November 5, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I have been quiet. I let the elections play out without writing inane predictions or coming up with facile “keys to victory” that you see on so many other blogs and media outlets. I let the candidates do what  they felt was necessary to win, and even though I’m a cynic I felt that people wouldn’t want to elect a party that has obstructed every step of the way and that was responsible for the economic collapse that Obama has almost totally cleaned up. I mean I talk about how dumb many Americans are all of the time but I didn’t think they would be that dumb, that suicidal. Of course I was wrong.

Americans did elect Republicans, but not just enough to barely give them control of Congress but in a huge wave, no wait, a tsunami, and it wasn’t just the House and the Senate but in Gubernatorial races as well. There will be a Republican governor in Illinois and Maryland!! Watching the coverage of the returns I could only shake my head at the response from the millionaire pundits. They wanted to “dissect and analyze” the results. “What does this mean?” they questioned. “This is a total repudiation of Obama!” was of course the answer that right wing politicians and “strategists” gave. No wait….”This is just the way it goes for a President in the mid-term of his second term in office.” Just the way it goes.

The answer my loyal readers is obvious, simple. There is no need for hours, days, weeks, months of head scratching and “soul searching.” Americans are simply the dumbest creatures to roam the earth. That’s it. Am I disappointing you? Did you expect something more “high brow?” Andy Borowitz, the brilliant satirist for the New Yorker wrote one of his mock articles and the point was simply that Americans have the memory capacity of a gnat. But is this really the excuse? That they forgot that this was the party that caused the economic collapse that almost put in a depression? That this is the party of war that loved our time in Iraq and wanted more of it? That this is the party that tried and continues to try to take away health care from the millions that have acquired it through Obamacare? Did they really forget that this President has created jobs for over 60 straight months? That the stock market has doubled since he took office? That the deficit has been cut in more than half? That gas prices are lowest in ages, and the same goes for unemployment? That he got us out of two wars, killed Bin Laden, etc etc etc.??

People like the schizophrenic Chris Matthews thinks the people want to see jobs! You see to a guy like Matthews it’s all a game. A political game that has no real meaning in his life because he is rich and famous and will continue to be no matter what happens. Same goes for folks like Chuck Todd, and all of the morons on Fox News. It’s just a game. The real answers are ones they are not willing to give because they would lose their gigs if they did.

Americans are dumb yes, ignorant, yes, can’t remember what happened yesterday (which is I guess why they are dumb and ignorant.) But there is another element to this. Many people are just simply racist and evil. It doesn’t matter what the Republicans did to the country and it surely doesn’t matter what Obama has done to bring us back. This is the revenge of the racists. They knew that blacks (and I will get to you folks in a minute!) weren’t going to vote the way they did when Obama was heading the ticket so this was their chance. No way to negate their racist votes this time! Same goes to the young voters (got yours coming as well!). So they pounced. Seized the moment. They registered their disgust at a black President. Of course not one pundit came anywhere close to talking about this. Watching MSNBC, I knew that Al Sharpton was seething. You could see it on his face. He had every right. Not only had the racists won, but his own people had let him down.

His own people. There is NO WAY IN HELL if Chicago comes out to vote that a Republican is elected Governor there, same goes for Baltimore in Maryland. Both have heavily black populations. So you see, the racists were able to win almost everywhere they wanted. How does it feel? You guys love to talk about marching, and stand your ground, and Trayvon and Mike Brown, and FUCK YOU! And I can say all of this because I VOTED! I can talk down because I now have the right. If you didn’t vote you can just sit there and read this and take it. Same goes for the young voters who don’t think mid-terms are important enough to pull them away from their sexting. Up yours as well!

Then again maybe I’m being a bit harsh. I mean blacks shouldn’t be called upon to be the saviors of racist America time and again. They shouldn’t have to be. A guy like Obama shouldn’t have to rely on those votes to win. Same goes for the Democrats. Not in a normal country anyway. There was a poll that said it all..in the USA there are still 43 percent of the electorate that believes abortion should be illegal. 43 PERCENT! In the year 2014. This shows the evil and ignorance that slithers here. Go find another civilized nation and find out what that number is. If they even need to have such a poll in any normal country.

The evil and ignorance and racism was on full display on election night. The black man must be punished, he must be shown that it was a mistake for him to ever run for office in the first place. We’ll teach him. They were upset they couldn’t literally hang him anymore but hey second best was to figuratively hang him. Hang the Republicans around his neck instead of a rope.

That’s what happened pundits. It wasn’t about policies or politics. There was no “thought process” with the voters. No need to twist things into a hundred different shapes to try and come up with a reasoning. There was however another problem. This one is age old and will probably never change. Democrats are huge gaping pussies. They have zero backbone. They are weak and feckless and disgusting.

Instead of running on the great record of one of the most successful Presidents of all time, running on such little things as record job growth, record stock markets, lowest gas prices in years, lowest unemployment in years and of course that small accomplishment known as Obamacare which gave millions upon millions the option of actually seeing a doctor and going to the hospital without, you know..dying instead. No they not only didn’t even mention any of that stuff but they actually avoided Obama like the plague, like he was George W. Bush! Grimes, that lame ass woman who ran against the rooster head, wouldn’t even say that she had voted for Obama! I mean how feckless can you be?! By the way, most of the female Dem candidates were just as lame and as useless as the male candidates this time around. Hey I have a great idea. I know it’s groundbreaking and all but here it goes…how about we nominate the BEST candidates?! Hey!! What a fucking idea! How about we nominate people like Alan Grayson of Florida, who aren’t afraid to embrace Obama and his policies??

Guess what? He won! In Florida! Guess who also won? Pretty much anyone who didn’t run away from the President. Guess who lost? Everyone who did. Don’t worry though, all of those campaign advisers will still make millions, write books and be fine. Same goes for the candidates. Republicans never seem to have a problem with embracing their leaders and touting their policies but not Democrats. As Will Rogers once said, “I don’t belong to any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.”

What the Democratic candidates did was simple. They ran away from the black man. As though their lives were at stake. As though he had a shank. They were as racist as the ignorant voters. This is another reason why so many Dems stayed home, so many black voters.

So I say this… There is nothing to lose now. Nothing at all. This President needs to give the Republicans and the racist voters what they have been afraid of all along. The angry black man.

He needs to come out with a huge chain of bling around his neck. A huge chain with four letters spelled out as big as possible. V E T O.

Anything less and his great legacy will dissolve into a big puddle of nothingness.





  1. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    There is one other possibility you didn’t mention: The well-known fact of ReThugs tampering with the Source Codes of Electronic Voting Machines to change the vote. This has been going on silently for years. The most well-known incident was in Ohio, by Karl Rove in the Kerry-Bush Presidential Election of 2004, and it changed the result big-time, leaving us with a DUMB CROOK for 4 more years. This CROOK killed thousands of people in his STUPID, IMMORAL WARS, & almost permanently destroyed our economy.

    Read about this phenomenon at MarkCrispinMiller.com, where that incident is documented. Also read about it in the concise book, ‘WHILE WE STILL HAVE TIME; The Perils of Electronic Voting Machines and Democracy’s Solutions: PUBLICLY OBSERVED, SECURE HAND-COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS (HCPB) ELECTIONS,’ by Sheila Parks, Ed.D.

    I don’t know why the Democratic Party doesn’t do something about this REAL ISSUE, but if it is not stopped VERY SOON, IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR US ALL!

  2. Amy

    The spin is strong here. Republicans are obstructionists? How many bills are sitting on (now lame duck) Speaker Reid’s desk? Too many to name. I’m a racist, or “dumb” because I neutered this administration? I’ll give you this Mikey– it’s been a while since I chortled. Congratulations on the sole accomplishment in this propaganda drivel.

  3. suesista

    Because of both implicit bias and overt racism, combined with a well-organized campaign of RW media relentless vilification from Day One, it wasn’t a difficult task for the interested donors who oppose the broadening of civil rights and tightening of regulation to shape a narrative. Of course every person who voted against Obama is not a raving racist. But racism was used to frame everything. If you think he’s the evil anti-christ dictator, or conversely if you think he’s the inept ‘man-child’—(competing themes), race was front and central, with buzzwords flying and incredibly ugly innuendo, non-stop.
    If people don’t like being labeled as bigots, there’s an easy way to set the record straight. Stop acting like you are. Stop nodding and snickering at the nasty witch-doctor and watermelon memes. Stop going nuts over black people being upset about their treatment. Stop posting scary stories about inner city ‘thugs.’ Stop obstructing any mention of race by hollering about ‘reverse-racism.’ And most important of all—when your elected representatives and media use racism as a cudgel, call them out on it. Challenge them, if you’re really interested. Or, just let the ugly allegations and smears continue, which is what happens with implicit bias—it’s accepted by people with implicit bias.

  4. sabreen60

    Too bad people who don’t have a pot to pi$$ in or a window to throw it out will come to the defense of a party who is totally owned by the Koch brothers and their ilk. Look at KY. Darn near the poorest state in the nation. But what do they do. Send McConnell back to Senate for another 30 years, I guess. He’s the richest Senator in the Senate lauding over the poorest state. Geez. No love lost for Grimes, but it’s really unfortunate that people vote against their own self-interest. 500,000 people in KY now have health insurance when they didn’t before the ACA. I wonder if they voted for the man who wants to take it away from them?

    Say want you want about Democrats, but I guess those here are against Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, 40 hour work week, sick pay, vacation pay, women’s rights, civil rights, voting rights (no longer exist), no forced child labor, GI Bill, etc. – all things brought to you by Democrats. But hey you don’t need Social Security or Medicare, your momma doesn’t need it or your grandmomma. You’ll never lose a job, get cancer and neither will anyone in your family. So lets privatized Social Security and tie it to stock market – that would have worked really well in 2008 and lets make people work until they’re 70. Even the ones doing manual labor and not sitting behind a desk. After all that’s their tough luck. Pathetic. Live long enough and learn that life has a way of biting you in the butt.

  5. jbfox123

    It is always a very bad idea to leave your enemy no options, with nothing to lose. You’ll regret it every time. I hope Obama comes out with his guns blazing and starts shooting. He has nothing to lose so why not?

  6. emajhonesone@startmail.com

    Hi Michael,

    I’m a black woman. Baby Boomer.  I voted, and cried, especially, when Illinois elected a Rept….. Governor.  Who would have thought.  I’m so disappointed, people didn’t have the balls to go out and support the President.  Obama never said in his campaign speeches, “Yes I Can.” “He said, “Yes WE Can.”  How can persons not know the President is one Man and depended on our Yes WE Can support.  I’ll have to bite my tongue, or maybe not, to anyone who said they didn’t vote in the midterms.  We’ll see.  As I know so many who didn’t think it was important, even after explanations of why it was.  Thanks for the insightful article.  Muche love. 

      On Wed, November 5, 2014 16:49, America The NOT SO Beautiful wrote:  

    > mikecaccioppoli posted: “November 5, 2014 By Mike Caccioppoli I have > been quiet. I let the elections play out without writing inane > predictions or coming up with facile “keys to victory” that you see > on so many other blogs and media outlets. I let the candidates do > what  th” > >

  7. Diana Baskin

    I agree with you 100%. No need to respond to the racist and idiots who are posting their own garbage. I am Black and am ashamed that Blacks won’t vote. People died so that Blacks can have the right to vote and some are just too lazy to vote. If any race in this country needs to come together and try to change somethings it is Blacks.

  8. Donna Wagberg

    Voting in this country needs to be changed in some way, so that everybody will vote. It should be mandatory, like filing one’s income tax. It should be made easy to do, and easy to count. Members of both parties should overlook the voting process at all times. Then the person/party that wins…so be it. Also, the Supreme Court should have term limits. Attack ads should not be allowed on TV or anywhere. Those running for office should only be allowed to tell what they are going to do, and can say nothing about an opponent. Only positive things coming from all those running.


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