August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Update: Autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot six times most likely from a distance. Including bullet holes in the top of his head and his eye. 

autopsyThis will be short. We now know the identity of the officer who executed Michael Brown. His name is Darren Wilson. He needs to be arrested and charged with murder in the first degree immediately. We now have at least three witnesses, all strangers, all witnessing from different angles, the cold blooded murder of Michael Brown. They all depicted in great detail a boy who put his hands up, on his knees and was then shot several times. Wilson was so crazed that he even shot into a home nearby.

It’s time to arrest Darren Wilson. Not only has he not been arrested but we know that he had left town and gone on a paid vacation. This makes me want to throw up. Can you imagine the police allowing a black kid, heck anyone for that matter, to leave town if there was this amount of evidence pointing to them? Anyone who isn’t outraged by this crap can only be a blatant racist, there is no other excuse. I have heard from several of them in the past few days.

We are now seeing the usual character assassination of the victim. A video that has all of a sudden surfaced showing someone who might be Michael Brown stealing something from a convenience store.  No information about the killing of Brown but plenty of video about a nickel and dime robbery. This facile attempt to make the victim the bad guy will only go over with the racists. It already has. People who did the same thing when they were teens or had friends who stole gum or cigarettes from a store when they were young are now trying to justify that Brown deserved to be shot 6-8 times while his hands were in the air because he may have stolen something. I guess they feel that they or their friends should have been executed for doing the same thing when they were kids?

Ferguson police chief Tom “stonewall the case” Jackson needs to be removed from duty and now. He is an incompetent fool. He has now flamed the fires again after they were put out by the state police. He simultaneously releases a video that has nothing to do with the execution of Brown while telling everyone that officer Wilson is a wonderful guy that has never had any complaints against him in his six years on the force. Jackson is a joke. He needs to go.

We have a video of an alleged small crime but still NO photo of the killer cop. No evidence being released regarding how many shots Wilson took or how many bullets hit Brown. No real details about the killing at all.

At least three witnesses now. All telling eerily similar accounts of the murder of an 18 year old boy. Hands in the air, on his knees, begging to not be shot. Executed in cold blood.

Darren Wilson needs to be arrested for murder in the first degree. Now!




  1. teacherkurt

    So the police in Ferguson and St. Louis County have military equipment identical to that of big city SWAT Teams, but they don’t have video surveillance of the shooting. Really? No Dashcam video? So we have to rely on eyewitnesses. I guess that will be where the Defense, supported by the local PD attacks witness testimony as unreliable, assuming this ever makes it to a trial against a killer cop. Arrest Officer Darren Wilson and remove the entire Ferguson and St. Louis PDs, not just from duty in the protests that will probably continue tonight. Remove the local PDs from investigating this case at all. The Chief of Police himself is already touting the innocence of a killer officer despite all the evidence to the contrary. That is a clear conflict of interest and is a hindrance to the investigation.

    1. jason inmo

      thats why he shouldn’t be arrested you dont have all the info, they dont have all that military equipment its ST LOUIS COUNTY AND ST LOUIS CITY Huge police forces. everyone is getting non-fact from social media, He wont go to jail, read this . Get a grip and see all the witnesses in court, the ones who seen other things wont go public for fear people like you would kill them

  2. suesista

    Something odd…I noticed in the Tweets from the scene soon after the shooting, from residents and people who were hanging around, everyone was Tweeting “bruh took some rellos.” I didn’t know what that meant at the time…but if everyone knew it, why didn’t Jackson say something in his first presser? Why sit on what to the police would be mitigating circumstances? It makes today’s announcement seem even more calculated. Jackson won’t be chief much longer, I’d say.

  3. Jan Hobbs

    Reblogged this on Blissfully Single and commented:
    I want to know why the officer has not been arrested? Is it because Michael Brown was African-American? Of course it is. Who the hell is policing the police?

  4. Elaine Ossipov

    The FBI moved in on Day 1 to start their own Independent Investigation and then I believe President Obama asked Secretary General (Eric Holder) to also conduct an independent evaluation.

    I think this is getting FAR too common especially considering our Government Financially backed the Neo-Natzi group that took Over the Ukrainian Government (Kiev) and who are at this moment Committing Genocide on the Eastern Ukrainian Peoples.(these guy are the REAL DEAL, Real Nazi’s, the autracities commited make me sick to my stomach) Over 2000 Killed, 6000 wounded (and that is conservative estimates by the UN a week ago)

    Just seems to be becoming a pattern, blacks, Journalists, activists, whoever doesn’t fit their *end game* scenario just gets wiped out.
    documentation on the above on my google account ..

  5. Bill Hayes

    No, no ,no,no…You can’t mix this up with the Ukraine situation. this was a lynching of a black boy on an American street by a white Policeman – where things like this should not happen any more. Conjoining this with some other – international political cause will only dilute both cases.

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  7. Mike

    A paid Vacation? I wouldn’t exactly call it a vacation. Do I think he needs to be charged and then arrested? Sure. The Feds know where he’s at. He’s not far.

  8. Kristjan Bamburak

    Well written Mike Caccioppoli. Thank you for posting this article, because the St. Louis County PD definitely need to take away Darren Wilson’s badge, gun and throw his sorry ass in jail for his reckless bullshit decision.

    – Canadian citizen following the story via CNN

  9. Cathy

    Does Ferguson PD even know for sure where he IS? It’s been a week. We haven’t read his report, if he made one, or any statements from his union rep or his attorney about “withholding judgement until all the facts are in” or even from anyone attempting to raise cash for his defense. If he wasn’t taken into (protective) custody right away, couldn’t he have fled the jurisdiction? I’m not sure this department could find him if they even wanted to .

  10. Reverseracism

    Where you all at the scene of the shooting? Correct, the feds are investigating and if they prove that Mike charged back at the officer and the officer was protecting himself, then the officer will not be charged. If the people then want to continue being out in the streets like looking like wild people then they just mess up there town. Black or White police officers have the right to shoot anyone who charges them and what gets me is, anyone know that an officer always has the dispatch radio in his car on….so he DID know and hear that a robbery had just happened. If you have been by people officers you know they always hear other police dispatch calls……These are the people blowing smoke and excuses trying to say Darren did not know about the robbery. I believe Mike did turn back on the officer just like he turned back on the clerk in the video. Stop the excuse for racism and these black guys behavior.

    1. Susan LaBuda

      Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson stated at a public press conference that Officer Wilson knew nothing of any robbery when he first saw Michael Brown. There have been no allegations of criminal wrongdoing made against Michael Brown, then or since. Please explain, who you mean by “these black guys”. Thank you.

      1. LC

        I have read a lot of information like everyone else and it sounds to me that there is a lot of confusion as to whether the officer knew of the robbery or not. He was on a sick call apparently and dealing with ambulance etc so I am wondering if what they are saying is that initially as he drove down the street, he didn’t had to do with them walkin in the street..when they didn’t move, that is when all broke loose allegedly..yes allegedly i said…then he got the call over the radio and thrrew it in reverse as he heard the description of those they were looking for. I don’t know anymore than any of you..I am going by pieciing together what I learned.

    2. LC

      And if lil Mikey is so innocent, can someone please explain to me how a 6’4″ human being has a bullet enter the crown of his skull by a man shorter than he????????????

  11. Susan LaBuda

    I have a concern about the failure to safeguard the evidence from this murder. Wilson’s car, his gun, his clothing and he, himself, should all have been processed forensically by qualified experts in the most immediate manner available. As it appears now, nothing was done. I can only hope Michael Brown’s clothing hasn’t been destroyed. Not only should Wilson be arrested at once, in my opinion, but quite a few others for obstructing justice.


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