September 16, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I’ve heard enough excuses when it comes to Adrian Peterson’s beating of his four year old son for which he was recently indicted. No it’s not OK to whip your child with a tree branch or anything else for that matter. It’s not something that is excusable because someone’s father might have done it to them or grandfather or uncle or whomever. The kid is also just four years old. Adrian Peterson is a parent in the 21st century, in the year 2014. He is a millionaire with a good if not great education and he should know right from wrong. His excuses are his own. Same goes for the others who are trying to excuse his vile behavior.

That behavior is unfortunately not isolated in this country. It’s not just blacks and it’s not just in the NFL. It is a mindset that is prevalent. The idea that violence is the way to go. The only way. Your kid doesn’t listen? Beat em. Your wife gives you lip? Beat her. There are some people in other countries that annoy us? Bomb the shit out of them. Spread that capitalism and freedom far and wide. Make em eat it.

In 2014 we are actually talking about how a professional sports league, run by well schooled rich guys, needs to “learn” about things such as domestic violence and child abuse. So they have “learned” about this in other countries but not here? Why are we the last to learn about such things as basic human compassion? The answer is because we don’t want to learn. We want things our way. The only way. The American way.

We are very much stuck in the 1950’s in many ways. As other nations advance we regress. The NFL just symbolizes what is so wrong with this country. The alpha-male, out of control masculinity that we need to flex in everyone’s face on a daily basis. It really is very simple folks. Don’t hit your spouse. Don’t beat your kids till they bleed. Don’t bomb everyone you don’t like. What exactly do we need to “learn”?

If you assault someone in the street, you get arrested, Period. So why aren’t you arrested if you hit your spouse or your kid? Why are these “exceptions”? People say things like “My father whooped me when I was a kid” or “Domestic disputes should be between husband and wife” as a way to excuse vile behavior as the American “norm” and in a way it is just that. As though things that were once acceptable behavior, or behavior that wasn’t talked about in public, is still OK. It’s not.

The idea that the NFL needs a manual to tell its players to not beat their wives or kids is insane. The bottom line is until we really start to admit that we are a violent, backwards country in so many ways, none of this will ever change. I don’t want to hear about “education”, as though we need courses to teach this common sense humanity to people. What does that say about us?

The violence as a cure all that some parents may have passed on to their kids hasn’t stopped with this and future generations because we continue to have that same old world mentality when it comes to just about everything. We want our politicians to “talk tough”, to bomb and fight and use war to get what we want, even though it never does, ever. We let our kids shoot high powered weapons when they are six years old. That this is what it means to be “respected.”

Since so many Americans are caught in this sick mindset it allows the NFL and the Vikings to continue to play a guy like Peterson when he has been indicted. You think your boss is going to keep you if you are indicted for ANYTHING? The NFL knows that enough Americans will excuse Peterson, will “pray for him”, so they can get away with allowing him to play. Just as Ray Rice will now appeal his ban. As I said before, Rice should not have been banned because of a video, he should have been banned because he beat his wife. Nobody should be able to enjoy a millionaire’s life, a star’s life, when they are beating their wife or kid. Nobody.

This country’s gun obsession, or jingoistic mentality goes hand in hand with its high tolerance for domestic abuse, and child abuse, since the psychological factor is the same. Dominance. Using the fist to get our way. It can be an actual fist, or it can be a gun, a drone, or the whipping device of your choice. The child can get a beating from his dad then turn on the television and see how his/her country is about to give the middle east another beating.

No manual is going to help them. Or us.





September 10, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Being from New York I knew Warner Wolf. He was a sports anchor on a local television station. He had a signature slogan that he would yell out, “Let’s go to the videotape!” Yes it wasn’t too long ago that people would call it videotape. Before the days of YouTube and Vine and whatever else your fancy might be. Having watched the latest violence porn video that has been played over and over again on television and the internet I remembered Wolf’s signature line. It seemed as though the games, the plays, the results weren’t real until we actually saw them on television. Here was proof of the grand slam, the no-hitter, the perfect game.

Proof. But I mean, everything that was reported still happened, right? Wolf wasn’t lying. If a friend that was at a game told me that the home run was high and long and way outta the park, I’d believe them. I didn’t need to see the videotape. If I did see the video, it wouldn’t make the home run any more impressive or make it MORE of a home run. It wouldn’t turn it into a grand slam, it would just confirm what my friend had said. You probably know what I’m getting at. I hope. Ray Rice punched his then girlfriend out in an elevator. We have known this for a long time. We saw a video of Rice dragging her sleeping body out of the elevator, and using her body as a door holder. This we saw, over and over and over. He said he knocked her out, she said he knocked her out, the police said he knocked her out. So yes that’s what happened.

The NFL under the leadership Roger Goodell,  just one of many spineless, mindless big league commissioners currently earning puke inducing salaries (44.2 million in 2012), decided that a player punching out a woman was worth a two game suspension. If you use drugs, it’s a lifetime ban and a trip to Siberia. Until now very few people in mindless NFL worship land, also known as the USA, had any problems with this silliness. Finally the great Keith Olbermann, came out and slammed Goodell for the lame two game suspension, calling it a travesty, and that’s exactly what it was.

So not long after this dumb as shit decision, Goodell reacted to the bad press and made it a six game suspension going forward for anyone who commits domestic abuse the first time. The second time is a lifetime ban. Much better right? Almost everyone applauded the decision. Goodell, (who wants to continue to make 45500000000000 times more than the guy making minimum wage and trying to support his family while watching the NFL every weekend as though it’s a religion), only really cares about that money so he reacts, after the fact. He knows that women watch the NFL as well, sometimes they even decide if their husbands can watch. Also there are sponsors to think about. So once again he reacts.

Then comes the latest video which shows the inside of the elevator and we see Rice punching his current wife and knocking her out. Shows him doing exactly what we all knew he did months ago. In what seemed like seconds, the Ravens release Rice and the NFL suspends him indefinitely. “The video changed things” is what coach John Harbaugh said. When asked exactly how, he did the usual coach thing and got chesty and tried to intimidate the person who asked the question. He pretended to not understand what the reporter was asking, like it was a question that made no sense. Harbaugh knows they got caught, that they either had seen all of the video months ago and didn’t do anything till it went public or he knew the team should have cut Rice after the incident first happened.

Goodell and company once again reacted. They are all incapable of doing anything worthwhile or morally correct on their own, without prodding and pressure from outside forces. This is called being worthless, spineless, and a coward. This is what these people are and it’s what their organization is. Since 2000 there have been over 70 players convicted of domestic abuse in the NFL and they received one game suspensions. Yes, you probably haven’t heard of any of them. That’s because there wasn’t a videotape. Something that actually showed how horrible domestic abuse actually is.

So what do the male athletes in the NFL now know? To make sure there is no video involved when they punch out their women. You might get a six game suspension if there is no video…might. But if there is a video you are done, gone, knocked out of the game if you will. This wouldn’t be the lesson if Goodell and the Ravens had done the right thing to begin with, the moral thing, without all of this external influence. But it’s no surprise that they didn’t. The NFL, like the country it represents is a neanderthalic entity. The overwhelming majority of the domestic abuse cases in pro sports come out of the NFL. When we hear about homophobic comments and bully players, they usually reside in the NFL. That’s why Chris Kluwe was such a breath of fresh air, but guys like him are overshadowed by the Ray Rice’s of the league.

Roger Goodell has shown he really doesn’t care about domestic abuse. He cares about image and money. The Ravens didn’t initially cut Rice because they wanted him on the field to help them win games and make more money. And while we are talking about money, I do not pretend to know what was going on in the mind of Rice’s wife when it came to staying with him and getting married to him. I have no idea. I do know that every woman that does not press charges and “sticks with their man” after domestic abuse, just makes it easier for the next guy to sock his wife. One would have to imagine that if Rice worked for minimum wage, she might have thought otherwise about staying with him. Who knows?

Now however Rice isn’t making any money. Not because he did something horrible but because there was a videotape of him doing something horrible.

The NFL and the USA. Where image and money always trumps morality and justice…and always will.








September 4, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

If there was anything that brings out the dumb American low brow crowd it’s a crisis involving terrorists and Americans in danger. I will get this out of the way early so some of you don’t stroke out before getting to the end of this column…the beheadings of the journalists in Syria/Iraq are disgusting, awful, horrific, and any other horrible word you can come up with…there ya go!..horrible as well. Of course the reaction to these two grotesque (another word!) videos from the American right wing has been all out hysteria. “Do something Obamaaaaaaa!!!” is what I see from these people on Facebook and Twitter. The right wing pols like dementia ridden John McCain claim Obama is “too cautious” and “not showing leadership skills.” Since this comes from the SAME people who were 110 percent behind George W. Bush I can only say one thing, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Let’s not forget why there is an ISIS to begin with.

There is an ISIS because of one person and only one person, George W. Bush. This is why instead of dumping ice water on his head it should have been a bucket of Iraqi blood. In a normal country with intelligent people this would be on the news every hour of every day. The story line would be a President who once again has to clean up the mess of his predecessor. He had to do it with the economy, wall street, Bin Laden, Iraq and so on and so forth. Now he has to do it with ISIS.

You see Iraq was a sovereign nation before Bush destroyed it. Perfect? No. But the United States is far far far from perfect. But groups like ISIS didn’t exist and wouldn’t exist if the USA didn’t turn Iraq into something out of a Mad Max film. This is the fault of the guy before Obama,but right on cue the mainstream media starts beating the war drums and questioning Obama’s strategy. Not a word about why we are in the mess to begin with, not a hard question posed to any Republican politician about how wrong they were in the first place and how they are more to blame for this than the President who was against the Iraq invasion. That old case of short term amnesia that the media and American public get when something that Bush did comes back to haunt the country…again.

I’m consistently stunned by how dumb the American public are and how the media just plays into that dumbness. We just had a President who rushed into a quagmire that cost so many lives, foreign and domestic. That cost us billions of dollars that we didn’t have, that caused nation after nation to either hate us or not want to do any kind of militaristic business with us anymore. That is why Obama will now have trouble getting other countries on board with just about anything he wants to do. Bush fucked that up too. They don’t trust us anymore and who can blame them?

Yet there are the old Neo-Cons coming back out of the closet whenever there is a place they want to bomb. The moron Americans who need another ‘Shock and Awe’ moment to satisfy their cravings for revenge. A normal, sane person, like the President, views those horrible videos, feels anger and sorrow, maybe a slight inclination for revenge, then thinks…yes thinks about the best possible way to stop the group that committed those atrocities from advancing and doing even more harm. The BEST way, not the quickest or the way that FEELS the best, that satisfies some blood lust or need to just strike back for PR purposes.

So Obama comes out and says that he really isn’t sure of a strategy at this point and of course this becomes a clarion call for every hard-on right winger who wants to blame him and call him indecisive. Because he didn’t stride to the podium like a cowboy with shit in his pants, arms to the side, head cocked out and talking about smoking things out of holes. Whatever that means. There were actually some people who were begging for some tough talk. As though that changes anything!

There is no easy answer. You see there WAS an easy answer, it was not going into Iraq in the first place. It was not duping Americans into believing Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11 or that he had weapons of mass destruction that were going to be used against us in the next ten minutes. That was the easy answer but it’s gone baby gone. Now we are really in a world of shit. Now we have ISIS, the new boogeyman that we want gone from our nightmares.

ISIS is a problem and a threat. Yet not a threat to the USA homeland. They aren’t invading us anytime soon, nor will they ever be able to. They are a bunch of really fucked up bad guys who have no morals. They kill innocent civilians and U.S. journalists and yes it’s just terrible. Add them to the list of terrible things we have in this world now. We certainly don’t need them because the list is already too long to mention.

What we do need is a President that actually thinks before he acts. Even though his options are so limited because of the damage the monkey from Texas did. Yet he will think and he will find a way to try and contain ISIS. Forget about destroying them, ain’t gonna happen. There will be no prolonged war, no large contingent of “boots on the ground” (the new favorite term for newsies who want to sound like they know shit about the military). Not happening. As Obama has told us many times, we could not leave troops in Iraq as the Iraqi government did not want them there and would not give any protections to those troops. They could have been arrested or worse if they did something the government didn’t like. So he did what was promised and gave the Iraqi’s the freedom they wanted and at the same time he protected our troops.

Who knows though, if we never went into Iraq, if we had kept other nations on our side, if we had the money and the backing of the American people, then maybe, just maybe if ISIS or a group like it had somehow popped up, we would be able to do things differently. But that’s neither here nor there now. Because Bush ruined everything, destroyed everything, depleted everything.

So Obama once again has to clean up Bush’s shit.

Luckily we have the right guy in the White House to do it.





August 28, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

What kind of country are we living in? No, seriously, I want to know. A nine year old girl just accidentally killed her shooting range instructor! I remember when kids had piano teachers instead of Uzi teachers. I think I’m going to start my own GoFundMe page where I ask for donations so I can move to Canada. I’m tired of living in a country where too many people love guns more than children. I’m living in a country where twenty little kids can be blown to bits and nothing, I mean nothing is done about it. Nothing to destroy the organization that time and time again allows this shit to happen. So we have shooting after shooting (mass and just ‘minor’) and for a week or two we talk about it and then we move on to the next story. Which of course this being the USA no doubt has something to do with guns, police brutality, or a place we want to bomb. I’m fucking tired of it.

I’m tired of hearing stories about nine year old girls at shooting ranges putting a bullet in their instructors head. It happened at a place in Arizona named Bullets and Burgers. I shit you not. I have to say that even a true cynic like myself who hates most American tradition and culture, was still shocked by that name. I wasn’t shocked that it happened in Arizona, no that did not shock me. I can only imagine what those in civilized nations think about that kind of name or concept. Hey, bring your kiddies to Bullets and Burgers where they can grab a cheeseburger, fries with your choice of sides…a pistol, a rifle, or an Uzi. This is real folks, not satire. I’m sure the founding fathers were imagining a place called Bullets and Burgers when they wrote the Second Amendment. 

It’s real American life. ‘Murica baby! In places where gun violence is rare (ie every other civilized nation) when something like this happens (even though something like THIS never does) the entire country is paralyzed from it. Here in the USA we just shrug and go back to texting about our latest meal or blow job.  I’m tired of it. I’m tired of seeing young lives taken or in the case of the girl, traumatized for life. This little girl killed someone. She will have to live with that forever. Her innocence is gone and who is to blame? So many people.

The NRA is to blame. They tweeted right after the incident about “7 ways children can have fun at the shooting range.” Actually it was “NRA Women” that tweeted it. Now I understand the reason so many men love big guns. It makes up for what they are lacking in the manhood department. Why women? Someone needs to explain this to me. Please. Yes this was an actual tweet right after this girl killed her instructor. The guy who runs the range is also to blame. He was on “All in with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC and as I was watching I was looking for a hint of humanity in this man, trying my hardest to understand why he allows kids to shoot guns at his range.

The humanity wasn’t there. Sure he said something about the guy that was killed being a close friend or like a brother or something but that was about it. The rest of the interview was about how much money he makes from letting kids eat burgers and shoot Uzi’s. It a big business in Nevada and Arizona, part of the gaming industry. As always it’s about money. Money and guns going together like a bullet in the brain. It just seems to fit together well in the USA.

When Hayes, who looked totally shocked and almost paralyzed by what this man was saying, asked him what changes might be made, the guy actually said this, “maybe we will have to do what they do at Disney Land, you know, when you can’t go on a ride if you aren’t ‘this tall’ (he used his hand to show height). Yeah that’s it! That’s the change that might be made. I mean shooting a high powered weapon is just like going on the “gravitron”. Ain’t this America for you and me baby!

Hayes had the look on his face that you have right now as you read this. If you hadn’t seen the interview. If an 18 year old has sex with a 16 year old we go ape shit in the country, we want the 18 year old to do life in prison. But it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a gun. It’s not OK for a 17 year old to vote but it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a gun. It’s not OK for a 20 year old to have a beer but it’s OK for a nine year old to shoot a fucking gun!!

This is the story in the news now, but I bet most of you don’t remember or probably haven’t heard of this one from 2011. I mean that was 457 news cycles ago. An eight year old boy killed himself when almost the exact same thing happened as his father was showing him how to shoot. A bullet in his own brain. But we didn’t talk about that story, or we did and just moved on as usual.

Which brings up the people who are the most responsible. The parents. This is child abuse or at least it would be in most other countries. You see, these people (mostly men but not always) want their kids to ‘grow up tough’ and be able to ‘defend themselves’. The father doesn’t want his son to be a ‘pussy.’ The ones with girls always wanted a boy so they have to transfer their psychological bullshit over to their poor kids. This is what it means to grow up in America these days. Some of these same people will deride their kids if they want those piano lessons or voice lessons or ballet lessons.

We have become a sick nation. Cancer ridden. We are obsessed with guns and money and violence and killing. It stinks from the head down. From a government that creates (literally and figuratively) boogeymen that need to be bombed to the cops who see an immediate threat when a black kid is walking down the street to the parents who instill this sick idea into their kids heads that if you don’t shoot a gun you aren’t ‘tough’ or a ‘real American’. The range owner that Hayes’ interviewed said “some of these nine year olds are pretty big.” It sounded as disgusting as those guys who say “Hey, she might have been 12 but she looked 18 buddy!” We detest the latter but we excuse the former.  He also said the little girl “wanted to shoot a gun.” Nah, we know the truth. Her parents made her want to shoot the gun, it was their idea. No nine year old girl wakes up one day and says ‘I’d really love to shoot an Uzi today daddy!’ They caused the death of that instructor and the grief and guilt this little girl will feel for the rest of her life. 

The NRA loves this shit. They eat it up. More kids growing up to love guns, to buy guns, to pass that along to their kids and so on and so forth. The politicians do nothing because the gun lobby contributes big money to their campaigns. The few who might want to stand up to Wayne LaPierre, know they will probably lose the next election when the NRA and supporters give millions to a pro gun challenger.

Yes this is the USA.

Bullets and burgers and guns and money and power and deaths. 

Who wants to help me with that GoFundMe campaign?









August 24, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Someone needs to tell me why cops have tasers. Are they for when a kid kicks them in the shin? Or maybe when a woman starts to argue about being pulled over for doing 66 in a 65. Is that what tasers are for? Heck I’m so old I can remember when there was no such thing as a taser. Only on Star Trek. You know, when their ray guns were set to “stun” instead of “kill.” Seems like the guys on the Starship Enterprise knew when to set their guns to either level. If only cops were as smart.

Or as courageous. I think I remember when cops had courage. Been a while though. Now when an “assailant” is 25 feet away with a knife, and that assailant is on crack or heroin or meth and can barely speak or move, it’s OK for a cop to shoot that person 15 times. Come on, you only do that if you want to kill someone. If you’ve just been waiting for your chance. Maybe that’s why you became a cop in the first place.

According to the police chief in St. Louis that kind of action is actually protocol these days. When a guy who is shaking and frail is within 20-25 feet with a knife, even a Swiss Army knife, he is considered to be “life threatening” to the officer. An officer who is armed with a baton, mace, taser, a bullet proof vest and a gun. I’m no hero but I wouldn’t consider that to be “life threatening” to myself…without all of that weaponry and armor. I would probably look to just knock the guy out when I got my chance. But if I were a cop I would opt for the safer route and just mace the guy. If he kept coming which is highly doubtful, I would go to the taser. End of story.

Now cops seem to shoot when someone yells “Boo.” Well especially if it’s a black guy yelling. If this is the case why do we even need cops? Any civilian can kill someone for little or no reason. Where does the training come in? With cops like these we might as well just have law of the jungle and kill each other. Who needs them? Who needs to pay them with our tax dollars? Hey, speaking of which why aren’t conservatives screaming about our socialist police department being out of control and over militarized? Why don’t they want our police force defunded like Obamacare? I mean I haven’t heard a word, a whisper, have you? 

I digress. We call our cops “warriors” these days but I’ve never seen warriors so cowardly. Like when they shoot at a black woman in a car full of kids because she might have been breaking the speed limit. I mean how dangerous she is! Or when they beat a black woman into submission on the side of the road because she isn’t “obeying.” Or when they beat the crap out of the wrong guy and charge him with “bleeding on their uniforms”. That’s YOU Ferguson PD. Or when they choke a guy to death because he is selling cigarettes on the street. Or when they shoot an unarmed black kid six times because well..who knows.

I could write 100 paragraphs about the 21st century cop and how afraid they are to use their brains or fists or less lethal weapons because someone standing 25 feet away without a firearm is considered a “threat.” Example after example of police “overreach”, of escalation instead of a calming deescalation which is what they are paid to do. Escalation usually means homicide. Sometimes it’s tear gassing an entire crowd because one guy threw a bottle…of water. Once again I’m no hero but I will take the “water bottle challenge” and allow 20 cops to throw bottles of Evian at me and if I survive, all of those cowardly cops (and I don’t give a shit if they were under the command of Ron Johnson) that tear gassed pastors and woman and children, lose their jobs. How about THAT challenge?

I mean cops with helmets and shields and tanks and guns and mace and tasers and they gas an entire crowd because of thrown bottles? And yes there were many journalists who reported that it was only the bottles that got the the cops going…into their default escalation mode. What courageous officers of the law we are hiring! Yes WE are hiring and paying them which means WE can fire them? Right conservatives? I mean you guys would agree with that right?

So here is one of our modern day heroic cops. He continues his complaining and racist ways on twitter. I’m not going to get into all of the disgusting things he says about Eric Holder or the people he is supposed to be “protecting and serving.” I only have one question…why not find another job? I mean he hates being a cop so much, complains about everything he has to deal with so why not quit? Nobody is forcing him to be a cop, and nobody forced him to become a cop. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Our cops are also getting dumb and dumber. When you start to push, threaten and arrest journalists, point your weapons at them and have them overhear you bad mouthing protesters, you really can’t be too intelligent. I mean your I.Q. can’t be very high. Speaking of which, here is an example of what I’m talking about. It is indeed possible to be “too smart” to get hired as a cop in the USA. I’m guessing they don’t have these regulations in any other country. It takes a certain kind of dumb to actually lose the support of the mainstream media!

Then there is the cop who pushed CNN’s Don Lemon. How did this loser get hired in the first place? It’s not like he is able to hide his grotesque beliefs. Maybe it’s because the people who hired him have similar beliefs. These are some of the same cops who were enforcing those protest rules in Ferguson. Like walk but don’t stop. So the protesters couldn’t take a breath and stand in one place without getting harassed by the police. I don’t seem to find any clause in the First Amendment which says “Freedom of speech, except no standing still while exercising those freedoms.” Or “Freedom of the press but only in designated areas as assigned by local police.” Can you? If so send those clauses along to me please.

Where are all of those Second Amendment purists screaming and yelling about all of the First Amendment violations? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. They believe a group of white people protecting a rancher from having to pay taxes is “patriotic” but black people protesting the murder of an unarmed teenager is not. A German Journalist had to come to Ferguson to realize, as so many Americans are finally, at long last realizing, that the USA is not a free country. That all of those heroic soldiers really died for nothing, for shit. But hey, because of “freedom” right conservatives?

Speaking of Germany, police officers in that ENTIRE country shot off 85 bullets in a full YEAR. In the U.K. it was three shots, half of the number of bullets Mike Brown was hit with. In Iceland the first civilian ever was just killed by a cop. The entire country is in mourning. This is civilization, this is freedom, this is real law enforcement.

Maybe we need cops who aren’t afraid of their own shadows. We don’t need super heroes or anything, just people who aren’t 300 pounds, who can run or use their hands to protect themselves in situations where someone doesn’t have a gun. Where the training and the laws REQUIRE them to use the mace or the taser when the suspect has a knife or a bat and is 30 feet away. Cops who can disarm and apprehend without discharging their weapon 6-15 times. Maybe this is what we need.

By the way I love firemen. They put out fires, unlike the police, who ignite them.


Correction: I’m reminded by the loyal followers of that the Star Trek weapons were known as Phasers not Tasers. If only our police forces had those instead. 





August 21, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Let me start with this. Here we are almost two weeks after the murder of Mike Brown and still no arrest of Darren Wilson. We hear lots of nonsense about how this is a complex case when it is a very simple case. One person shot another. That is it. One gun, six bullets into one person due to the actions of the other. Simple and straight forward. I will say this again. If the roles were reversed and if the officer were the dead one, Mike Brown or any person that might have done the shooting would have been arrested ON THE SPOT. They probably WOULD NOT HAVE BAIL. I will say this again as well. If you don’t agree with that statement the only excuse you have is that you are a racist. I don’t believe dumb can get that bad. It has to be blatant racism. Here is proof of that disgusting racism. You think it’s OK for a white cop to kill a black kid. That is your reason. So If you want to admit that fact you can write to me. If not keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t do well with bullshit.

I have heard lots of crap like “Well it was a cop so he should get the benefit of the doubt.” No he shouldn’t. In fact I propose that the laws should be STRICTER when it comes to a crime committed by a person with power being paid by the people. The penalties should also be stricter. This would almost ensure that we get only the best going into these positions of power. The bad guys will stay away. Fascism cannot be given “the benefit of the doubt.”

Here are the FACTS. There are several witnesses who have come forward with their names, put their faces on television and have told the same story. More and more every day in fact.  They tell us that Mike Brown was dragged into the car by a very angry officer who started the whole event by telling Brown and his friend to “Get on the fucking sidewalk.” That is the way you talk if you are an animal, a scumbag not a cop paid by you and I. It also points to the mindset of the officer leading into the incident. If you don’t believe cops talk that way here is a cop from the Ferguson protests who is now suspended indefinitely because of his threatening people with a gun and cursing at them. When Brown broke free of Wilson’s grasp he was several feet away, the medical examiner said it’s not impossible that he was 35 feet away, and Wilson shot several times, including two to Brown’s head. Several medical examiners have said Brown, being so tall would have to have been falling or down, on his knees, for the shots to his eye and the TOP OF HIS HEAD.

Ever seen videos of executions? That’s where the bullet often goes, into the top of the head as the victim is on their knees. All of the witnesses who are real and have come forward say Brown was giving up, and was killed. Hands up. There have been ZERO witnesses who have come forward and said Brown was “charging” at Wilson. The only person who says this is Wilson, and the people he has told the story to and who want to spread it around. I call this kind of rumor, the fallacy of the phantom witness. Fox news has lots of these phantom witnesses.

We also hear on Fox news that Wilson had been beaten almost to a pulp and that he had broken bones in his face. There heave been NO hospital records or even records that show Wilson went to the hospital. Here is a photo of Wilson standing over Brown’s dead body:

wilson over body

Even more damning is this video with eye witness testimony. Wilson appears to be fine, not badly hurt if hurt at all. Also remember this, as per the witnesses, Wilson pulled Brown into the car. A civilian has every right to defend themselves just as a cop does. But if Wilson were badly injured why wasn’t he rushed to the hospital?

Here is a fake report of Wilson’s supposed broken orbital bone. If you have to fabricate evidence it proves that you know you are wrong and are desperate.

Interesting how Fox News throws out fake unsubstantiated stories that legitimize the killing of a black boy by a white cop. Makes you wonder who is watching their broadcasts. Actually we don’t have to wonder. Right wing racists. “Josie” who we have heard on a few media outlets is a friend of Wilson’s wife. She wasn’t a witness, so she is repeating the same story told by Wilson. I wonder if these Fox viewers would believe the story of a black kid who killed a cop? Heck they won’t even believe the witnesses that we know of because they are black. The same people who refuse to believe the facts, the evidence in this case adds up to murder by cop, also refuse to believe in global warming or still think that Saddam Hussein caused 9/11. Think about that. 

It’s obvious why the Ferguson PD didn’t interview the witnesses. It’s obvious why they wouldn’t give Wilson’s name until six days after the shooting. It’s obvious why Robert McCulloch is doing something most lawyers say is extremely rare and allowing Wilson to testify in the grand jury trial. A defendant is rarely if ever allowed to defend themselves when a prosecutor is trying to get an indictment against them. It’s ludicrous. McCulloch doesn’t really want an indictment. So he needs to be removed. This is why he is baiting Gov. Nixon into taking him off the case. His heart isn’t in it.

Institutionalized racism is all over this case. You can smell the injustice, it’s in the air. The people of Ferguson are sick and tired of cops putting their feet on their throats all of the time so we get more cops cursing and pointing guns at them on a nightly basis now.

It’s the job of the legitimate media to separate fact from fiction. Otherwise they are allowing injustice to prevail. They are complicit in the murder of Michael Brown.



August 18, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was one of the first people to call the killing of Mike Brown an execution. This was based on the several eye witnesses who told the same story. A story of an 18 year old boy who was shot multiple times, most said 5-7 or 6-8 times in the arms and head. They also said he was falling down and on his knees when he was shot again in the head. Now we get an autopsy that corroborates that testimony from those eye witnesses.

Tiffany Mitchell

“Michael and the officer wrestling through the [car] window.” Brown, she said, was struggling to get away while the officer continued to try to pull him closer. Concerned, Mitchell pulled out her phone, at which point she said the first shot was fired “through the window.” Mitchell then saw Brown break away from the officer’s grip and run down the street from the police vehicle.

“The officer gets out of his vehicle,” Mitchell said, “and he pursues him,” continuing to shoot at Brown. “Michael’s body jerks as if he was hit,” Mitchell explained, “and then he put his hands up,” and the officer continued to shoot at Brown until the teenager collapsed “all the way down to the ground.”

Philip Walker

Brown “was giving up in the sense of raising his arms and being subdued,” Walker said Monday, AP reported. He also reportedly said that the officer “had his gun raised and started shooting the individual in the chest multiple times.” He then “stood over him and shot him,” he added.

Dorian Johnson

“He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air, and he started to get down,” Johnson said, according to AP. “But the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”

Witness after witness  that tell basically the same story. They don’t know each other. All saw the shooting from different angles. The people who won’t believe them are simply racists who won’t believe the word of a black person.

The fatal shot was a shot in the top of Michael Brown’s head. Unless Darren Wilson was seven feet tall or Brown was shot by a sniper this wound shows that Brown was down on his knees/falling down, not a threat, in a submissive position when he was killed by Wilson. This is an execution, pure and simple. If you don’t like that word too fucking bad. It is what it is.

Several witnesses with the same story that aligns with the autopsy yet we don’t even have a simple arrest. Let me make this very clear. If you are opposed to an arrest and a charge you are a racist. That is the reason. You can try to disguise your racism with bullshit excuses and your supposed knowledge of the law, but you can’t fool me. There is NO DOUBT, NO FUCKING DOUBT that if Michael Brown or any other black man, hell any other person including myself, were to have killed a cop or anyone in the same fashion as Wilson killed Brown, with the amount of evidence we have, there would have been an arrest and most likely no bail based on the gruesomeness of the crime.

If you disagree with this assessment you can give me reasons till you turn blue in the face, but what you are is a racist, reaching for legitimate reasons to not be labeled one. The sneaky excuses don’t fool me at all. If Michael Brown were white you wouldn’t be bullshitting that there is no cause for an arrest, you would probably be silent. You know that. I know that.

I have received so many tweets from disgusting racists. All of them from this country of course,  trying to disparage Michael Brown the same way the Ferguson PD has tried to do.

“He was a thug, he deserved it.”

“Come on Mike, you know Wilson was justified in killing a felon.”

“He was a thief and he got what he deserved, the officer is a hero.”

This is the shit I deal with on a daily basis. Many of these people don’t think they are racists. They actually believe the law backs them up. Brown may have stolen some shit so the officer was justified in carrying out his execution. That is the penalty for shop lifting. If that is the case then half of Brooklyn. N.Y. where I come from should be dead. Including all of those nice Italian boys who may have stolen a slice of pizza or some soda when they were 15 or 18.. Correct?

Probable Cause n. sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime.

That is it. That is what you need to make an arrest. Unlike some of the nonsense you have heard from talking heads who it would seem purposely confuse an ARREST with a TRIAL, you don’t need overwhelming evidence that can lead to a conviction in order to make a simple arrest. Now I believe there is plenty of evidence for a conviction but that’s not what the people in Ferguson are asking for. Make an arrest and then allow due process. And after an arrest the collection of evidence can continue.

Cops arrest people for many things based on the thinnest of probable causes like the smell of pot or residue that might be cocaine. Yet six gunshots to an unarmed teenager with several witnesses doesn’t warrant an arrest?  Are you kidding me or are you just a racist?

This is what the people of Ferguson want. A simple fucking arrest would make most of the unrest stop. A simple arrest! Yet “Tricky” Jay Nixon calls in the National Guard? Utilizing more oppressive force and tax payer money (where are the conservatives?!)   Hell what could go wrong with the National Guard? 

The Ferguson PD agitated the peaceful protesters, the world screams about the militarization of the police, yet Nixon calls in the military. We see how successful his unconstitutional curfew was. Meanwhile the FBI has to be called in to interview witnesses because the Ferguson PD refused to do so. They release a video of something totally unrelated to the case yet when it comes to things directly related to the case there is no information released. How in the fuck can people expect the same police department that showered with Wilson, the same 50 or so guys (mostly white) who whipped a towel on his ass after a long day’s work, to collect evidence that might lead to his conviction of murder? Are you kidding me??

It took them six days to just release his name. We know he is on a paid vacation while Michael Brown’s body lies cold in the morgue. We know the Ferguson PD has not interviewed any witnesses and has withheld any evidence or information they might have. We know police are arresting peaceful protesters, hitting kids with tear gas and also arresting reporters. Chris Hayes and other reporters were threatened with getting maced if they dare pass the police. Even the local clergy have witnessed the police shooting tear gas unprovoked.

So cops have “probable cause” to arrest journalists but not Darren Wilson? 

We are not only seeing blatant racism and injustice but oppression as well. Who the fuck do these cops think they are? There should be hundreds of First Amendment violations filed by the justice department against these cops.

You see how mad I am? You can only imagine what the people of Ferguson are feeling. Their disgust and hate and distrust will and SHOULD continue. The protests, the screaming, the marching SHOULD continue. It must all continue until there is justice. Until someone takes the lead and arrests Darren Wilson for murder.

Until the justice system prevails over the racists (the KKK is raining money for Wilson) all of the unrest will continue.

Look at what it takes to arrest one bad cop.

Any further bloodshed is on the hands of those in charge, those obstructing justice.