October 23, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

It never ceases to amaze me what cowards Americans are. They are afraid of everything. Afraid of terrorism, afraid of air travel, afraid of countries thousands of miles away, afraid of Cuba, afraid of rare diseases. Yet somehow they think they are the most courageous people in the world. The rest of the world doesn’t see it that way, which would be the majority of the earth. And for good reason because it’s not true.

Three people have contracted Ebola, only two of them while in the United States. Both of those people are nurses that had direct contact with the man who died. That’s it. Yet, there are screams for travel bans and paranoia over how easy it is to contract the disease. None of it is based in reality, just fear and of course crass politics.  And hey right wingers..don’t tell me about Obama’s “late” response to Ebola when your hero Reagan let over 40,000 Americans die of AIDS before he would even mention the word!

What is really killing Americans at an alarming rate is obesity, alcohol and cigarettes. This is reality, but all we hear about is how frightened Americans are over Ebola. About as frightened as they are over ISIS. Neither poses any imminent threat at all. AT ALL. But they want travel bans as well as boots on the ground in Iraq so more strangers can die in the name of “freedom.”

It’s not freedom at all but fear. They are afraid so they want others to protect them from their uniquely American fears. Notice how most other nations including Canada have no such fears. They don’t worry about ISIS or Ebola the way Americans do. Maybe the real fear should be with Texas and its health care system. A place where they send you home from the hospital with 103 fever and a free cowboy hat and an autographed Rick Perry head shot.

It’s stunning how Americans have the inability to look around them and see how other countries handle things. It’s like they live in a vacuum. The first reaction to any crisis is fear. Not a common sense solution or a dialogue but outright hysteria. There is no weighing options because that would take brains and courage. Two things that too many Americans are lacking. Stop flights! Don’t allow them damn foreigners in our schools, to learn or teach! Doesn’t matter if you aren’t from anywhere near West Africa or Africa for that matter…you look foreign so you must have the Ebola! You must be feared!

It’s fucking pathetic. It continues generation to generation because kids see their parents being afraid so they become afraid. Speaking of the children, an 11 year old shot and killed an albino deer and now feels like a “rock star” according to his wonderful father. Albino deer are so rare that I didn’t even know they existed. They are also beautiful. They don’t inspire fear at all. They inspire hope about nature and what evolution has given us. Yes evolution. Because if they were created by the lord why would most Christians not be up in arms about the murder of one..right?

The murder took place in Howell, Michigan. Mostly Michigan is fine, but not Howell.  It is a right wing shit fest. Home to the KKK. No wonder this kid is a hero there. So are guys in sheets. Now I don’t want to be too hard on the kid. I do however despise his parents. Instead of teaching their son about empathy and concern for weaker creatures, they have taught him to kill and to love it. To bask in it. Maybe a school or a politician can be his next target? For this there should be a nice place in hell prepared for them. The same can be said for the right wing propaganda rag USA Today that actually glorified the killing.

This is an all American story for sure. If the obstacle is tough and powerful like ISIS or Ebola, we cower. If it’s an easy target like a poor Albino deer we shoot to kill and show off. What courage! I know what…let’s sing “God Bless America” one more time! Notice how they don’t have the need to sing about blessing Canada in the middle of every hockey game? But Americans wouldn’t notice that, they never notice anything outside their own little universe. Other nations advance while we are stuck in the dark ages.

How to deal with terrorism or a disease? Fear and discrimination. How to raise a child? Violence and power is good, honorable. Dress them up in camo (what war are they fighting?) and send them out to kill nature, destroy the environment, hey it’s OK, you are an American son!

Fear the unknown and the strong, bully the weak and the defenseless. Makes my skin crawl.

(Update: A fourth person, a doctor in New York City has been tested positive for Ebola. Of course more mass hysteria and fear without thinking for a second that any disease in which we know the names of EVERY person that has it, can’t be too dangerous.)




October 10, 2014 

By Mike Caccioppoli

The latest shooting of a black kid by a cop, once again in the state of Missouri, has created more hatred and distrust of the police. There are more protests, this time in the city of St.Louis. The details surrounding the shooting are fuzzy, as in they don’t make sense. There seems to be missing elements and someone is either lying or has no real clue as to what happened. An 18 year old boy was killed by a once again unnamed officer. As I write this we only know that he is 32 years old and white. Until we know the name of the person who killed the boy I won’t mention the boys name either. Just my new rule.

What we do know is that the unnamed officer was off duty, working for a private security firm BUT he was wearing his city uniform. This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time now. I hate that cops can wear their government issued uniforms at private events. Whether it be working for a small firm or an entity as big as the New York Yankees. I also don’t believe police officers should be allowed to work these second jobs. Let the private companies hire their own security officers, let them be retired cops, but not working police. If the pay you receive as a cop isn’t enough, you can do some other line of work. As I have before there is no cop draft, one takes the job voluntarily. I don’t know of any other job where you can wear your official uniform, badge etc while working for a private company. I want people who want to be cops, not carry a gun for as many people as possible to make as much dough as possible.

We also know that the off duty officer shot at the 18 year old kid 17 times. 17 times. I will say it again, 17 times. The cop said he wasn’t sure the kid had a gun until he turned and pointed it and took 3 shots while running away. The police claim a gun was found and that three projectiles were recovered that were headed downhill towards the officer. The officer also said he got into an altercation with the kid before the shooting and that he was wearing a “grey hooded sweatshirt.” A surveillance camera which was taken just moments before (image at top of post) shows the victim and two friends buying a sandwich. The store clerk said he didn’t believe the victim was armed, and no gun can be seen which of course does NOT mean he didn’t have one hidden. However there was no grey hooded sweatshirt. Two of the boys had black t shirts and one a grey t shirt. The officer also said he saw the victim holding his waistband as he ran which made him believe he had a gun. In the video we can see the pants “sagging” on at least one of the boys, so it’s possible the victim had to hold his pants up at the waist so they didn’t fall as he was running. Like I said, the facts are murky at this point.

But I want to go back to the 17 shots. I’m guessing I can do better and I’ve never shot a gun. Held one only once. Here is a cop who has been on the force for six years and is also being employed by a private company. One would think, especially in this day and age where cops are using their guns more and more every year, that accuracy of the shot would be at least somewhat important. Yet in Ferguson we get 7-8 shots at a victim that was just feet away from the officer. Shortly after that we saw over 10 shots at a guy with a knife that was also just feet away from the officer. Now 17 shots at a fleeing kid. 17.

These cops could easily take on the moniker of “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight.” Here is an idea. If, after the first, oh, let’s say 10 shots, you haven’t ended the event, then stop shooting. Just stop and turn around and go get a different job. How about that? How about a limit on how many shots a cop can take? We are talking about densely populated urban areas, with innocent people, children, who can get hit with one of those 17 shots. The autopsy shows the kid was hit 5-7 times. So at least 10 shots missed him. At least 10 shots that could have killed a grandmother or an infant. There is absolutely no reason to take 17 shots at one kid running away, even IF he turned and fired 3 at you. This is incompetence at BEST. The details to come will tell us if there is a worst.

I still can’t figure out why this off duty cop confronted these three kids who had just bought a sandwich. There are no details in the accounts I have read so far that explains it other than there may have been a robbery or something and that the three looked “suspicious” to the cop. These days that usually means they were black and there was a crime within 100 miles of their location. We shall see.

Then there is the cop in my home town of Brooklyn, New York.  He was caught on camera taking $1,000 out of the pockets of a blue collar worker who of course happened to be black. He stole the money and when was asked to give it back, maced anyone who was in his way. He clearly could see that he was being filmed. He didn’t care.

So as you can see cameras won’t solve the issue of police brutality and criminal behavior. It won’t solve the problem because these bad cops believe they can do anything they want and will get away with it. Camera, no, no audio…witnesses, no witnesses, it doesn’t matter. And you can’t blame them for that mentality because well, usually nothing happens. At absolute worst they get fired. That’s it. Where you or I would be rotting in jail, the punishment for burglary or abuse or murder by cop is you get to do something else for a living while also getting a pension. That’s it.

Over and over again they get away with it. Either because prosecutors are afraid of putting their buddies on trial or because dumb American juries think a cop can really do whatever they want and acquit. So why would they care about cameras? Or laws?

They can steal money, shoot an unarmed kid, and fire 17 shots in the dark.

We can’t do any of that, but they can.





September 27,2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

That was James Madison, a very long time ago. I’ve often wondered when Madison said “A well-regulated militia” what kinds of images may have been in his head. I mean, what kind of well-regulated militia did he have in mind? I’m wondering if he might have been thinking about this guy..


Since Madison and his colleagues wanted a well-regulated militia in order to protect the state, to defend against other nations and people trying to take over our land and take away our freedoms I’m guessing a guy like this might not get drafted into that militia. Maybe Madison had something closer to these guys in mind?


I guess that’s somewhat possible. One guy at least is in shape right? Wouldn’t you trust that duo to protect the “security of a free state?” OK maybe Madison was thinking this whole well-regulated militia thing was more of a family affair. Something the entire American clan could get in on…


Not just mom, dad and the kids but the dog as well. They look ready to defend our American way of life! This has got to be what Madison had in mind. But maybe he wasn’t thinking that one gun per family member was enough. Maybe he was envisioning something like this..


Now that is what I call prepared! How could we ever worry about our freedoms and liberty being taken away with those two on our side? This must be who Madison was thinking of when he came up with those very well thought out words. But what about protecting our business owners? What had Madison envisioned? Maybe this??


Or this?


These guys are sure ready to protect our capitalist ways! That’s what Madison had to be thinking all those years ago. Do you think he might have wanted our young Americans to get an early start in learning how to defend the rights of a free state? If so maybe he was imagining something like this…


Now there is a toddler that is already prepared to be part of that “well regulated militia.”

It’s too bad that Madison couldn’t see over 200 years into the future when his words would come to fruition and there would be everyday stories of the Second Amendment in action, with that same idea of letting them start young. To understand what it is to be an American! Like these..

5 day old baby shot

3 year old kills brother

11 year old shoots brother in head

8 year old kills friend

4 year old girl kills cousin

Yes this really proves what was in Madison’s mind when he spoke those words. The words so many in our current times hang their hats on, the words that are referred to when a defense of these actions are needed.

This guy knows what Madison was thinking, and he is proud to live by those words every single day…


Yep, those Bundy ranchers put Madison’s words into real action. “Well regulated…”

And so our state remains secure and free. Madison knew we’d understand.



polar 2


September 22, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I didn’t know that a polar bear was arrested either. That is until I went to one of the few places where real news can be found, Twitter. I was watching cable news of the non Fox variety and all I was hearing about was the NFL and ISIS. Not necessarily in that order. You would think the arrest of a polar bear would be big news, wouldn’t you? Well OK it wasn’t an actual polar bear that was arrested, at least I don’t think so.

There was something called Flood Wall Street going on in New York City. Better known as #floodwallstreet. There was little or no mention of this on the mainstream newscasts. Thousands of people stormed wall street in protest of rampant capitalism and the harrowing effects it has on our climate just as they did on Sunday around the world in the Global Climate March. There was about 15 seconds of coverage on that even though 400,000 people took to the streets in NYC alone.

The Wall Street protest saw over 100 people arrested by the NYPD including someone dressed as a polar bear. The idea is that our capitalistic mentality leads to climate problems. That the big money that is brought in by companies who destroy the climate in order to make that money is far more important to our government than the damage it does to our planet. This is not just a U.S. problem which is why there were protests all over the world on Sunday. The U.S. is certainly the worst offender there is no doubt about that.

At least there is an acceptance of this problem in other nations, they admit it does indeed exist even if there are arguments on what can or should be done about it. In the United States we have a Republican party and nearly half the country who think it’s all a scam. They believe in what we can’t see or prove (the Lord) instead of what we can see and prove (climate change). This is the country I live in.

Then there is the mainstream press. They don’t believe something is a story unless they cover it. Unless Chuck Todd says it’s a story. How can a march on Wall Street over a subject as important as climate change with over 100 arrests including a polar bear not be a major story? Yeah I know we bombed Syria and things are escalating with our “war” on ISIS and I’m sure there will be “boots on the ground” at some point as well, but this is all predictable rehash. We have seen this movie before and we gave it zero stars but for some reason we are seeing it again for the second time. Uniquely American! Barely a word about what is happening right here, actually a few subway stops away from where most of these networks broadcast.

War is big money. Always has been. Marches on Wall Street? Not so much. As I have said before war and violence is also sexy in this country. It gets people excited, including the people who package the news. It’s actually not capitalism per se that they are protesting on Wall Street. It is Capitalism gone wild. Capitalism on acid. Capitalism on steroids. One tweet I saw was from a woman who claimed that people protesting can’t be “Drinking Starbucks, and talking on their IPhone6.” As though this is what they are protesting, the ability to buy a latte and talk to your mother. This is another dumb American who simply doesn’t get it. The money rules all mentality has destroyed this country. Not the money is needed to provide a decent life mentality. You see the difference? Can you or are you just another naive lemming like this woman?

The news media is helping to validate the protesters arguments by only covering news they believe “sells.” Once again follow the money. War is money, NFL is money. Oh, let’s not forget the crazy guy that made it into the White House when the President wasn’t there. Yes, let’s talk about him some more.

Climate change denial includes not covering it on the news. To pretend a major protest isn’t happening.

A polar bear was arrested today. Really, I swear.





September 16, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I’ve heard enough excuses when it comes to Adrian Peterson’s beating of his four year old son for which he was recently indicted. No it’s not OK to whip your child with a tree branch or anything else for that matter. It’s not something that is excusable because someone’s father might have done it to them or grandfather or uncle or whomever. The kid is also just four years old. Adrian Peterson is a parent in the 21st century, in the year 2014. He is a millionaire with a good if not great education and he should know right from wrong. His excuses are his own. Same goes for the others who are trying to excuse his vile behavior.

That behavior is unfortunately not isolated in this country. It’s not just blacks and it’s not just in the NFL. It is a mindset that is prevalent. The idea that violence is the way to go. The only way. Your kid doesn’t listen? Beat em. Your wife gives you lip? Beat her. There are some people in other countries that annoy us? Bomb the shit out of them. Spread that capitalism and freedom far and wide. Make em eat it.

In 2014 we are actually talking about how a professional sports league, run by well schooled rich guys, needs to “learn” about things such as domestic violence and child abuse. So they have “learned” about this in other countries but not here? Why are we the last to learn about such things as basic human compassion? The answer is because we don’t want to learn. We want things our way. The only way. The American way.

We are very much stuck in the 1950’s in many ways. As other nations advance we regress. The NFL just symbolizes what is so wrong with this country. The alpha-male, out of control masculinity that we need to flex in everyone’s face on a daily basis. It really is very simple folks. Don’t hit your spouse. Don’t beat your kids till they bleed. Don’t bomb everyone you don’t like. What exactly do we need to “learn”?

If you assault someone in the street, you get arrested, Period. So why aren’t you arrested if you hit your spouse or your kid? Why are these “exceptions”? People say things like “My father whooped me when I was a kid” or “Domestic disputes should be between husband and wife” as a way to excuse vile behavior as the American “norm” and in a way it is just that. As though things that were once acceptable behavior, or behavior that wasn’t talked about in public, is still OK. It’s not.

The idea that the NFL needs a manual to tell its players to not beat their wives or kids is insane. The bottom line is until we really start to admit that we are a violent, backwards country in so many ways, none of this will ever change. I don’t want to hear about “education”, as though we need courses to teach this common sense humanity to people. What does that say about us?

The violence as a cure all that some parents may have passed on to their kids hasn’t stopped with this and future generations because we continue to have that same old world mentality when it comes to just about everything. We want our politicians to “talk tough”, to bomb and fight and use war to get what we want, even though it never does, ever. We let our kids shoot high powered weapons when they are six years old. That this is what it means to be “respected.”

Since so many Americans are caught in this sick mindset it allows the NFL and the Vikings to continue to play a guy like Peterson when he has been indicted. You think your boss is going to keep you if you are indicted for ANYTHING? The NFL knows that enough Americans will excuse Peterson, will “pray for him”, so they can get away with allowing him to play. Just as Ray Rice will now appeal his ban. As I said before, Rice should not have been banned because of a video, he should have been banned because he beat his wife. Nobody should be able to enjoy a millionaire’s life, a star’s life, when they are beating their wife or kid. Nobody.

This country’s gun obsession, or jingoistic mentality goes hand in hand with its high tolerance for domestic abuse, and child abuse, since the psychological factor is the same. Dominance. Using the fist to get our way. It can be an actual fist, or it can be a gun, a drone, or the whipping device of your choice. The child can get a beating from his dad then turn on the television and see how his/her country is about to give the middle east another beating.

No manual is going to help them. Or us.





September 10, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Being from New York I knew Warner Wolf. He was a sports anchor on a local television station. He had a signature slogan that he would yell out, “Let’s go to the videotape!” Yes it wasn’t too long ago that people would call it videotape. Before the days of YouTube and Vine and whatever else your fancy might be. Having watched the latest violence porn video that has been played over and over again on television and the internet I remembered Wolf’s signature line. It seemed as though the games, the plays, the results weren’t real until we actually saw them on television. Here was proof of the grand slam, the no-hitter, the perfect game.

Proof. But I mean, everything that was reported still happened, right? Wolf wasn’t lying. If a friend that was at a game told me that the home run was high and long and way outta the park, I’d believe them. I didn’t need to see the videotape. If I did see the video, it wouldn’t make the home run any more impressive or make it MORE of a home run. It wouldn’t turn it into a grand slam, it would just confirm what my friend had said. You probably know what I’m getting at. I hope. Ray Rice punched his then girlfriend out in an elevator. We have known this for a long time. We saw a video of Rice dragging her sleeping body out of the elevator, and using her body as a door holder. This we saw, over and over and over. He said he knocked her out, she said he knocked her out, the police said he knocked her out. So yes that’s what happened.

The NFL under the leadership Roger Goodell,  just one of many spineless, mindless big league commissioners currently earning puke inducing salaries (44.2 million in 2012), decided that a player punching out a woman was worth a two game suspension. If you use drugs, it’s a lifetime ban and a trip to Siberia. Until now very few people in mindless NFL worship land, also known as the USA, had any problems with this silliness. Finally the great Keith Olbermann, came out and slammed Goodell for the lame two game suspension, calling it a travesty, and that’s exactly what it was.

So not long after this dumb as shit decision, Goodell reacted to the bad press and made it a six game suspension going forward for anyone who commits domestic abuse the first time. The second time is a lifetime ban. Much better right? Almost everyone applauded the decision. Goodell, (who wants to continue to make 45500000000000 times more than the guy making minimum wage and trying to support his family while watching the NFL every weekend as though it’s a religion), only really cares about that money so he reacts, after the fact. He knows that women watch the NFL as well, sometimes they even decide if their husbands can watch. Also there are sponsors to think about. So once again he reacts.

Then comes the latest video which shows the inside of the elevator and we see Rice punching his current wife and knocking her out. Shows him doing exactly what we all knew he did months ago. In what seemed like seconds, the Ravens release Rice and the NFL suspends him indefinitely. “The video changed things” is what coach John Harbaugh said. When asked exactly how, he did the usual coach thing and got chesty and tried to intimidate the person who asked the question. He pretended to not understand what the reporter was asking, like it was a question that made no sense. Harbaugh knows they got caught, that they either had seen all of the video months ago and didn’t do anything till it went public or he knew the team should have cut Rice after the incident first happened.

Goodell and company once again reacted. They are all incapable of doing anything worthwhile or morally correct on their own, without prodding and pressure from outside forces. This is called being worthless, spineless, and a coward. This is what these people are and it’s what their organization is. Since 2000 there have been over 70 players convicted of domestic abuse in the NFL and they received one game suspensions. Yes, you probably haven’t heard of any of them. That’s because there wasn’t a videotape. Something that actually showed how horrible domestic abuse actually is.

So what do the male athletes in the NFL now know? To make sure there is no video involved when they punch out their women. You might get a six game suspension if there is no video…might. But if there is a video you are done, gone, knocked out of the game if you will. This wouldn’t be the lesson if Goodell and the Ravens had done the right thing to begin with, the moral thing, without all of this external influence. But it’s no surprise that they didn’t. The NFL, like the country it represents is a neanderthalic entity. The overwhelming majority of the domestic abuse cases in pro sports come out of the NFL. When we hear about homophobic comments and bully players, they usually reside in the NFL. That’s why Chris Kluwe was such a breath of fresh air, but guys like him are overshadowed by the Ray Rice’s of the league.

Roger Goodell has shown he really doesn’t care about domestic abuse. He cares about image and money. The Ravens didn’t initially cut Rice because they wanted him on the field to help them win games and make more money. And while we are talking about money, I do not pretend to know what was going on in the mind of Rice’s wife when it came to staying with him and getting married to him. I have no idea. I do know that every woman that does not press charges and “sticks with their man” after domestic abuse, just makes it easier for the next guy to sock his wife. One would have to imagine that if Rice worked for minimum wage, she might have thought otherwise about staying with him. Who knows?

Now however Rice isn’t making any money. Not because he did something horrible but because there was a videotape of him doing something horrible.

The NFL and the USA. Where image and money always trumps morality and justice…and always will.







bush isis


September 4, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

If there was anything that brings out the dumb American low brow crowd it’s a crisis involving terrorists and Americans in danger. I will get this out of the way early so some of you don’t stroke out before getting to the end of this column…the beheadings of the journalists in Syria/Iraq are disgusting, awful, horrific, and any other horrible word you can come up with…there ya go!..horrible as well. Of course the reaction to these two grotesque (another word!) videos from the American right wing has been all out hysteria. “Do something Obamaaaaaaa!!!” is what I see from these people on Facebook and Twitter. The right wing pols like dementia ridden John McCain claim Obama is “too cautious” and “not showing leadership skills.” Since this comes from the SAME people who were 110 percent behind George W. Bush I can only say one thing, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Let’s not forget why there is an ISIS to begin with.

There is an ISIS because of one person and only one person, George W. Bush. This is why instead of dumping ice water on his head it should have been a bucket of Iraqi blood. In a normal country with intelligent people this would be on the news every hour of every day. The story line would be a President who once again has to clean up the mess of his predecessor. He had to do it with the economy, wall street, Bin Laden, Iraq and so on and so forth. Now he has to do it with ISIS.

You see Iraq was a sovereign nation before Bush destroyed it. Perfect? No. But the United States is far far far from perfect. But groups like ISIS didn’t exist and wouldn’t exist if the USA didn’t turn Iraq into something out of a Mad Max film. This is the fault of the guy before Obama,but right on cue the mainstream media starts beating the war drums and questioning Obama’s strategy. Not a word about why we are in the mess to begin with, not a hard question posed to any Republican politician about how wrong they were in the first place and how they are more to blame for this than the President who was against the Iraq invasion. That old case of short term amnesia that the media and American public get when something that Bush did comes back to haunt the country…again.

I’m consistently stunned by how dumb the American public are and how the media just plays into that dumbness. We just had a President who rushed into a quagmire that cost so many lives, foreign and domestic. That cost us billions of dollars that we didn’t have, that caused nation after nation to either hate us or not want to do any kind of militaristic business with us anymore. That is why Obama will now have trouble getting other countries on board with just about anything he wants to do. Bush fucked that up too. They don’t trust us anymore and who can blame them?

Yet there are the old Neo-Cons coming back out of the closet whenever there is a place they want to bomb. The moron Americans who need another ‘Shock and Awe’ moment to satisfy their cravings for revenge. A normal, sane person, like the President, views those horrible videos, feels anger and sorrow, maybe a slight inclination for revenge, then thinks…yes thinks about the best possible way to stop the group that committed those atrocities from advancing and doing even more harm. The BEST way, not the quickest or the way that FEELS the best, that satisfies some blood lust or need to just strike back for PR purposes.

So Obama comes out and says that he really isn’t sure of a strategy at this point and of course this becomes a clarion call for every hard-on right winger who wants to blame him and call him indecisive. Because he didn’t stride to the podium like a cowboy with shit in his pants, arms to the side, head cocked out and talking about smoking things out of holes. Whatever that means. There were actually some people who were begging for some tough talk. As though that changes anything!

There is no easy answer. You see there WAS an easy answer, it was not going into Iraq in the first place. It was not duping Americans into believing Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11 or that he had weapons of mass destruction that were going to be used against us in the next ten minutes. That was the easy answer but it’s gone baby gone. Now we are really in a world of shit. Now we have ISIS, the new boogeyman that we want gone from our nightmares.

ISIS is a problem and a threat. Yet not a threat to the USA homeland. They aren’t invading us anytime soon, nor will they ever be able to. They are a bunch of really fucked up bad guys who have no morals. They kill innocent civilians and U.S. journalists and yes it’s just terrible. Add them to the list of terrible things we have in this world now. We certainly don’t need them because the list is already too long to mention.

What we do need is a President that actually thinks before he acts. Even though his options are so limited because of the damage the monkey from Texas did. Yet he will think and he will find a way to try and contain ISIS. Forget about destroying them, ain’t gonna happen. There will be no prolonged war, no large contingent of “boots on the ground” (the new favorite term for newsies who want to sound like they know shit about the military). Not happening. As Obama has told us many times, we could not leave troops in Iraq as the Iraqi government did not want them there and would not give any protections to those troops. They could have been arrested or worse if they did something the government didn’t like. So he did what was promised and gave the Iraqi’s the freedom they wanted and at the same time he protected our troops.

Who knows though, if we never went into Iraq, if we had kept other nations on our side, if we had the money and the backing of the American people, then maybe, just maybe if ISIS or a group like it had somehow popped up, we would be able to do things differently. But that’s neither here nor there now. Because Bush ruined everything, destroyed everything, depleted everything.

So Obama once again has to clean up Bush’s shit.

Luckily we have the right guy in the White House to do it.