August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

So it turns out liberals love the Constitution much more than conservatives. You see if not for us “Libtards” there would be more bodies lying dead in Ferguson, Missouri. One dead boy is certainly too many. One boy who isn’t able to see how certain parts (liberal) of the country are rallying to see justice served. There would be more Mike Brown’s in Ferguson if not for the liberals in Missouri and around the country, on Facebook and Twitter demanding an end to the militarized police in the streets of Ferguson.

Funny how we haven’t seen those “conservatives” who bitch and moan about upholding the Constitution, hell they even have a “Constitution Party” yet where were they when police were pointing military assault weapons at peaceful, unarmed kids in the streets? Where were they when police were knocking down cameras and arresting journalists? Putting innocent civilians and journalists in jail? Where?

You know where they were. At home jacking off to the idea of all of those citizens of Ferguson owning guns. Yes that’s what they want. They want them all to have guns, open carry. Let’s imagine what would have happened if those citizens had those guns the NRA wants everyone to have. Who do you think would have won? The people or the militarized police department with their assault weapons and hand grenades and tanks? What carnage would we have seen on television?

They love their Constitution when it suits them. When white men with guns show up at a ranch and threaten to kill the Feds or the police if they try to force them off they scream about Second Amendment rights. But when unarmed, peaceful citizens want to express their FIRST Amendment rights then it’s crickets…nothing. And notice how no police tanks showed up at Bundy Ranch. 

This is how full of shit right wingers are, totally full of shit. But thank goodness for the liberals. They tweeted their disgust, they were out there in danger, getting tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. Yes this is America in 2014, not Selma, Alabama in 1962. But they were there protesting the police brutality and escalation of violence. They were there.

So President Obama made a call to Governor Nixon of Missouri. How does a Nixon get elected to public office anyway? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation. I know Obama is a gentleman, a lot more gentle than I would be if I were in his position, but let me quickly translate what he MIGHT have said. 

Hey Nixon, get your ass out there and put someone in charge who knows what the fuck they’re doing. If I see one more tank or hear about one more tear gas attack or journalist being jailed, I’m gonna come there and put my foot firmly up your ass.

Yeah, I think it went something like that..only nicer…maybe. So Nixon was on television today, telling us that the local police are out and the Missouri highway patrol is in. Headed by a black man. Yes Nixon also said lots of bullshit. He wouldn’t talk about the people responsible for the injustices of the last few nights or what might happen to them. “Lets’ look ahead,” he said. The mantra of a corporate politician. He might have just said, “I am not a mook!” He lied about civilians being ALMOST equally responsible for the unrest. Total lies. But changes were made, hopefully they work. You could tell that Nixon would rather be shaving his balls than making these announcements. 

So America has been awakened to the militarization of the police. That we don’t have police, but wanna be soldiers without the training. Police that have no knowledge of the Constitution or even local laws. If they do, they don’t care. This has been going on for years now, as I and a few others have spoken about. But cameras and reporters have witnessed this over the top police response so now people are finally outraged. 

But this will happen again. We may or may not know about it next time. This is America. The Federal government is responsible as well because they are funding these police departments with the money and the military style equipment. 450 million bucks worth. This all started after 9/11 with scumbag Rudy Giuliani using the excuse of “9/11 changed everything” to justify the militarization and brutality of the police department. It’s important to not forget that, to not just “look ahead.” 

These same departments claim there is no money for officers to wear cameras or even have them in their patrol cars. The money must stop going for this war time paraphernalia and must go for the cameras that make more officers act responsibly and within the law.

Then there is what can only be called the cover-up of the facts in the Michael Brown case. The officers name still hasn’t been released. The number of bullets shot and the number of bullets that hit Brown have not been released. The reason for leaving Brown’s body in the street for four hours hasn’t been revealed. All of this is against Missouri state law. This is one of the main reasons why people are upset and protesting. How quickly justice moves along when a citizen is accused of a crime. How slowly it moves when a police officer is involved. This makes people angry and it should.

Another witness now tells us that Brown was shot while on his knees with his hands in the air, shot several times. Same account among witnesses from different angles, people who have no connection to each other at all. Why hasn’t the officer been arrested and charged? You or I would be in jail by now, that we know. If Michael Brown had shot and killed the officer we would know his name and he would be behind bars. Pure fact.

So maybe the current cop crap is over in Ferguson, maybe. But Michael Brown remains dead and his parents without a son. Let’s not forget that. Justice still isn’t close to being served.





  1. eKatherine

    You aren’t hearing anything about the people of Ferguson having the right to arm themselves, and you won’t, because they are 70% blacks. Blacks arming themselves according to the same standards white ammosexuals hold themselves to is the right wing conservative nightmare scenario.

  2. Will

    Hey, was your father a CT school teacher? Cacciopoli isn’t a name like D’angelo , not too common… if so, FYI, your father was one of the few cool teachers I had. Prolly get pissed at my grammar here…


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