Former talk radio host, and producer. Ran for U.S. Congress in 2006 in Arizona. Have written about politics, sports and film. Need to know more? Contact me.





    1. America, the Most Beautiful

      So, the “non-violent”, “peace-loving”, “anti-gun”, “tolerant” Liberal has no qualms whatever about the Federal Government “thinning the herd”, both human and animal. You advocate for and support Government sanctioned mass murder. How peaceful of you… And why? Because of unpaid fees? What’s next, Mike? The gas chamber for overdue parking tickets? Your heinous invective proves and exposes you as the hate-consumed, intolerant, bigoted fascist you truly are. Exactly like almost all Liberals, your “tolerance” is limited to only those with whom you agree. Thank God you lost your Congressional bid. You are just another vicious, hateful, vituperative, Government totalitarian monster. In other words, a Liberal. Something America does not need. Hopefully, venting your deep, vast hatred here is a useful outlet for you, that allows you some sense of tranquility… You need it… Badly…

  1. gerry

    wow ! You hit the nail on the head every time ! But i can’t forward your blog to people i know who REALLY need to read it……cause of the curses…lol……I don’t mind, it makes the read passionate, but, like i said, i can’t forward..

  2. Vic Voss

    We would really like to know why Blacks will not join the P.D. In
    Fergosen, so they could relate better with their race and dimminish
    Any annimosities, especially with teen-agers…this would have pre-
    Vented this tragedy, and future ones…
    Also, what training did the Officer have on use of Mace, Pepper Spray or stun devices? The gun was not called for…


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