September 4, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

If there was anything that brings out the dumb American low brow crowd it’s a crisis involving terrorists and Americans in danger. I will get this out of the way early so some of you don’t stroke out before getting to the end of this column…the beheadings of the journalists in Syria/Iraq are disgusting, awful, horrific, and any other horrible word you can come up with…there ya go!..horrible as well. Of course the reaction to these two grotesque (another word!) videos from the American right wing has been all out hysteria. “Do something Obamaaaaaaa!!!” is what I see from these people on Facebook and Twitter. The right wing pols like dementia ridden John McCain claim Obama is “too cautious” and “not showing leadership skills.” Since this comes from the SAME people who were 110 percent behind George W. Bush I can only say one thing, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Let’s not forget why there is an ISIS to begin with.

There is an ISIS because of one person and only one person, George W. Bush. This is why instead of dumping ice water on his head it should have been a bucket of Iraqi blood. In a normal country with intelligent people this would be on the news every hour of every day. The story line would be a President who once again has to clean up the mess of his predecessor. He had to do it with the economy, wall street, Bin Laden, Iraq and so on and so forth. Now he has to do it with ISIS.

You see Iraq was a sovereign nation before Bush destroyed it. Perfect? No. But the United States is far far far from perfect. But groups like ISIS didn’t exist and wouldn’t exist if the USA didn’t turn Iraq into something out of a Mad Max film. This is the fault of the guy before Obama,but right on cue the mainstream media starts beating the war drums and questioning Obama’s strategy. Not a word about why we are in the mess to begin with, not a hard question posed to any Republican politician about how wrong they were in the first place and how they are more to blame for this than the President who was against the Iraq invasion. That old case of short term amnesia that the media and American public get when something that Bush did comes back to haunt the country…again.

I’m consistently stunned by how dumb the American public are and how the media just plays into that dumbness. We just had a President who rushed into a quagmire that cost so many lives, foreign and domestic. That cost us billions of dollars that we didn’t have, that caused nation after nation to either hate us or not want to do any kind of militaristic business with us anymore. That is why Obama will now have trouble getting other countries on board with just about anything he wants to do. Bush fucked that up too. They don’t trust us anymore and who can blame them?

Yet there are the old Neo-Cons coming back out of the closet whenever there is a place they want to bomb. The moron Americans who need another ‘Shock and Awe’ moment to satisfy their cravings for revenge. A normal, sane person, like the President, views those horrible videos, feels anger and sorrow, maybe a slight inclination for revenge, then thinks…yes thinks about the best possible way to stop the group that committed those atrocities from advancing and doing even more harm. The BEST way, not the quickest or the way that FEELS the best, that satisfies some blood lust or need to just strike back for PR purposes.

So Obama comes out and says that he really isn’t sure of a strategy at this point and of course this becomes a clarion call for every hard-on right winger who wants to blame him and call him indecisive. Because he didn’t stride to the podium like a cowboy with shit in his pants, arms to the side, head cocked out and talking about smoking things out of holes. Whatever that means. There were actually some people who were begging for some tough talk. As though that changes anything!

There is no easy answer. You see there WAS an easy answer, it was not going into Iraq in the first place. It was not duping Americans into believing Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11 or that he had weapons of mass destruction that were going to be used against us in the next ten minutes. That was the easy answer but it’s gone baby gone. Now we are really in a world of shit. Now we have ISIS, the new boogeyman that we want gone from our nightmares.

ISIS is a problem and a threat. Yet not a threat to the USA homeland. They aren’t invading us anytime soon, nor will they ever be able to. They are a bunch of really fucked up bad guys who have no morals. They kill innocent civilians and U.S. journalists and yes it’s just terrible. Add them to the list of terrible things we have in this world now. We certainly don’t need them because the list is already too long to mention.

What we do need is a President that actually thinks before he acts. Even though his options are so limited because of the damage the monkey from Texas did. Yet he will think and he will find a way to try and contain ISIS. Forget about destroying them, ain’t gonna happen. There will be no prolonged war, no large contingent of “boots on the ground” (the new favorite term for newsies who want to sound like they know shit about the military). Not happening. As Obama has told us many times, we could not leave troops in Iraq as the Iraqi government did not want them there and would not give any protections to those troops. They could have been arrested or worse if they did something the government didn’t like. So he did what was promised and gave the Iraqi’s the freedom they wanted and at the same time he protected our troops.

Who knows though, if we never went into Iraq, if we had kept other nations on our side, if we had the money and the backing of the American people, then maybe, just maybe if ISIS or a group like it had somehow popped up, we would be able to do things differently. But that’s neither here nor there now. Because Bush ruined everything, destroyed everything, depleted everything.

So Obama once again has to clean up Bush’s shit.

Luckily we have the right guy in the White House to do it.






  1. colinconnaughton

    Bush 2 was a catastrophe, yes. I don’t see that Obama is so wonderful. I think presidents are puppets anyway owned by the parties that funded their campaigns. Obama promises $30b dollars of US taxpayers’ money to Israel over next 10 years UNCONDITIONALLY! WTF?

    1. stephen

      obama not so wonderful? he prevented a depression from the detrimental RECESSION bush caused. (no republican president has left the country better of than when he took office for FIFTY YEARS!!) – puppets? yes, to a degree because that IS our political SYSTEM, but the GOP platform MUST be stopped because MONEY is BUYING THEM! THATS THE WHOLE POINT!! Obama has reduced the deficit and given our country a fighting chance at HEALTHCARE FOR ALL…something shameful the USA has carried for generations. AND he has done it having to fight republicans offense (likely just because he is black) the entire way. he ended the FALSE iraq war as he promised. he has done all the above with integrity and no BJ’s under the desk! not perfect, but the best this country has seen in ANY of our LIFETIMES!!

  2. Karie

    Right fucking on, Mike. I’m sick to my teeth that know one seems to remember that Dubya screwed the pooch; actually, most righties won’t admit it to this day! We are so fucked, and it’s ALWAYS Obama’s fault, whether he was even born or not…Jesus.

    1. Robert
      Clinton bombed Iraq for the exact same reason Bush bombed Iraq. Operation Desert Fox. Also, we were attacked by Bin Laden for the entire 8 year Clinton White House. This would not have happened if Clinton did his job. Iraq was in violation of some 17 UN resolutions to give up his WMD. He gassed 5,000 Kurds in northern Iraq. That gas was unaccounted for as was 8,000 liters of anthrax. I’m not a Bush fan, but you left out almost all the context.

      1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        Look..we can go back and talk about a lot of crap that happened in the past but nothing..NOTHING created ISIS and the wasteland that is now Iraq other than Bush’s illegitimate, illegal and war crime ridden invasion and occupation!

      2. sunnywebb

        You do understand the difference between bombing a country & an all out military, yes, “boots on the ground” offensive versus a country, don’t you? Seriously. I’m asking. Because what an odd thing to compare as if the two are equal. There is a huge difference in an actual act of war & a limited attack. It’s a false dichotomy. Both suck but one is extremely limited. The other led to the complete collapse of a sovereign nation & a complete destabilization of the entire area, as if it needed our help in that particular area.

      3. Jim Alger

        Just like you left out that Clinton bombed Saddam’s WMD stockpiles (probably why they were gone). And when Clinton tried to go after BinLaden, the politics-before-country GOP screamed “Wag The Dog” at the top of their lungs as the pushed their 2 year Impeachment process as our enemies plotted to kill thousands of our citizens.

  3. norah

    actually didnt you know everything is obama’s fault – ( rolls eyes ) – where were all beacons of gop people when the economy was crashing and civil war in iraq etc – silent now all of a suddenly they realised that they had jobs to do and people to bash like potus and now all popping up. sad state of affairs when places like estonia and wales are so thrilled to have potus there –

  4. Gordon Geyerhahm

    I don’t like generalities because most of the time they are not true. I consider them a mark of a poor writer. That is why your phrase, “I’m consistently stunned by how dumb the American public are…” kicks you in the ass even before you complete it. Even though it is made up of many people, public is a singular noun. It takes a singular verb. In the same sentence you write “…the main stream media plays right into that dumbness.” Just about everybody bad mouths the “main stream media.” I’d like to know what the mainstream media is. Both the right wing and left wing rails against it. Well, how can that be?

    I find your writing to be full of generalities, redundancies, exaggerations, name calling et al. At the same time, you are to be commended for writing and thinking and having the strength of character to put your writing on the internet. You also have assembled readers who very much appreciate your ideas. So you can’t be all wrong.

    1. Emeraldeyes

      WHERE are the generalities? Caccioppoli named the events, the principles, the victims, the victimizers, his reasons. We know ad nauseam what the details are, the Abu Gharaib shameful images, American military men and women storming private homes and killing Iraqi women and children, the torture, the braggadocio way that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld came out and declared victory. The comparison between the Bush White House and his gaggle of war criminals and the intelligent, reasoned, sane, thoughtful, war-averse Obama White Houses simply cannot be measured. There is just no way for any sane person to make any comparison between the intellect and the brilliant, strategic, deliberative steps of Obama and the criminal missteps of George W. Bush . Barack Obama is clearly America’s first truly anti-war president, a president who has declared his love for his country and the citizens and his commitment to them. He will NOT invade another country or declare war on any group where ”boots on the ground” of American troops are necessary unless there is a direct hit on American soil. He knows that ”boots on the ground” equates with the deaths of American military men and women. God help America if Americans EVER vote a Republican back into the White House EVER! They have demonstrated that they are morally corruption, and politically inept, willing to sell the American people down the river for money, power and politics, not what they were elected to do!

  5. jeff61b

    I agree with most of what this article says. It is indisputable that Bush jumped at the chance to go to war and Obama is much more careful and deliberative before making that kind of decision.

    But the American people, after all these years, are still traumatized by 9/11. It only takes one terrorist act on our soil and people will want to send 100,000 troops to some foreign country to kick some butt. It won’t matter what country, as long as people see we are “doing something” about terrorism.

    Most people don’t realized that the Iraq war spawned more terrorism and radicalized countless thousands of Muslims. They think we can go over there and kill all the bad guys and then everybody will be fine.

    And Obama will be accused of supporting the terrorists because he doesn’t want to start an unnecessary war which will spawn even more terrorists.

  6. G

    Bravo, couldn’t agree more! Glad you had the courage to write it, you should clean up the language and send it in as an oped. I’m going to donate to your blog just bc you know what the heck you’re talking about.

    1. stephen

      i’ve reposted and apologized to my readers for the language, but i’m THRILLED he had the guts to write it, too!!

  7. Bill Hayes

    Well said sir! I found it quite refreshing to hear a politician to say “we don’t have a strategy” Sometimes in politics it is better to nothing than do something that will make matters worse.

  8. eurobrat

    That last sentence is certainly very true. Thank God Romney isn’t in the White House…I have a feeling he would be more than happy to go along with the right-wing calls for war.

  9. Seth Stern

    I find it stunning you somehow believe the two administrations have been different in their foreign policy and domestic spying programs. Even more stunning is your seemingly total ignorance of the fact Obama attempted to extend the withdrawal deadline in Iraq, but was told to pound sand by the Iraqi government with whom Bush established the deadline.

    Even further into the shocking stupidity displayed in your virtual idea vacuum, a thorough and voluntary disconnect from the facts of Obama’s foreign policy of arming Middle Eastern rebels who then join forces and create entities such as … wait for it … ISIS. Hussein was a secular tyrant keeping peace in a region of contained chaos. Assad is the same, as was Qaddafi. Care to venture a guess which of them Obama supported?

    Only fools and zealots believe any substantive differences exist between Republicans and Democrats. Just look at the policies on which they cooperate: Patriot Act, NDAA 2012 section 1021, Iraq War (supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, I didn’t see a mention of Hilary in your foolish diatribe), Warrantless wiretaps, NSA eavesdropping, metadata collection, support for Israel, support for the 1 percent of earners, corporations, banks, etc.

    Decranialize your rectum.


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