December 1, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Darren Wilson resigned as a police officer. Why do people think this is some kind of victory? Did you really expect him to go back to work as a Ferguson police officer? Seriously? And why would he bother when he can now make six figures for an interview? This is America folks. Where you can kill a black kid and justified or not (NOT!) you will then become a millionaire through interviews and book deals and film rights. Not to mention the right wing talk radio show Wilson will probably be offered as he fits in perfectly with all of the talentless slobs in that business.

This is your capitalist system at work. No laws that make this illegal. A cop can actually kill someone on purpose if they want, because they get away with almost anything, with the knowledge that they can then quit their shitty job that nobody with a brain would want anyway, and become rich. What a country! These are the times when I want to get the next flight available and head to any other country. I truly need to get out of this lunatic asylum.

There were reports that Wilson may have received a half million for the ABC News interview with George Stuffituphisass. Georgie boy asked the obvious questions, feigning true emotions as he inquired about Wilson’s actions and if he would do anything differently. He went through the motions of asking about Brown being far away from Wilson when he shot him several times or with his hands up, but basically he just allowed Wilson to tell his side. Hey, who else did that without question? Oh yeah, Bob McCulloch!

The interview with ABC wasn’t an exclusive. Meaning the killer, Wilson, now has an agent who negotiated the deal, and other news agencies can also pay six figures for future interviews. It’s just that ABC was the most aggressive whore this time. To think I used to work for them. Makes me feel like I need one of those showers they gave to Karen Silkwood at the nuclear power plant.

But there will be other media whores that will throw big money at Wilson. Meanwhile Michael Brown’s family is left with nothing. No son and no justice. Yes the more money Wilson makes the more they can get from him in a civil suit but that’s even a long shot since a jury won’t side against a cop even in that setting. Against O.J. Simpson yes, a cop no. Funny how all of those white people who were up in arms about Simpson getting off are so joyous about Wilson getting off.

Meanwhile this sham of a verdict with the Grand Jury, which every legal scholar has torn apart especially since the transcripts were released, has really brought the usual right wing vicious scum out of the closets. None worse than Rudy Giuliani who continues to live in 1990’s New York City when his police department was regularly violating the civil rights of blacks. He won’t stop talking about black on black crime which he incredulously correlates to the need for an all white police force. Also he won’t talk about how the people who commit those crimes almost always go to jail, unlike cops who commit crimes. Black on black crime, which has gone way, way down takes place in black neighborhoods as white on white crime takes place in white neighborhoods. Makes sense no?

Look, let’s remember who Rudy is shall we? He is the guy who bullied the New York City emergency response center into One World Trade Center after the first terrorist attack there even though the people who knew better were against it. We know what the result was of his power grab. He also took away vital firefighting gear which led to the deaths of many fire fighters on 9/11. Because you see Rudy always gets what Rudy wants.

But wait there’s more. He is also the guy who hired Bernie Kerik as police chief. Kerik the felon. He also recommended the soon to be felon for Homeland Security Director! This is Rudy Giuliani. A man who is still worshiped by some idiot New Yorkers yet despised by his own children. A guy who cares more about the welfare of the New York Yankees than  Americans.

Anyway I truly digress. Darren Wilson is becoming rich. Rich off the killing of Michael Brown. Can you just imagine what Brown’s parents are going through? I can’t. They have to hear about these interviews, maybe even watch them. I hope they don’t. Wilson’s story would be given zero stars by any reviewer if it were made into a film because it is that unbelievable, actually laughable if the result wasn’t so tragic. But seriously folks, even if you are brain dead enough to buy his depiction of the events that led to him killing Brown, you can’t believe that he should become rich over someone else’s death. To make money that he wouldn’t make in a full career as a cop from one or two interviews.

Or maybe you are so brainwashed by the out of control capitalist system you live in that you think it’s all just fine and dandy. If so I feel sorry for you and have disdain for you in equal measure. This is one of those things that truly would never happen in any other country.

A uniquely American disgrace.




  1. natruthstudent

    Good piece, Mike. But how many of your younger readers will know who Karen Silkwood was? IJS, ya know? Peace out, dude.

  2. Merrily Snider

    Really?! Wilson is going to make “blood money” on shooting Michael Brown now? I can’t think of a word fit to print that describes what I think of this.

  3. Toni burkin

    Again every system is f—!– up. I am not saying it’s good or bad. Just that systems fail people. It failed me. But I’m tough. Just glad I’m an American as trite as that may sound. Too bad the systems are run by people. We ere.

  4. maburg713

    Very well done. I wish I *could* say “there’s no truth in this”….but it’s been proven time and again, though never to this degree. This grand jury was a sham put on to clear Mr Wilson, beginning to end. McCullough is as corrupt as any I’ve seen but far worse — he truly believes what he’s done is for “the best”. This town has set back race relations 50 years, with damage it will take a very long time to repair. And not just to the black community…to ALL Americans.

    1. Jason L.

      Right there with ya. My opinion of ABC just sunk as well. I still haven’t watched the interview and doubt I ever will. It sickens me to know they paid blood money for it.

  5. Lance Holladay

    It’s certainly clear what motivates your writings. Just like you, I can’t believe you used to work for ABC. It certainly couldn’t have been as a writer. Perhaps you worked in the mail room. Were you on the cleaning staff?

    How much research did you do? More to the point, how did you do your research?

    If I were your teacher I’d give you a D at best.

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      Research about what? That ABC paid Wilson? There are tons of articles and sources…I don’t believe anything Wilson says, period. NBC sources have confirmed a bidding war. You think Wilson is going to risk having his lies on camera for all the world to dissect for nothing?

      Also I don’t give a shit what you believe about me personally.

    2. natruthstudent

      My, my, my. Personal attacks come out when someone disagrees with the statements but doesn’t have a valid argument on the issues. Or are you projecting?

      1. Lance Holladay

        Hahaha. The actual evidence speaks for itself. I guess if you want to believe the several versions of the event as first reported by “eye witnesses ” … most being simply ridiculous … then I guess you wouldn’t believe Wilson. Funny how, when asked during the investigation, most of the “eye witnesses” had to admit they hadn’t actually seen the incident. They had only heard it from someone else. So … whose description of the event was most credible?

        It’s tragic that Brown made some very bad decisions and paid for them with his life. It’s also tragic that Wilson was put in that horrible position … which, believe it or not, is a position no police officer ever wants to be in. I feel badly for the Brown family. I feel badly for the Wilson family.

        Oh, and by the way, if you want to cry about personal attacks, perhaps you should pay a little more attention to Mike’s article which was riddled with name calling and personal attacks. That was the point I was trying to make with my first comment.


      2. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        Everything you said is all false…it’s all from the mouth of the defense attor…I mean “Prosecutor” Bob McCulloch who from day one gave Wilson treatment that he never gave any other non-cop and would CERTAINLY have never given to Brown if he were on trial.

      3. natruthstudent

        Even Nancy Grace, a top-notch nationally recognized prosecutor, took McCulloch to task for the way he did his grand jury presentation. Like the old saying goes, a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. But they didn’t indict Wilson. Why? Because the prosecutor didn’t want him indicted. But you wrong-wingers just refuse to accept that truth. smdh….

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