August 18, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was one of the first people to call the killing of Mike Brown an execution. This was based on the several eye witnesses who told the same story. A story of an 18 year old boy who was shot multiple times, most said 5-7 or 6-8 times in the arms and head. They also said he was falling down and on his knees when he was shot again in the head. Now we get an autopsy that corroborates that testimony from those eye witnesses.

Tiffany Mitchell

“Michael and the officer wrestling through the [car] window.” Brown, she said, was struggling to get away while the officer continued to try to pull him closer. Concerned, Mitchell pulled out her phone, at which point she said the first shot was fired “through the window.” Mitchell then saw Brown break away from the officer’s grip and run down the street from the police vehicle.

“The officer gets out of his vehicle,” Mitchell said, “and he pursues him,” continuing to shoot at Brown. “Michael’s body jerks as if he was hit,” Mitchell explained, “and then he put his hands up,” and the officer continued to shoot at Brown until the teenager collapsed “all the way down to the ground.”

Philip Walker

Brown “was giving up in the sense of raising his arms and being subdued,” Walker said Monday, AP reported. He also reportedly said that the officer “had his gun raised and started shooting the individual in the chest multiple times.” He then “stood over him and shot him,” he added.

Dorian Johnson

“He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air, and he started to get down,” Johnson said, according to AP. “But the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”

Witness after witness  that tell basically the same story. They don’t know each other. All saw the shooting from different angles. The people who won’t believe them are simply racists who won’t believe the word of a black person.

The fatal shot was a shot in the top of Michael Brown’s head. Unless Darren Wilson was seven feet tall or Brown was shot by a sniper this wound shows that Brown was down on his knees/falling down, not a threat, in a submissive position when he was killed by Wilson. This is an execution, pure and simple. If you don’t like that word too fucking bad. It is what it is.

Several witnesses with the same story that aligns with the autopsy yet we don’t even have a simple arrest. Let me make this very clear. If you are opposed to an arrest and a charge you are a racist. That is the reason. You can try to disguise your racism with bullshit excuses and your supposed knowledge of the law, but you can’t fool me. There is NO DOUBT, NO FUCKING DOUBT that if Michael Brown or any other black man, hell any other person including myself, were to have killed a cop or anyone in the same fashion as Wilson killed Brown, with the amount of evidence we have, there would have been an arrest and most likely no bail based on the gruesomeness of the crime.

If you disagree with this assessment you can give me reasons till you turn blue in the face, but what you are is a racist, reaching for legitimate reasons to not be labeled one. The sneaky excuses don’t fool me at all. If Michael Brown were white you wouldn’t be bullshitting that there is no cause for an arrest, you would probably be silent. You know that. I know that.

I have received so many tweets from disgusting racists. All of them from this country of course,  trying to disparage Michael Brown the same way the Ferguson PD has tried to do.

“He was a thug, he deserved it.”

“Come on Mike, you know Wilson was justified in killing a felon.”

“He was a thief and he got what he deserved, the officer is a hero.”

This is the shit I deal with on a daily basis. Many of these people don’t think they are racists. They actually believe the law backs them up. Brown may have stolen some shit so the officer was justified in carrying out his execution. That is the penalty for shop lifting. If that is the case then half of Brooklyn. N.Y. where I come from should be dead. Including all of those nice Italian boys who may have stolen a slice of pizza or some soda when they were 15 or 18.. Correct?

Probable Cause n. sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime.

That is it. That is what you need to make an arrest. Unlike some of the nonsense you have heard from talking heads who it would seem purposely confuse an ARREST with a TRIAL, you don’t need overwhelming evidence that can lead to a conviction in order to make a simple arrest. Now I believe there is plenty of evidence for a conviction but that’s not what the people in Ferguson are asking for. Make an arrest and then allow due process. And after an arrest the collection of evidence can continue.

Cops arrest people for many things based on the thinnest of probable causes like the smell of pot or residue that might be cocaine. Yet six gunshots to an unarmed teenager with several witnesses doesn’t warrant an arrest?  Are you kidding me or are you just a racist?

This is what the people of Ferguson want. A simple fucking arrest would make most of the unrest stop. A simple arrest! Yet “Tricky” Jay Nixon calls in the National Guard? Utilizing more oppressive force and tax payer money (where are the conservatives?!)   Hell what could go wrong with the National Guard? 

The Ferguson PD agitated the peaceful protesters, the world screams about the militarization of the police, yet Nixon calls in the military. We see how successful his unconstitutional curfew was. Meanwhile the FBI has to be called in to interview witnesses because the Ferguson PD refused to do so. They release a video of something totally unrelated to the case yet when it comes to things directly related to the case there is no information released. How in the fuck can people expect the same police department that showered with Wilson, the same 50 or so guys (mostly white) who whipped a towel on his ass after a long day’s work, to collect evidence that might lead to his conviction of murder? Are you kidding me??

It took them six days to just release his name. We know he is on a paid vacation while Michael Brown’s body lies cold in the morgue. We know the Ferguson PD has not interviewed any witnesses and has withheld any evidence or information they might have. We know police are arresting peaceful protesters, hitting kids with tear gas and also arresting reporters. Chris Hayes and other reporters were threatened with getting maced if they dare pass the police. Even the local clergy have witnessed the police shooting tear gas unprovoked.

So cops have “probable cause” to arrest journalists but not Darren Wilson? 

We are not only seeing blatant racism and injustice but oppression as well. Who the fuck do these cops think they are? There should be hundreds of First Amendment violations filed by the justice department against these cops.

You see how mad I am? You can only imagine what the people of Ferguson are feeling. Their disgust and hate and distrust will and SHOULD continue. The protests, the screaming, the marching SHOULD continue. It must all continue until there is justice. Until someone takes the lead and arrests Darren Wilson for murder.

Until the justice system prevails over the racists (the KKK is raining money for Wilson) all of the unrest will continue.

Look at what it takes to arrest one bad cop.

Any further bloodshed is on the hands of those in charge, those obstructing justice.





  1. Richard H.

    Why do some ‘journalists’ refuse to believe the possibility that Brown was running towards Wilson with hands up in attack mode? I’m not saying unequivocally that this is the scenario, but I’m not completely rejecting it out-of-hand, either. An unbiased report would consider this as well.

      1. Mike Jones

        There are also witnesses who say he was charging at him. Why do you not believe them? There were also witnesses who said he was shot in the back who obviously lied. And why do you have to immediately jump to the race card?

      2. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        No you see those are lies. All witnesses said he was giving up. They all said at one point he turned as though he was shot. Which the med examiner said was possible that he could have been shot in the arm with his back turned.

        There are no eye witnesses that say he charged.Only the shooter says
        that..and the people he is
        spreading that story to.

        Stop getting your facts from fox news. Funny how all of the people who have come forward tell the same story backing up murder while these mystery no name faceless people supposedly back the cop. Missouri is the show me state.

  2. JP

    Mike, it’s not racism to seek truth.
    Be thoughtful. Think. Seek truth; not justice. Truth will lead to justice.

    This is in response to a “column” you posted a day or two ago that people thought was “well written.” While “well written” is subjective, you’re intentionally leaving out details that go against your belief. You are among those that are the problem with “citizen journalism” on the Internet.

    1) “A video that has all of a sudden surfaced showing someone who might be Michael Brown stealing something from a convenience store. ”
    Dorian Johnson confirms they stole the cigars. Let’s not confuse the issue; this is not to say that stealing cigars is punishable by death. But it shows Mike could have been on edge when police roll up on him 10 minutes after second-degree robbery. He may have been more aggressive because he thought they were being stopped for what happened 10 minutes earlier.

    2) “We now have at least three witnesses, all strangers, all witnessing from different angles, the cold blooded murder of Michael Brown. They all depicted in great detail a boy who put his hands up, on his knees and was then shot several times.”
    So you addressed the three witness here. Of course, one of them Dorian? He said Mike ran, and was shot in the back. But the autopsy, requested by the family, says all the shots came from the front. Of course, we’ve also shown that he’s not entirely truthful either (not divulging the second-degree robbery), so can we really trust anything he says.
    And let’s not miss this witness:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2727321/Conversation-recorded-bystander-just-moments-Michael-Brown-shooting-casts-doubt-claims-teen-surrendered-Officer-Darren-Wilson.html
    Quite frankly, with three versions of the events, it’s convenient you selected the story that best fits your agenda.

    3) “He simultaneously releases a video that has nothing to do with the execution of Brown while telling everyone that officer Wilson is a wonderful guy that has never had any complaints against him in his six years on the force.”
    Chief Jackson may be the Chief Wiggum of the St. Louis area. He certain needs, at minimum, training with how to answer questions from the media. However, the video was coming out one way or another because the media requested it under Sunshine Laws. So blame the media (your colleagues, Mike) for this video coming out. They apparently thought it may be relevant to the case.

  3. leonorarango54

    I applaud Cacciopoli, this person had the “B” to write the truth and not walk on egg shells.
    I do not see as feeding the fire for that tank left.
    I also try my best not to assume, my past and present has tought me to question all things.
    It time they answer, also dear if you still exist the suburbs, watch your back teens, all colors here. That cell phone in your hand walking home at 12.00 on Friday night could be mistaken for a gun
    Kudos to you
    Leonor Arango


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