August 21, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Let me start with this. Here we are almost two weeks after the murder of Mike Brown and still no arrest of Darren Wilson. We hear lots of nonsense about how this is a complex case when it is a very simple case. One person shot another. That is it. One gun, six bullets into one person due to the actions of the other. Simple and straight forward. I will say this again. If the roles were reversed and if the officer were the dead one, Mike Brown or any person that might have done the shooting would have been arrested ON THE SPOT. They probably WOULD NOT HAVE BAIL. I will say this again as well. If you don’t agree with that statement the only excuse you have is that you are a racist. I don’t believe dumb can get that bad. It has to be blatant racism. Here is proof of that disgusting racism. You think it’s OK for a white cop to kill a black kid. That is your reason. So If you want to admit that fact you can write to me. If not keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t do well with bullshit.

I have heard lots of crap like “Well it was a cop so he should get the benefit of the doubt.” No he shouldn’t. In fact I propose that the laws should be STRICTER when it comes to a crime committed by a person with power being paid by the people. The penalties should also be stricter. This would almost ensure that we get only the best going into these positions of power. The bad guys will stay away. Fascism cannot be given “the benefit of the doubt.”

Here are the FACTS. There are several witnesses who have come forward with their names, put their faces on television and have told the same story. More and more every day in fact.  They tell us that Mike Brown was dragged into the car by a very angry officer who started the whole event by telling Brown and his friend to “Get on the fucking sidewalk.” That is the way you talk if you are an animal, a scumbag not a cop paid by you and I. It also points to the mindset of the officer leading into the incident. If you don’t believe cops talk that way here is a cop from the Ferguson protests who is now suspended indefinitely because of his threatening people with a gun and cursing at them. When Brown broke free of Wilson’s grasp he was several feet away, the medical examiner said it’s not impossible that he was 35 feet away, and Wilson shot several times, including two to Brown’s head. Several medical examiners have said Brown, being so tall would have to have been falling or down, on his knees, for the shots to his eye and the TOP OF HIS HEAD.

Ever seen videos of executions? That’s where the bullet often goes, into the top of the head as the victim is on their knees. All of the witnesses who are real and have come forward say Brown was giving up, and was killed. Hands up. There have been ZERO witnesses who have come forward and said Brown was “charging” at Wilson. The only person who says this is Wilson, and the people he has told the story to and who want to spread it around. I call this kind of rumor, the fallacy of the phantom witness. Fox news has lots of these phantom witnesses.

We also hear on Fox news that Wilson had been beaten almost to a pulp and that he had broken bones in his face. There heave been NO hospital records or even records that show Wilson went to the hospital. Here is a photo of Wilson standing over Brown’s dead body:

wilson over body

Even more damning is this video with eye witness testimony. Wilson appears to be fine, not badly hurt if hurt at all. Also remember this, as per the witnesses, Wilson pulled Brown into the car. A civilian has every right to defend themselves just as a cop does. But if Wilson were badly injured why wasn’t he rushed to the hospital?

Here is a fake report of Wilson’s supposed broken orbital bone. If you have to fabricate evidence it proves that you know you are wrong and are desperate.

Interesting how Fox News throws out fake unsubstantiated stories that legitimize the killing of a black boy by a white cop. Makes you wonder who is watching their broadcasts. Actually we don’t have to wonder. Right wing racists. “Josie” who we have heard on a few media outlets is a friend of Wilson’s wife. She wasn’t a witness, so she is repeating the same story told by Wilson. I wonder if these Fox viewers would believe the story of a black kid who killed a cop? Heck they won’t even believe the witnesses that we know of because they are black. The same people who refuse to believe the facts, the evidence in this case adds up to murder by cop, also refuse to believe in global warming or still think that Saddam Hussein caused 9/11. Think about that. 

It’s obvious why the Ferguson PD didn’t interview the witnesses. It’s obvious why they wouldn’t give Wilson’s name until six days after the shooting. It’s obvious why Robert McCulloch is doing something most lawyers say is extremely rare and allowing Wilson to testify in the grand jury trial. A defendant is rarely if ever allowed to defend themselves when a prosecutor is trying to get an indictment against them. It’s ludicrous. McCulloch doesn’t really want an indictment. So he needs to be removed. This is why he is baiting Gov. Nixon into taking him off the case. His heart isn’t in it.

Institutionalized racism is all over this case. You can smell the injustice, it’s in the air. The people of Ferguson are sick and tired of cops putting their feet on their throats all of the time so we get more cops cursing and pointing guns at them on a nightly basis now.

It’s the job of the legitimate media to separate fact from fiction. Otherwise they are allowing injustice to prevail. They are complicit in the murder of Michael Brown.





  1. Jeremiah Robinson

    Notice how the cop had suffered a fractured eye socket. Also notice the direction the cop is standing over the body. Obviously Brown had not been shot in the back, as many “eyewitnesses” have claimed. And two autopsies later, surprise! He was shot from the front. And if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you watch a video that is floating around the internet. The video includes the Michael Brown body and some African American men talking. One man, who saw the whole thing, was saying that Brown would not so coming, even after being shot. So please, present actual facts and not opinion. Thank you

      1. JP

        Mike, why haven’t you responded to the video referenced above? I posted a link to it on your last “citizen journalism column.”

    1. Ben Thompson

      1) I’m looking at the picture and seeing no fractured eye socket, or for that matter, bodily injury of any kind whatsoever. Furthermore, in light of the allegations that Wilson was badly injured, the fact that this blurry and distant picture of him standing over the body is his only publicly circulating post-event photo tells me everything I need to know about how far the authorities are willing to go to cover up the fact that this was nothing short of a racially motivated murder. The two weeks he’s had to sit in seclusion = plenty of time for any wounds he *might* have had to heal, so who the hell is gonna believe him now?

      2) I’m not calling you a liar, but if you “highly recommend” that we watch this video, then a link would be nice. The problem with a lot of “exonerate Wilson” types is that they never substantiate anything they have to say, and when they try, the proof they bring to the table is nowhere near as concrete-solid as the reasons these citizens have to march in the streets.

      3) The major issue at hand is not that he was shot from the front, but that he was shot in the *top* of the head, presumably execution-style. As someone who has studied forensics extensively, this piece of evidence is highly compelling. I won’t pretend to know the bullet’s trajectory, but I’m sure you’ll agree that a wound through the top of the head implies a gunshot from a very limited number of angles, a good majority of which would immediately implicate Wilson as a cold-blooded executioner rather than the self-defender he claimed to be in the moment. I, for one, can say that this is the single piece of evidence that fills my nostrils with the stench of police hypocrisy, and cross my fingers that Wilson is found guilty of the second-degree murder that I have very little doubt he committed.

      Obviously, much of what I’ve just said is rather opinionated – my feelings toward this topic are not exactly weak. But I hope you’ve derived the facts you’re missing from my opinions, because facts you are presenting (and more importantly, the facts you are choosing not to present) are betraying your own opinion.

      1. Dj Anderson

        Yes, you have demonstrated that you’re opinionated and don’t have control of your feelings.
        As I read your diatribe it seems to me that you think black guys should be entitled to physically assault white police officers without response from the police officers.
        Out of curiosity, do you also believe people of other ethnicities (asian, hispanic, etc) also deserve the privilege of being able to assault white police officers without response?

    2. JP

      I shared the link of the the video you reference in Mike’s last “column.” Mike has yet to respond … and I think we all know why.

  2. Patriotman

    Nice read, this needs to be found by more people. Another factor I’d like to add, have you heard the 911 recordings that Anonymous provided? Why didn’t Wilson report the fact that he was attacked and killed a man to dispatch? Is it possible he wanted to bury the information, as we know media monitor police dispatch so he was trying to keep it on the down-low to set up the evidence to support his story. This photo is the first I’ve seen too bad it is blurry I cannot tell for sure if it is Wilson.

  3. mikecaccioppoli Post author

    Please feel free to name any eye witnesses you have along with their testimony preferably on video that corraborates cops story. Also provide any documented proof of any injuries the cop sustained. No hearsay evidence will be addressed.

      1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        Dude that report was bogus..it’s all over every station now other than Fox.. CNN and ABC had to retract that story because it was all lies and faked..I have the link in my article!


  4. J Woods

    I watched the entire press conference given by the autopsy team and what is driving me crazy is that what was actually said by the examiner is that all the shots were to the front of the body as displayed by the anatomy chart, but one shot to the arm, which is upturned in an autopsy diagram, could have actually been sustained from the back. Because the arm doesn’t hang the same way on a living body. He said this could very well be the shot that grazed him from the back as eyewitnesses have reported. But the media just skips that part and rolls with the false narrative that autopsy shows all shots were from Brown facing the officer. Go back and watch the press conference. It’s all right there plain as day. I wish someone would report this.

      1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        So the St.Louis county guy has a problem with him and that makes the autopsy done by Dr. Baden who is considered worldwide to be the best in the business not valid? Seriously? This the best you could do?

      2. JP

        Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Notice that several Missouri counties questioned his practices long before you decided to smear a cop’s name.

  5. tvcwp32

    Mike, this is a very POWERFUL article in which you have effectively refuted much of the racist propaganda spreading in the media and on the web. I very much appreciate this insightful information. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

    1. Jerryls Kidz (@JerrylsKidz)

      POWEFUL like in the smell of manure. You already are retracting and will need to keep doin it as more stuff comes out. You got no idea what its like to live this life, just a puffed up white guy wanting to climb on our backs and make a name for yourself

  6. Matthew W (@Fuelpagan)

    Let me help you out since you clearly keep using fallacious arguments and try to pass them as logic.

    Your witness testimony you keep championing as a reason to indict RIGHT NOW is irrelevant at this stage. The important facts we need to validate an indictment are kept secret for a reason. Once a story is heard the mind naturally tries to fit what one saw in the context of the story they heard. This taints the testimony of witnesses making in more difficult for detectives to gather what actually happened. In addition, withholding evidence from the media helps the detective weed out false testimony from those claiming to have seen the event, but only really heard about it. Thirdly, we each see events through a prism of our own biases. Everyone does, it is simply human nature. If you grew up trusting the police you would see this differently than someone who grew up distrusting the police. The former would see Mike Brown attacking the officer through the window, the later would see the officer pulling Mike Brown through the window. Neither is necessarily lying, they’re simply see the events and processing what they saw through their own viewpoint.

    When you have two different narratives as this case does, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The evidence is where you figure out what really happened. Evidence (when collected properly) doesn’t lie. If you find Mr. Brown’s fingerprints or DNA on the officers gun, then you know Mr. Wilson is telling the truth about Mike trying to steal his weapon. If you don’t find evidence on his gun or belt, then Mr. Wilson may not be telling the truth or the evidence was damaged before collected. Processing this evidence takes time to do it properly or it can be discredited as it was in the OJ Simpson case.

    Rushing to indict Mr. Wilson would be the biggest mistake you could possibly make in a case like this, unless your goal is for him to be acquitted. The bar for conviction beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard to overcome for a reason. (Thank god you weren’t elected to congress.) The bar for a Law Enforcement Officer is even higher…for a reason. To convict Mr. Wilson of murder or manslaughter you must convince all 12 people that he is guilty. To do that a prosecutor must have a solid narrative he feels will convince all of them of the accuse’s guilt.

    U.S Constitution Amendment V
    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, OR OTHERWISE INFAMOUS CRIME, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…”

    If Mr Brown assaulted the officer using either his fists or the car door, he just committed felony assault on an officer and Mr. Wilson’s protocol was to pursue and arrest. Regardless if Mr. Wilson’s eye socket was broken or simply swollen. Regardless of Mr. Wilson knowing or not knowing about the store robbery. Once Mr. Brown stopped and turned around, if he ignored the officers instructions and started towards the officer, Mr. Wilson has the right to use deadly force if he feel his life is in danger. I don’t care if he charged at him like Carl Lewis or just started walking towards the officer, he should follow the officers instructions. It would be nice if we lived in a world where officer’s could take the word of those they are arresting that they are unarmed, but they can’t. Advancing on an officer making an arrest is an act of aggression, not submission. The prosecutor must prove that all of these possible reasonable doubts are false to 12 people based on the evidence collected. Allowing them the time to do this right is to only way justice will be served, however it turns out in the end.

    If it turns out Mr. Wilson was in the wrong, then he should go to jail. If he had a reasonable assumption his life was in danger, then he was justified in shooting Mr. Brown. Quit ignoring Mr. Wilson’s right to due process before the law.

    As I told you before, logic is like fire. Used properly it can be a very powerful tool. Used incorrectly and it can lead to disaster. For your own good…put down the matches before you burn the house down.

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      No sir. The story doesnt always exist in the “middle”. Facts are facts…to say the defense has all of these great witnesses hidden is bullshit. In this day and age they would want them out there to change the narrative which is extremely important. If wilson were injured we would see photos just like we did Zimmerman. Those photos helped him win in more ways than one.

      Its totally bogus to say crap like “the truth is out there” The truth isnt a mystery it is based on facts..and evidence. Witnesses..autopsy..forensics. One side is more than happy to show what they have..the other side has nothing which is why they need to make shit up.

      Same crap from people who say there isnt enough science to prove global warming. Yes there is..just as there is enough probable cause for an arrest.

      1. Matthew W (@Fuelpagan)

        Let me blow holes through that strawman for you. There isn’t enough evidence to PROVE global warming, but the probabilities supporting global warming are so strong that it is a huge mistake to deny global warming on the bases of it not being provable.

        Facts are evidence, not witnesses. Witness testimony is unreliable because of the way the brain works. You can have 50 people witnesses to an event and you will get 50 different stories. They will be similar, but still different without anyone lying.

        When someone is lying, a detective uses evidence to prove it false. These include autopsies on the body INCLUDING the clothing, gun powder residue on Mike Brown, Darren Wilson and in the car, finger prints and DNA on the car door and gun (or any other location Mr. Wilson “claims” Mike Brown may have touched), blood splatter, location of the shell casings, is there a bullet hole in the car, the true condition of Mr. Wilson’s face…of which you only know of a few witnesses testimony on TV and a PRELIMINARY SECOND autopsy of only the body without any clothing, along with the claim that the police must be hiding something and making shit up.

        It was weeks before we finally saw photos of Zimmerman’s injuries…did you forget that? Bill Maher went on and on about the lack of marks on Zimmerman’s head and face in that fuzzy video released by the police at first. Then when his lawyer (not the police) finally did release the actual photo evidence to the public, all the critics claiming he was lying about being beaten shut up. (I certainly didn’t see Ben Crump giving that info to the media! Not very transparent on his part, but more likely he didn’t have access to it.)

        I’m not saying the “truth is out there”, I’m saying THE TRUTH ISN’T KNOWN BY YOU! The FBI is doing an independent investigation with access to all this information (that you don’t have) and they aren’t releasing it to the public either…for good reason.

        The constitution was set up to protect the rights of the accused from the government. The only ones with the legal right to this evidence are the prosecutors and the defendant’s lawyer. Ben Crump is not in that circle, otherwise he could plaster the media with any photo’s of the officer taken after the incident to prove his narrative that the officer’s face was fine.

        That witness who claims Mr. Wilson was dragging Mr. Brown into the car has credibility issues having been convicted of lying to police in the past, making it harder to simply rely on his testimony in front of a jury. So it all the more important for the prosecutor to have physical evidence to discredit Mr. Wilson’s version of the story. From a distance being pulled into a window and reaching into a window with the person inside pushing back can look similar.

        You are trying to play solitaire with 6 cards and claiming to have beaten the game. Do yourself a favor and watch “The Wire” to see how detectives and journalist get to the truth, and get caught when they try to “make shit up.” With the Feds looking over their shoulder, it’s unlikely anyone is going to risk their own job to protect the officer.

  7. Clive Darby

    What an offensive article. The arrest hasn’t taken place because its a police officer who did the killing. Your example of a reversal is stupid because it does not matter what race or ethnicity you belong to, if you kill a cop you would be arrested but more likely just killed on the spot. I really believe that if it was a black cop who killed a white man there would similar investigation, except there would be no riots, protests or media attention. I don’t argue with your opinion on the known facts of the case, just your assertion that anyone who acknowledges that shooting involving a police officer is going to have a longer investigation must be a racist who thinks its ok for whites to kill blacks.

      1. Matthew W (@Fuelpagan)

        What a totally asinine statement.

        That’s no different then claiming Mike Brown was a horrible thug because a few of those supporting him were smashing buildings and stealing property.

        Mike Brown was not a gangster because some actual thugs used the protest of his killing to steal and damage property.

        Darren Wilson is not a white supremacist because some assholes that support him are members of the KKK.

        Just stop with these logical fallacies and try playing with a full deck.

    1. Blair U.

      Actually, the cops killed a white guy a couple of years ago, Kelly Thomas, in California. They beat him to death, for no real reason. It was caught on video. There were many protests, and what you would call “riots” in response. So, you are incorrect, that stuff also happens when police unjustly kill white men.

  8. KupAhtea629

    Thanks mike love your Blog story keep me posted you are A generous man Godbless you and keep doing Good and Good will forever come back too you~Kupahtea

  9. This is ridiculous

    Why isn’t anyone addressing the tape released by the police cheif, that showed Mike in the store? The time stamp showed it as June 6 of this year and not August. Which would explain why he had flip flops on on the store video. Vs when he was shot wearing sneakers. Also, the police cheif said it himself at the press confrence. That the shooting was, because he was jawalking in the middle of the street. Straight from the horses mouth. Why isn’t anyone ADDRESSING these facts? You had the police cheif himself saying on camera at his own press confrence. That . The shooting happened because he was walking in the middle of the street “blocking traffic”. Also the cops made threats to the clerk when they confiscated the tape.

  10. Barry Calkins

    This is the mind set of all cops!!! They all think that they are above the law!!! This type of thinking and behavior comes from the top down!!! Race has nothing to do with this murder is murder that cop should be in jail the one that was waving the M-4 around also felony attempted murder by a person in the position of trust with the penalties like anyone else who commits a crime that is in a position of trust!!!


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