September 16, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I’ve heard enough excuses when it comes to Adrian Peterson’s beating of his four year old son for which he was recently indicted. No it’s not OK to whip your child with a tree branch or anything else for that matter. It’s not something that is excusable because someone’s father might have done it to them or grandfather or uncle or whomever. The kid is also just four years old. Adrian Peterson is a parent in the 21st century, in the year 2014. He is a millionaire with a good if not great education and he should know right from wrong. His excuses are his own. Same goes for the others who are trying to excuse his vile behavior.

That behavior is unfortunately not isolated in this country. It’s not just blacks and it’s not just in the NFL. It is a mindset that is prevalent. The idea that violence is the way to go. The only way. Your kid doesn’t listen? Beat em. Your wife gives you lip? Beat her. There are some people in other countries that annoy us? Bomb the shit out of them. Spread that capitalism and freedom far and wide. Make em eat it.

In 2014 we are actually talking about how a professional sports league, run by well schooled rich guys, needs to “learn” about things such as domestic violence and child abuse. So they have “learned” about this in other countries but not here? Why are we the last to learn about such things as basic human compassion? The answer is because we don’t want to learn. We want things our way. The only way. The American way.

We are very much stuck in the 1950’s in many ways. As other nations advance we regress. The NFL just symbolizes what is so wrong with this country. The alpha-male, out of control masculinity that we need to flex in everyone’s face on a daily basis. It really is very simple folks. Don’t hit your spouse. Don’t beat your kids till they bleed. Don’t bomb everyone you don’t like. What exactly do we need to “learn”?

If you assault someone in the street, you get arrested, Period. So why aren’t you arrested if you hit your spouse or your kid? Why are these “exceptions”? People say things like “My father whooped me when I was a kid” or “Domestic disputes should be between husband and wife” as a way to excuse vile behavior as the American “norm” and in a way it is just that. As though things that were once acceptable behavior, or behavior that wasn’t talked about in public, is still OK. It’s not.

The idea that the NFL needs a manual to tell its players to not beat their wives or kids is insane. The bottom line is until we really start to admit that we are a violent, backwards country in so many ways, none of this will ever change. I don’t want to hear about “education”, as though we need courses to teach this common sense humanity to people. What does that say about us?

The violence as a cure all that some parents may have passed on to their kids hasn’t stopped with this and future generations because we continue to have that same old world mentality when it comes to just about everything. We want our politicians to “talk tough”, to bomb and fight and use war to get what we want, even though it never does, ever. We let our kids shoot high powered weapons when they are six years old. That this is what it means to be “respected.”

Since so many Americans are caught in this sick mindset it allows the NFL and the Vikings to continue to play a guy like Peterson when he has been indicted. You think your boss is going to keep you if you are indicted for ANYTHING? The NFL knows that enough Americans will excuse Peterson, will “pray for him”, so they can get away with allowing him to play. Just as Ray Rice will now appeal his ban. As I said before, Rice should not have been banned because of a video, he should have been banned because he beat his wife. Nobody should be able to enjoy a millionaire’s life, a star’s life, when they are beating their wife or kid. Nobody.

This country’s gun obsession, or jingoistic mentality goes hand in hand with its high tolerance for domestic abuse, and child abuse, since the psychological factor is the same. Dominance. Using the fist to get our way. It can be an actual fist, or it can be a gun, a drone, or the whipping device of your choice. The child can get a beating from his dad then turn on the television and see how his/her country is about to give the middle east another beating.

No manual is going to help them. Or us.





  1. eurobrat

    I think it’s also the issue of a specific religious mindset. The United States is still very much stuck in Old Testament thinking. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the “spare the rod, spoil the child” quote getting thrown about in response to the Adrian Peterson situation. Same mindset causes the condemnation of homosexuality. Other modern societies have moved on from following the rules of Hebrew desert tribes from thousands of years ago–not sure why we’re not capable of doing the same thing.

  2. Steve

    That is HUMAN kind, not a sole by-product or plight the USA!
    I have been all over THIS EARTH, and never have I walked city streets and found a utopic society, where any peace or tranquility, was not kept by the men/women with machine guns or “HOLY” clubs.
    To aim at the country which ALLOTS you freedoms to disparage anything, publicly, privately, or even capably of being transferred or shared, worldwide, without recourse, is odd…since that “violence” has guaranteed you those rights.
    A switch is a daunting symbol, especially since, when/if used by a “white” (I know society likes to throw those terms around to accelerate line standing and social programs for less than average contributors) man, would be screamed “RACIST, just like the slave owners of the past”! However, that person who used it, is a workhorse of our societal need to give glory and celebrity, to others who provide us entertainment, and he gets a cleansing. Yet, a person who simply wants better and peace of OUR nation, gets no extended contract, any pass for their medical and barely receives a pension for injuries through sustained service.
    I find it overly lacking in taste and judgment to bunch a child abuser, with our military, as you DO NOT know each person who serves, nor their views or reasoning to serve! You have not been along side our troops, who cuddle a child who has their family butchered and in a pile, or providing essentials, where their own people, have marauded all supplies, to offer them a slow death, and are loved and share time with friends we make in the most horrendous of places. Places that had violent actions occurring LONG before our arrival, or implants of our supposed evil western ways.
    Check your WORLD history, and YOURSELF! Realize, that since your attempt to educate us, or be embellished with your OPINION, falls dangerously close to stereotyping ALL, who love, defend or stand by this nation, even if we may NOT agree with its leaders at times, with a group of people who act violently against defenseless victims. Surely, THAT IS NOT the case, in my educated and traveled opinion. Even if it may not be correct, I offer better than minor details, to substantiate opposition to your conglomeration of peoples, with the likes of those who take advantage of situations over others. And never should you state criminal behavior with that of someone who may, has and WILL, give their life, in order to save their fellow person! That is ludicrous as there are times when our defenders are not beating enemies into submission while evacuating them, providing water to villages, building shelter or finding relief to the needs of those who have been endangered by acts if nature. These actions are clearly minimized in your attempted assault on who many are not, in what we proudly call our nation and the truly great inhabitants. People who enjoy the goodness of what many do not find violent in guns or other hobbies, which do not require a pounding of anything into submissive states.


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