August 4, 2014 

By Mike Caccioppoli



Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale

Don’t use the name Hitler! That’s what some write to me. Don’t use the word Holocaust! Don’t use the word Genocide! You should understand history! They argue.

My words, my columns seem to hurt some people more than what is happening in Gaza. That is staggering. It really shows what evil is. What ignorance is. I ask them what words..what adjectives..what analogy they would like me to use to describe child murders, what words would be more soothing to them?

The numbers don’t lie. Over 1,800 Palestinians dead as of this writing. This is equivalent population wise to over 250,000 American deaths. 84 percent civilians. Hundreds are children. 62 Israelis dead..over 90 percent soldiers. This isn’t a fair fight. Millions more in funding just went to Israel from the USA. There is a game that Bibi apologists like to play. They will bring up something that happened 40 years ago or something that is happening in another part of the word, or use terms like “Anti-Semitic” or “Anti-Israel” in order to try and negate or excuse what is happening right now. To place the blame on words rather than deeds.

So OK enough words. We have seen such horrific images of the Holocaust. Truly disgusting deeds done by Hitler and the Nazi’s. These images are out there under the heading of “never forget.”

Here are some of those images so that we indeed never forget. Alongside them are images of what is happening right now in Gaza. Compare the images. Compare the deeds. Tell me how one is justified while the other is an abomination. After the images is a video of Chris Hedges talking about the situation in Gaza and beyond.

OK enough words..






Chris Hedges speech


Never forget? Seems as though many people have already forgotten.




    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      Because the majority of the evidence shows dead school children from israels bombs and israeli soldiers using palestinian children as shields. Thanks for admitting Israel is allowed to kill children for “self defense.”

      1. Dr. Rex

        What do you mean, may I ask? I don’t agree w/ Israel being allowed to kill children for self defense.

        I’m totally against what is happening there. Agree that it IS a holocaust. The world needs to know and see as it happens, not later …. as during the Holocaust.

        This is where I think blogging, social media, etc. come in. This can’t wait.

        I hope you understand my point. Peace ….

    2. Adi

      this is so easy for you to write such nonsense from your comfortable chair in front of the computer. words became so easily these days, where anyone can say anything he wants even in areas he is so lack in information and knowledge. I invite you to come and visit the south part of Israel and try to experience the life of having an alarm at least every hour or so and have to run with all your children to shelter. need to think which ked I grab first? no the mention the fact that there are un known number of tunnels that is built right underneath children playgrounds and other places where they will be able to pop from underground and just kill hundreds of people only from hate and not because of self defense. Death for us Jews is extremely valuable and we don’t sacrifice ourselves just in the name of hater and disguise. I fill truly sorry for all the children that are facing this kind of reality and some of them pay with their life, but you are really missing the point here in understanding the conflict and your post is so arrogant and far from having a deep understanding of the situation. for the sake of being true to yourself I suggest do some more research on the motives of Palestinian people, and especially Hamas who is a TERROR ORGANIZATION (of course for many of you it’s very easy to delete that fact). I’m interested to know if you would care so much and be so protective on the kids of AL KAIDA leaders. We cherish life, every soul, every person is important, but not in the price when there is an organization who wants us gone for good and interested in only killing us all. There are numerous of videos and stuff you can search online to learn about it!!!!! Have a nice life back there in the states, I promise you it is so much easier than living in the middle east!!!!!!! so don’t pretend to be “know it all”!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dr. Rex

        Adi … thank you for stopping by and writing your comment.
        Clarifying … this is a reblog. I didn’t write this.

        I respect your opinion and your feelings and I feel for you and yours. Good to know that you are a proud Israeli citizen.

        Yet: “The numbers don’t lie. Over 1,800 Palestinians dead as of this writing. This is equivalent population wise to over 250,000 American deaths. 84 percent civilians. Hundreds are children. 62 Israelis dead .. over 90 percent soldiers. This isn’t a fair fight.”

        What are your thoughts about this?

        And yes, it’s easy to write or reblog from my comfortable chair. But not easy to watch what is happening all over the world. Again, yes … you are right. Can’t be easy living in the middle east.

        Can you tell me why this can’t be resolved and make peace happen? I don’t pretend to be ignorant or condescending. I genuinely would like to know.


  1. Meowmeister

    You are so wrong. Why not show photos of Palestinian children with suicide vests? Or the victims on Palestinians who threw grenades on Israeli buses?


    Benjamin Netanyahu a true reflection of Hitler. He forced Palestinians to vacate houses & massacred them like Auschwitz . Israel was killing children, long before Hamas was created! Their excuses are blatant lies. Every Palestinian is hostage of Rogue Terrorist State of Israel which has landed entire world in trouble & violence.. The bigger tragedy of Gaza Genocide is that it has been tacitly validated by USA & UN Security Council.
    Hate for Palestinians is driving Zionists and their supporters crazy. They are killing with impunity but loosing the face & war. Israel crimes far exceeds the crimes of any known terrorist organization both in quantum & brutality. We do not trust what the Adolph Benjamin Netanyahu Hitler what ever he says about Gaza & Palestine.

  3. Mavadelo

    I can’t believe people nowadays are still defending the things Israel does at the moment. Here in Holland we are grieving the dead of almost 300 and are talking strong language towards Russi and those terrorists….uh… seperatists (and rightfully so) yet it stays silent about Gaza

    I am synpathetic towards the Jewish people when it comes to what they have suffered from in the past (along with gay people, gypsies, JW’s, mentally disabled etc etc) but what they are doing now is no different than what has happend in 40/45. Shooting at schools, bombing playing kids on the beach, over 1400 killed, more than 7000 wounded. This is a David vs Goliath story, however Goliath is cheating and brought a cannon to a stick fight

    1. matk

      Yea, just that in 40-45 tens of millions have died, compared to 1,700 in Gaza, about half of them combatants. If Israel is Nazi, every NATO country is Nazi.
      The author of this blog has lost all touch with reality

      1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        It is not a numbers issue. Thats not how we value a life. Its an issue of intent and bibi intends on wiping out as many innocents as possible. You lie about combatants. 85 percent of dead are civilians..400 babies. Israel has killed hundreds of thousands over the years. Pop of Palestine is only 1.8 mil. Half the size of Chicago. They could all be killed and it wouldnt come close to THE Holocaust numbers..guess that makes it OK in your eyes.

  4. dudits

    WWII Civilian Deaths : 60 Million out 2 Billion 3% of the world population
    Gaza Civilian Deaths: 1800 out 1.8Million 0.1% of Gazan population

    Make no mistake war is hell, but your reaction is a bit over exaggerated.

    Some more math to give you some proportion.

    Israel admitted to bombing over 4000 targets during the current operation. If they were so gung ho about killing innocents don’t you think that the number of casualties would have been higher? I mean they have some freaky munitions we all saw the pictures, 4000+ targets, 1800 deaths? They are either incompetent or they were truly trying to avoid civilian casualties…

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      As is they will be facing war crimes and possible prosecution. They are a vicious country but not a dumb one. Still if you look at it population wise it would be like 250000 to 300000 americans being wiped away..including thousands of children. A Holocaust is a mass killing. I stand by my words.

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  6. Iqbal dawood

    I am absolutely shocked what Israel did in Gaza in 2014. I have been monitoring the whole attack for a month. The world knows the truth why Hamas fires these rockets.But the west mainly USA and the UK refuse to believe the atrocities and subjugation of a population for so many years and instead give them more arms and listen to lies of Israel. Now all of a sudden they want to resolve fast the root causes of the problem.How can Hamas give up up its arms without Israel human decency to relieve the siege and blockage of Gaza. Hamas will agree and the rockets and violence will stop but Israel has to act. The atrocities committed in mass murder of children and civilians remind me of ethnic cleaning and it is high time the UK, the USA and Israel should b tried of war crimes.


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