of Missouri. How does a Nixon get elected to public office anyway? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation. I know Obama is a gentleman, a lot more gentle than I would be if I were in his position, but let me quickly translate what he MIGHT have said. 

Hey Nixon, get your ass out there and put someone in charge who knows what the fuck they’re doing. If I see one more tank or hear about one more tear gas attack or journalist being jailed, I’m gonna come there and put my foot firmly up your ass.

Yeah, I think it went something like that..only nicer…maybe. So Nixon was on television today, telling us that the local police are out and the Missouri highway patrol is in. Headed by a black man. Yes Nixon also said lots of bullshit. He wouldn’t talk about the people responsible for the injustices of the last few nights or what might happen to them. “Lets’ look ahead,” he said. The mantra of a corporate politician. He might have just said, “I am not a mook!” He lied about civilians being ALMOST equally responsible for the unrest. Total lies. But changes were made, hopefully they work. You could tell that Nixon would rather be shaving his balls than making these announcements. 

So America has been awakened to the militarization of the police. That we don’t have police, but wanna be soldiers without the training. Police that have no knowledge of the Constitution or even local laws. If they do, they don’t care. This has been going on for years now, as I and a few others have spoken about. But cameras and reporters have witnessed this over the top police response so now people are finally outraged. 

But this will happen again. We may or may not know about it next time. This is America. The Federal government is responsible as well because they are funding these police departments with the money and the military style equipment. 450 million bucks worth. This all started after 9/11 with scumbag Rudy Giuliani using the excuse of “9/11 changed everything” to justify the militarization and brutality of the police department. It’s important to not forget that, to not just “look ahead.” 

These same departments claim there is no money for officers to wear cameras or even have them in their patrol cars. The money must stop going for this war time paraphernalia and must go for the cameras that make more officers act responsibly and within the law.

Then there is what can only be called the cover-up of the facts in the Michael Brown case. The officers name still hasn’t been released. The number of bullets shot and the number of bullets that hit Brown have not been released. The reason for leaving Brown’s body in the street for four hours hasn’t been revealed. All of this is against Missouri state law. This is one of the main reasons why people are upset and protesting. How quickly justice moves along when a citizen is accused of a crime. How slowly it moves when a police officer is involved. This makes people angry and it should.

Another witness now tells us that Brown was shot while on his knees with his hands in the air, shot several times. Same account among witnesses from different angles, people who have no connection to each other at all. Why hasn’t the officer been arrested and charged? You or I would be in jail by now, that we know. If Michael Brown had shot and killed the officer we would know his name and he would be behind bars. Pure fact.

So maybe the current cop crap is over in Ferguson, maybe. But Michael Brown remains dead and his parents without a son. Let’s not forget that. Justice still isn’t close to being served.





August 13, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

“Get the fuck on the sidewalk.” That is how it all started. Not, “Please move onto the sidewalk” or “How about you kids walk on the sidewalk” but “Get the fuck on the sidewalk.” And they want respect. The police that is. Would you respect that?

So another person, another black man was killed by a police officer. This time it was because he was walking on the street and not on the sidewalk. The last time a police officer yelled at someone for walking on the street it was probably 1950. But in 1950 a police officer wouldn’t be caught cursing at someone. What happened? They used to go out of their way to be polite even if the person they were dealing with wasn’t. They would use phrases such as “please, thank you sir, thank you ma’am.” They would do what they could to de-escalate a situation if one were to arise.

Not anymore. Now they curse at two black guys because they dare to walk on the street with few or no cars on it, instead of the sidewalk. When they tell this officer that they aren’t but a minute from grandma’s house, he flings open his door and proceeds to escalate the situation. The way a criminal might if someone doesn’t want to hand over their property.

This officer (I can’t call him by his name because the Ferguson police department won’t tell us who the killer is). Oh you can bet your sweet ass that if one of those guys had killed the officer the entire universe would have known their name instantly. Anyway, the officer then, by every account other than his own of course, tries to pull 18 year old Michael Brown into the police car. Then his gun comes out and his shoots at Brown. This wasn’t enough of a penalty for walking on the street though. No, he then gets out of the car and shoot Brown again, in the back. Still not enough punishment for walking on the street. When Brown puts his hands up and is several feet away from the officer, the cop shoots several more times, leaving Brown in a pool of his own blood.

This is the description, if you believe everyone other than the nameless officer, of an execution. A cold blooded killing. Brown’s friend who was walking with him, Dorian Johnson, told this story as did several other witnesses.

But even though we all get into the details, we shouldn’t get too caught up in them. I mean a mostly white jury will probably believe the word of the white officer who did the killing rather than any black witnesses anyway. Just as Ferguson, Missouri is 75 percent black with a police force that is 94 percent white. So the details are tangential from the real story here, which is another police officer killing an unarmed person. Remember this officer like all officers also has a tazer gun as well. That is supposed to be used..well…for unarmed suspects who are physically threatening to the officer. Still even in that instance the threat has to be real and provable.

Michael Brown was walking on the street. Eric Garner who was choked to death on Staten Island, was selling loose cigarettes. Neither had any type of weapon on them. There are many other cases, as we are now learning even out of Ferguson, where officers shot someone countless times or tazed them countless times, leading to the person’s death.

We are seeing police in military gear now in Ferguson. They are in camouflage…camouflage! Tell me what vast desert or jungle they are working in that they need camouflage. What war are they fighting that they need this gear along with the tanks that are designed and meant for places like Iraq and Afghanistan?

Is this what we are paying for? To live in this kind of world? This paranoid, us vs. them mentality that these police forces have. Are we to be occupied by them? People have been protesting in Ferguson. They have been attempting to exercise their constitutional rights and yet there are the police, telling them they have no right. They have been tear gassing people who are on their own property chanting slogans at the police. This is what we are all paying for.

Enough is enough. The “investigation” into this execution by cop must be taken out of the hands of some of the same people who are at least partially responsible for what happened to Michael Brown. The conflict of interest is too great. Those same police cannot be allowed to tear gas people who are protesting. It’s time for the Feds to be sent in, to take over in every aspect. Justice must be served.

What we are seeing has taken us back to before the civil rights act. The United States is going backwards. Yes, none of us are immune to this current police brutality, but lets face it, I’d rather be white than black right now. These are no longer “isolated” incidents, it’s an epidemic. If we keep on fooling ourselves into believing it’s anything other than this, we are doomed as a society.

I am white and the police have lost my respect. I see a police car now, even here in San Francisco and my heart drops. Could this be the time I’m involved in an “altercation”? Maybe because I’m crossing in the middle of the street? Or maybe this is when I’m a witness to some horrible case of police brutality. This is why all good cops needs to be as outraged as I am. They are not the enemy but they are being seen as the enemy because of what their fellow officers are doing. And in many cases they are backed up by other cops simply because of that “thin blue line” bullshit.

Dorian Johnson said the officer looked shocked after the first shot, as though he was surprised by what he had done. Then he took a little time before walking over to Brown and shooting him dead. Seems as though the officer felt he should finish the job so Brown couldn’t tell everyone what happened. That last line are my words not Johnson’s.

What happened in Ferguson was an execution. A murder in cold blood. Make no mistake if we are silent, if things don’t change and justice isn’t served, one of us is next.