July 24, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was raised on Staten Island. I won’t say I hated every minute or it because that wouldn’t be true. Every other minute. Staten Island is very Italian and very conservative. Many of those Italians hate blacks. Sorry just the way it is. Always has been. Not all but many.

So a black man was killed by cops on Staten Island. The names of the officers put on “desk duty” are Daniel Pantaleo and Justin Damico. The man they killed was Eric Garner. Cops seem to be killing lots of people these days and race doesn’t always factor in. There is also much more in the way of common excessive police force against all races. This time though it happened on Staten Island, where there are lots of white Italians who hate blacks.

There was a time, not too long ago where this kind of incident was rare. Where someone could use the term “rotten apple” when describing a rouge police officer. Not any more. Nope. There are far too many incidents like this one now. So the blame must be put in the recruiting process. They are simply not recruiting the kind of people they used to recruit to be police officers. You know, the kind of cop we would see in a Sidney Lumet film. Hardly perfect, but often compassionate and human. A human being. 

Mr. Garner was a big man, all 350 pounds of him. He seemed to have been selling loose cigarettes, which I didn’t know people still did. A human being would see this as hardly an offense. Maybe a human being would say, “Come on buddy do that somewhere else, not on my beat” or “Put those away and just go on your way pal.” Something like that. I never wrote a Lumet film but the dialogue would go something like that. 

Not this time. This time it escalated to the point where Garner was put in an illegal choke hold, yelling “I can’t breathe”, “I can’t breathe.” He had bad asthma, but these non humans didn’t know that, nor did they care. He was a black guy on White Island, doing something “illegal.” One has to wonder if it were a 20 year old Italian kid doing the same thing, what would have happened? Well that’s neither here nor there is it?

Let’s take the racial element out of this for a second. I know of a woman who is an anti-war protester. Here is a video of her being assaulted and arrested by police in Philadelphia because she was standing somewhere they didn’t want her to stand. This is public property, a park, she asks them why she can’t stand there, they don’t give an answer. Basically her liberalism is bothering them. The black officer in this video should be especially ashamed, since it was his relatives who were arrested and assaulted for wanting the rights he now has. I guess he thinks those rights include assault and battery of an anti-war protester.

Notice how these cops attack her when she turns her back. The same way thugs would attack someone when they aren’t expecting it, to steal their money. This brings up a question. Why does someone become a cop? Several people in my family were cops. Usually the answer was, “I wanted to make a difference.” Heck even “I needed a good job with benefits.” The first reason is honorable, the second is also fine, if not honorable. It seems that too many cops these days, especially the younger ones, would have to answer, “I wanna bust some heads!” 

Of course that reason is criminal but they have a badge. Therefore the few, the very few times these cops are prosecuted, they are acquitted. That’s because the moron public has that good ole American, obey and submit mentality. If the person has a badge or a title, then they are above reproach. I mean they must be doing the right thing or at least for the right reason…right?

There has been a militarization of the police departments. They wear dark black and carry gear that is usually seen in war time situations. No wonder they feel like they are at war and need to act accordingly. They are no longer taught to respect the public, to deal with people on a human level. They are taught to “be careful out there.” Because everyone is out to get them. 

All of this makes me wonder why anyone would want to be a cop. I hear people say all the time that these cops are only doing their jobs. Protecting and serving! But there is no “cop draft.” Nobody MUST become a cop. There are plenty of other jobs. Therefore someone should really really want to do it and for only the right reasons. This must be the question police departments ask to those who want these jobs. There must be an interrogation and those in command must be CERTAIN that the person applying is there for only the right reasons before their application is pushed through. Of course this is not a part of the hiring procedure in any police department in the United States.

No the U.S. police force has become a thug force. They are hiring too many people who get off on the fact that they can beat people up and order them around legally. The law is on their side. This is why we are seeing so much police brutality and murder by cop. There are protests in NYC now, People want the police chief, Bill Bratton, fired. The problem is that the department always, yes always, at least initially, backs the officer, as do most other officers. Here is a sample of what some of those officers are saying about the Garner murder.

The “Thin Blue Line” isn’t really thin at all. It’s a big glaring bold marked line that is easy to see and not hidden. There is very much an us vs. them mentality by cops. They don’t seem to realize that they work for the people, the people pay their salaries. The people are the bosses. Get it? 

No they don’t get it. They dress in the darkest of blue or black. They carry tasers, guns, mace, handcuffs, batons, and they wear bullet proof vests. They are more protected than any citizen could or should ever be. I am all for the police not the citizenry to be armed. To protect us from each other. I’ve written about this in the past. 

They don’t want to lose someone like me. I might need them on that beat but they need people like me on their side. The sooner they realize this the better. It’s beginning to slip away from them. I shudder to think about the consequences.






July 18, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

UPDATE: Due to the pressure from many of us NBC has sent Ayman Mohyeldin back to Gaza. This is the right thing to do. They still haven’t explained why they did the wrong thing by pulling him out.

I really really really hate writing about the ongoing, never ending, never will end, “crisis” in the middle east. We have so many problems here at home that need fixing yet we, or should I say they (the mainstream media) push those troubles aside whenever something violent happens in that area of the world cause..well..violence gets dicks hard I guess.

This is also the reason why the murders on both sides of the conflict will continue. Both sides are excited by the blood shed. Both sides cheer when little children on the opposing side are killed. They all love it now. They love the violence and the retribution and the killings. They all get off on it now, the rebels, the establishment, the politicians, the suicide bombers, all of them. It’s a cycle they have grown used to and it’s why the USA should have no involvement at all. None. Zero.

OK I got that out of my system. The issue now is with NBC news and their removal of a pretty good reporter, Ayman Mohyeldin, from the Gaza strip. Mohyeldin had reported on the killing of four young boys who were playing on the beach by the Israeli military. He said he had just been playing with these boys shortly before they were murdered. Yes they were MURDERED, not merely KILLED.

NBC claims he was pulled because of “security concerns” but that doesn’t jive because they soon placed Richard Engel into the same position. Also these reporters are constantly in harms way, every single minute of every single day, so it’s obvious NBC is lying. The question is why? Why pull Mohyeldin? And why lie about it?

It’s no secret that there are many Jews in this country who are, for some strange reason, blindly sympathetic to Israel. Some of them have been to Israel but most of them have not. I’m always confused as to why they care so much. And if so why not relocate to Israel and join the fight? I’m half Jewish and half Italian. Yes I know I’m combining a religion with a nationality but that’s how we do it in New York so get over it. Many Jews consider me to be totally Jewish since it’s my mother’s side that is Jewish. However I have no connection to Israel at all, never been there. I have been to Italy just once. If Italy were to get into a conflict with a neighboring country I would have no vested interest in it at all. I would choose to look at it from a totally objective point of view. Mostly I just hate war and conflict and would hope it would all end quickly.

The problem we have in this country is that too many people see the Israel-Palestine conflict from an extremely biased point of view. They overwhelmingly support Israel. That is simply a fact. It’s also a fact that there are more Jews in important positions of power in our mainstream media than Palestinians. No this isn’t a stupid anti-Semitic “Jews run the world” paranoia rant, it’s simply fact. Therefore it’s obvious that some of those people and those who might answer to them don’t like it when Israelis are shown in a negative light. They will give the Palestinians some sympathy but just enough to try and keep people like myself off their backs, their hearts really aren’t in it.

Oh I really hate writing about this shit. I know liberals are mixed on this issue. Maybe some of you have been wondering what my beliefs were. But now we have this chicken shit move by NBC news. They have been known to slant to the left but that didn’t matter in this case. In these matters it rarely does. There are people with money who live in this country who don’t want to see Israelis look like murderers. But some of them ARE murderers as are some Palestinians. I have always seen the Israelis as the big rich bullies with the expensive weapons and the Palestinians as the kids who are fighting back anyway they can. Sometimes their ways are horrific and grotesque. Both sides see little reason to come to an agreement because the killing and the revenge and the never ending cycle of this shit seems so normal and feels so right to them now.

What we CAN control in this country is how we cover this conflict. What NBC did was just simply wrong just as it would be wrong to pull a reporter for covering the Palestinians killing Israeli children. That hasn’t happened though..has it?

This is why the mainstream media in the USA sucks. Money as with everything else in this Capitalism on steroids society, rules all. It trumps good reporting, it trumps fair reporting, it trumps right over wrong. This is why we can’t get “fair and balanced” news anymore. There is always an executive who is shitting in his or her pants over that one call they might get from a rich, angry advertiser.

So Ayman Mohyeldin gets pulled from doing his job. A job he does well.

NBC news should be ashamed of themselves.




July 11, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Those mean and nasty animals of the right are at it again.

Rick Perry was just here in San Francisco talking to a political club when he suddenly, in the city of The Castro, said that homosexuality was just like alcoholism. I guess he meant that it’s a disease that can be cured. Now he is saying that the crisis at the border is “Obama’s Katrina.” I guess he means that 3,000 Americans have died there. 

Well no homosexuality is not a disease and therefore there is no “cure.” And no, there haven’t been thousands of Americans killed at the border. You see just because Perry has decided to dress and look smart doesn’t mean he is. I mean his newly cosmopolitan style is just that…a superficial facade. He is still just a dumb, ignorant Texas boy. Just like the guy he loved so dearly when Katrina actually happened..Bush. 

Perry said that Bush got lots of criticism for just flying over New Orleans and not going down to see what was happening. Really? From whom? Guys like Perry? Noooo. Guys like me and the Democrats..well the Democrats eventually. So he wants Obama to go and see what is happening at the border. Now let’s say Obama did just that. What would we hear from the right? What would we see all over Fox News and be listening to on right wing talk radio?

Guys like Sean Hannity, who thinks he is tough while standing next to a machine gun with his shit kicker Governor buddy, patrolling the border and ready to shoot dead some of those awful 14 year old kids who want to live in the USA, would be saying it was just a photo op. There goes Obama again looking good and making a great speech. He would be ridiculed. Do you really think they would actually give him some credit for once?

Of course not. Plus Obama is learning, finally, that the Republicans are full of shit. He is done with reaching out and now he understands that they just need to be mocked. He isn’t playing their games anymore. They have had NUMEROUS chances to pass some sort of immigration reform and they refuse because he is President. And of course those of us with an IQ above 100 know that Dubya signed the bill that has led to the current issue at the border. 

Speaking of superficial ways to try and look good. Sarah Palin is back at it. Palin has officially reached top hooker status. She is at platinum level. Wearing enough make-up to make a 60 year old look..oh I don’t know..58, she is back at it, talking about how Obama must be impeached. The ignorant Palin, who is loved by the ignorant masses in America, thinks that word can be used for anything she disagrees with. Any policy that actually helps people is an impeachable offense.

Palin also loves the attention. The way a porn star does when she has ten guys taking turns. She knows that her people get all hot and bothered when she uses that word. So she just throws and it out there and as usual strings together a few other terms that make no sense. It all makes perfect sense to Palin lovers though, because it’s all about getting rid of the black President and boy does that give them multiple orgasms. Like I said..Platinum level Sarah baby!

When asked about Palin throwing around the word “Impeachment” John Boehner said he disagrees with her. However he has no problem at all throwing out the word “Lawsuit.” Yes Boehner continues to talk about suing Obama for…well he’s not quite sure. I think he has settled on Obamacare and the mandate. He had to think about it for a month or so before deciding. He is suing Obama for getting shit done! Of course this was all voted on and passed by Congress but hey, that doesn’t matter. Of course this was voted on and passed by the American people since Obama won two landslide victories with this as one of his major platforms, but hey, that doesn’t matter. 

Now this lawsuit will go nowhere as this is just a stunt by Boehner to try and deflect the attention away from his do nothing Congress for the upcoming mid terms. Your tax dollars will be used to fund this game but you are Americans, so bend over and enjoy it! His Congress does nothing to help Americans AND they get to steal your money as well! Great system we have in place. Same system that allows all but two incumbent representatives to win their primaries while polls show people giving those same reps a 7% approval. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

The good news as I mentioned earlier is that Obama seems to have reached a turning point in his Presidency. It’s a point I and many others wish he had reached on January 20, 2009 just after hearing about the Republicans plan to block him on everything and make him a one term President. The good ole boys were so incensed that a black guy had won that they held this meeting behind his back as though he were Julius Caesar. He should never have tried to reason with them for five years. Big mistake. But that was then, this is now.

He is now going around the country ridiculing their bullshit. Throwing it back in their faces. Helping the American people see them for what they are. Better late than never.

Just like Dorothy on that yellow brick road there is no reason to fear the animals. You just need to have some heart, a brain and some courage.


obama black


July 7, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

There is much controversy and ballyhoo over the headline “A Nigger In The White House” by a paper in Greenwich Village in NYC. It’s actually a pro-Obama article which makes the point I have made many times and will make again today. That there is much racism involved when it comes to the criticism of Obama. There is more talk about that headline than the problem the article lays out. This is commonplace from a media that loves sensationalism and hates those boring things known as facts.

This of course always plays right into the Republicans hands since they are a party and voters who love vitriol and despise facts. We don’t see headlines like “OBAMA CREATES JOBS, SLASHES UNEMPLOYMENT.” No instead we see “BOEHNER SUES OBAMA” and “REPUBLICANS CALL OBAMA DICTATOR” and of course the perpetual “BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.”

So why don’t we see the factual headlines? Such as “OBAMA’S JOB NUMBERS LEAVING BUSH IN THE DUST” OR “OBAMA ISSUES FEWER EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAN BOTH REAGAN AND BUSH.” Because THOSE are facts. I mean jobs are important right? Here is a fact based column written by Michael Tomasky. It documents how Obama has a net gain of 4.5 million jobs so far. A 3 million job advantage over Bush. But that is “The Daily Beast.” In all due respects to that publication it isn’t the “NY Times” or “USA Today”. You won’t see that headline in those publications. Of course you won’t see it on Fox News or CNN either.

Now the media is certainly to blame. We can say that’s a reason why voters don’t know this information. Tomasky blames the media somewhat and also blames the Democrats themselves for not being louder about their accomplishments. He is right. But if the media doesn’t want to cover it the Democrats can do no better than yelling out their windows ala Peter Finch in “Network.”

The other reason, the one the paper in the Village spoke about, I think is the bigger problem. The inherent racism of the United States. Hey maybe the media is racist as well, because unlike corporations, the media ARE people. Before you go and tell me how a black guy won the Presidency twice and that proves there is no racism anymore I will explain how he won. He won because Obama’s people did a superb job of getting African-Americans out to vote. That would be his own people. There is also a good percentage of white racists with low IQ’s that don’t all. Oh they complain but they don’t vote.

Those people, the white racists do have cars, and driver’s licenses. They do get polled. And when they do it reflects on Obama’s overall approval rating. You need to ask yourself this…IF a Clinton or a Bush, had been creating jobs for 45 straight months and if a Clinton or a Bush had lowered unemployment, would they be struggling to get above 45-50 percent approval? I think anyone who is honest with themselves would say no.

If a Clinton or a Bush was consistently obstructed by the opposing party would it be they who would be having the popularity problem? We can blame the media but they almost always go with the negative headline over the positive. It didn’t just start with Obama. And the Republicans have always been loud mouthed obnoxious assholes while the Democrats have always been meek and unable to toot their own horn.

The only denominator that has changed is the race of the President. These lowbrow, lowlife racists are just too dumb and prejudiced to realize that he is creating jobs for THEM! Not for the rich, but for those who need them the most. He is improving THEIR lives by lowering the unemployment rate.

Obama has given THESE people health coverage, jobs, a steady check instead of unemployment which runs out fast because Republicans won’t extend it. Their kids, if they want to go to college will have less debt due to changes in student loans. I could go on and on about how he has been on THEIR side.

Yet it doesn’t matter. His economic numbers are crushing Bush. If it keeps going like this as Tomasky points out, he will get close to Reagan’s numbers. Doesn’t matter.

Bush and Reagan were white. Obama is still black.



guns e


July 4, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

On this Independence Day they are celebrating the right to carry a gun anywhere they want in Georgia. Notice I don’t put the words “great state” in front of Georgia. That’s because it isn’t. Never really was. 

Yes you can open carry your gun anywhere. Into churches, restaurants, schools, movie theaters and of course bars. As the rest of the civilized world works to bring down gun violence by instituting stricter gun laws the good ole US of A goes backwards in time. Back before the O.K. Corral. Which happened because some insane cowboys decided they didn’t want to hand in their weapons to Wyatt Earp while they were in Tombstone. 

The insane cowboys don’t have to worry about that anymore because now they don’t have to hand in their weapons before they enter town. In fact they can get drunk and carry at the same time. Great country America! No not really!

But you have to wonder, I mean just think for a minute. Why now? Why weren’t these open carry laws passed by state legislatures before? Like…I dunno…when Bill Clinton was President? Or when George W. Bush was President? I mean what could the difference be now? I can’t quite put my finger on it….

Oh wait! Barack Obama, the black guy, is President! You know, the black dude who will take your guns away and give them to the Black Panthers. Am I dating myself? Oh OK..the Bloods and the Crips. Actually when those people carry weapons they are called criminals and thugs. Happy open carriers are no longer so happy. But when Billy Bob Joe Buck Billy Joe Bobby Bubba Joe carry their weapons into a Target (hopefully not anymore) or a Home Depot..well that is just them exercising their Second Amendment rights ain’t it?

Well there have already been problems of course. You see according to the new law, citizens OR police are NOT allowed to ask someone carrying a weapon to show their gun permit.

Let’s look closer at that. As of less than a year ago a police officer could stop a black person on the streets of NYC and frisk them with no questions asked. However in Georgia if someone is carrying a deadly weapon they cannot be asked to show their license to carry that weapon by a police officer. This is your America folks.

I have a question. How does someone know if the person carrying that gun is a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun? Can anyone answer that? Wayne LaPierre maybe?

I guess you just have to wait until someone takes their gun out and shoots up a store or a church or a school. Then the good guys with the guns can shoot back, maybe killing a few innocent people after the bad guy has already had time to kill a few as well. So the bad guys with the guns have to be allowed to shoot first? Is that the way this works Georgia?

The law is called “guns everywhere.” It’s a response to the paranoia around a black President taking the guns away from white folk. That and the threat of him sending in drones and the military to kill them and in the process take away their freedoms!

Of course he hasn’t taken one gun away and there have been no laws to take guns away just laws to allow more guns.

None of this matters to the gun nuts. They are insane. They are certifiable in their anti black President paranoia fantasy land. 

Here is a fantasy of mine. It would be like if we were in a real life Tarantino movie. All of the gun nuts are standing in a circle, they all take their guns out, point them at one another and systematically blow each other away. This happens around the state of Georgia and anywhere else there are “guns everywhere” laws. 

That is my solution. There seems to be no other.






June 27, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Just when you thought Republicans couldn’t get any crazier, any sicker, any more psychotic here are three stories that should send a collective chill down the spine of anyone who still thinks we live in the greatest country in the world. Something that can never be as long as the Republican party exists in its current form.

Jordan Haskins (R) Michigan : This dude is running for the Michigan state legislature. He has served time for breaking into cars and performing a ritual known as “cranking” or “pedal-pumping.” It would seem that consists of breaking into a car and masturbating. Jordan would remove the spark plug wires and sit in the car and masturbate while the motor was sparking and making noises. This according to police reports.

Jordan also broke into the police departments car lot and went joy riding with the cars while jerking off. There is more to this “fetish” that has to do with getting aroused by watching someone struggle to get their car started. Oh yeah baby! Crank that engine! Oh yeah! Slam that gas pedal! Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I mean I have heard of many, many fetishes but not this one. Maybe it’s a Republican fetish. Jordan wants to run for political office and make laws that you and I will have to abide by if we are in Michigan. Think about that. I have a very high tolerance for sexual desires even in politicians, but Jordan is also a criminal and as he states conservatism, real conservatism, true red-blooded American conservatism is about grit, hard work, loyalty and traditional values. Your family values. 

My values? Does he mean spewing jizz all over the car steering wheel? No he probably means what most Christian conservatives mean which is that he is anti-gay, anti-choice and wants to take your rights away. It means punishing others for what he believes to have been his “sins.” In other words he is a hypocrite of the highest order.

But wait it gets worse….

Scott Esk (R) Oklahoma : Esk is running for the state legislature as well. He believes that gays deserve to be stoned to death. He says the Old Testament commands it and that while he wouldn’t go out of his way to write the bill, he would certainly give it a thumbs up. This isn’t a joke folks. He says it is the right of a society to punish its sinners. He’s another guy who wants to make laws that you and I would have to abide by if we were unlucky enough to end up in his state. And boy would we ever be unlucky!

Of course Esk is against the middle east fundamentalists such as the Taliban. Those guys are bad. Christian fundamentalists are all good. No worries. Esk is a psychotic individual. He belongs in treatment and needs to be highly medicated. But in this country he gets to run for political office and may very well win. I believe Esk truly believes this bat crap crazy shit and isn’t just saying it to get votes. Think about that. He TRULY believes it.

Is there ANY other county where someone like this would have any chance at winning public office, or even think about running? As Cenk Uygur says, even the Taliban isn’t this extreme!


When I can actually say that this last guy isn’t quite as bad, that really is saying something about the state of our union.

Timothy Ray Murray (R) Oklahoma : Whatever happened to the days of “Oklahoma!”? Murray who ran for U.S. Congress believes that the guy who beat him, Frank Lucas (R) is actually dead and this dude is a body double! I shit you not. Luckily in this case, Murray was soundly defeated in the primary.

It is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike. Rep. Lucas’ look alike was depicted as sentenced on a white stage in southern Ukraine on or about Jan. 11, 2011. Murray said in a statement. He went on to say that Lucas and a few other members of Congress were hanged on television by the “World Court.”

Here is another guy who belongs hospitalized. But there he was on a ballot for U.S. Congress. He even got five percent of the vote!

This is your Republican party ladies and gentlemen. It is THE reason why the United States is no longer the best nation in the world. Hasn’t been for a long time. Can’t be as long as this represents one of the two major political parties. It’s impossible.

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she recently was asked what her favorite book was and she answered, The Bible! I recently told a friend that she really just has to say that because she is running for President of the United States. But you know what, I’ve changed my mind. This is the book that talks about stoning gays to death and other crazy nonsense, if you believe the literal word and many do. You see that people running for political office certainly do.

Enough of the religion shit. It only causes harm. Nothing else. There is a separation of church and state in this country and it’s high time politicians abide by it. Any person who doesn’t should be impeached. I don’t want to hear politicians even talk about God anymore. Enough is enough. Legislation not indoctrination!

If someone like Hillary is going to talk about making this a better country, to go back to being a great country than she better drop her bible and pick up a real book. Otherwise Republican loonies like these will continue to fester and take over.

Our prospects don’t look good.





June 20, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

What the fuck is wrong with Chris Matthews? Of all the people for the “tough” Philadelphia talker to go after he chooses Elizabeth Warren? Are you fucking kidding me? What a slimy, chicken shit Matthews has become. Don’t go after people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. No, go after the ONE person in all of Congress who has the nerve to stand up for the American people on issue after issue. OK there is also Bernie Sanders, but Warren has been a real fighter from day one.

Matthews chastised Warren for not doing enough. NOT DOING ENOUGH!? He blamed the Democrats for not passing vital legislation. The DEMOCRATS?! Matthews has been around long enough to know how this shit works. He knows the Republicans control the House, the TEA PARTY controls the House. He knows the Republicans in the Senate filibuster everything. The TEA PARTY filibusters everything. He knows this shit inside and out because he has talked about it.

So..why go after Warren and the Democrats? This is a game that Matthews has been playing for years. He cares only about his ratings so he tries to grab as many viewers from both sides as possible. What he does is simply flip flop. He is no better than a guy like John McCain or Rand Paul, or Ron Paul, who tell one audience one thing and another audience the exact opposite. All in an attempt to get as many votes as possible from both sides. It’s a sneaky, shitty little game and it proves that Matthews is full of shit.

This is why he can say something very incisive one moment and then something totally idiotic the next. He wants to be MSNBC and FOX all wrapped into one obnoxious package. It’s about ratings folks, it’s about staying afloat when times have maybe passed you by. This is why he rarely lets his guests talk. If he had allowed Warren to explain the facts to his audience, he would be left with egg on his face. So he talks, asks a question, doesn’t let the guest answer and talks over them. It’s a basic bully host tactic. Works all of the time.

I would NEVER be a guest on a show when someone like Matthews or O’Reilly is in charge. They will always be in control, able to manipulate the conversation, cut you off, have the last word. Matthews likes to have morons like Michael Steele and John Feehery on his show. Anyone would seem like a genius sitting across from these Republican hacks. Notice you don’t see these guys on too many other shows. How would a guy like Feehery survive a bout with let’s say..Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donnell??

But let’s get back to Matthews and Warren. I’m glad she was able to get a few words in here and there. I heard something like “Stop this!” Warren was having enough of Matthews bullshit. Only the true idiots of America think Matthews has a valid point when he blames the President and the slight Democratic majority in the Senate for the failure to get legislation through. Who shut down the gov’t Chris? Who has blocked more legislation than any other Congress in history? What Congress has done less, and worked fewer hours?

Matthews knows the simple answer to these questions. He knows that no legislation can pass without the House.  He knows that Warren is a fighter despite the obstacles. He knows lots of things. But the one thing he knows the best is that he loves his job and he wants to keep it. Like most of these people he wants to keep it till he drops dead on air. The ego is a very powerful thing.

It’s Matthews ego that turns the self proclaimed “straight talker” into a bullshitter of the highest order.