September 27,2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

That was James Madison, a very long time ago. I’ve often wondered when Madison said “A well-regulated militia” what kinds of images may have been in his head. I mean, what kind of well-regulated militia did he have in mind? I’m wondering if he might have been thinking about this guy..


Since Madison and his colleagues wanted a well-regulated militia in order to protect the state, to defend against other nations and people trying to take over our land and take away our freedoms I’m guessing a guy like this might not get drafted into that militia. Maybe Madison had something closer to these guys in mind?


I guess that’s somewhat possible. One guy at least is in shape right? Wouldn’t you trust that duo to protect the “security of a free state?” OK maybe Madison was thinking this whole well-regulated militia thing was more of a family affair. Something the entire American clan could get in on…


Not just mom, dad and the kids but the dog as well. They look ready to defend our American way of life! This has got to be what Madison had in mind. But maybe he wasn’t thinking that one gun per family member was enough. Maybe he was envisioning something like this..


Now that is what I call prepared! How could we ever worry about our freedoms and liberty being taken away with those two on our side? This must be who Madison was thinking of when he came up with those very well thought out words. But what about protecting our business owners? What had Madison envisioned? Maybe this??


Or this?


These guys are sure ready to protect our capitalist ways! That’s what Madison had to be thinking all those years ago. Do you think he might have wanted our young Americans to get an early start in learning how to defend the rights of a free state? If so maybe he was imagining something like this…


Now there is a toddler that is already prepared to be part of that “well regulated militia.”

It’s too bad that Madison couldn’t see over 200 years into the future when his words would come to fruition and there would be everyday stories of the Second Amendment in action, with that same idea of letting them start young. To understand what it is to be an American! Like these..

5 day old baby shot

3 year old kills brother

11 year old shoots brother in head

8 year old kills friend

4 year old girl kills cousin

Yes this really proves what was in Madison’s mind when he spoke those words. The words so many in our current times hang their hats on, the words that are referred to when a defense of these actions are needed.

This guy knows what Madison was thinking, and he is proud to live by those words every single day…


Yep, those Bundy ranchers put Madison’s words into real action. “Well regulated…”

And so our state remains secure and free. Madison knew we’d understand.




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