August, 2, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Many of you probably haven’t heard about the column written in the Times of Israel titled “When Genocide is Permissible.” That’s for two reasons. Firstly, it was pulled shortly after it ran online by the editors of the publication. Secondly, there has been little or no mention of it in the mainstream press.

The “column” written by Yochanan Gordon, a frequent contributor to the publication, concludes that “If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?” Mr. Gordon doesn’t seem to have the mental capacity to comprehend what he is saying. Wasn’t it Hitler who believed that wiping out Jews would lead to “quiet and a better society?” Therefore he had every right to commit those atrocities? Really?

But you probably haven’t heard about this anyway. I’m sure you would have heard about it if a writer in Palestine had written something titled “Why Israel must be wiped out.” No. I’m SURE you would have heard about it.

That scribbling wasn’t the worst thing that happened today. Believe it or not. Well the worst thing is that at least 100 more Palestinians were killed…mostly civilians. You have probably heard something about that but I’m certain you heard that ONE Israeli soldier was “abducted.” Yes this you have heard. That ONE soldier in an army that is in a war was taken by the opposing side. This you have heard about. This is NOT a war crime, it happens all the time in war. But this is what has led the news reports, not the column calling for genocide of Palestinians, not that 100 more people in Gaza were killed. Killing civilians and children in schools and hospitals is indeed a war crime.

You have also probably not heard that the U.S. Senate has approved more funds be sent to Israel to help in their efforts to kill more civilians and children. I hate to hang this on Obama because let’s be honest, EVERY American President has supported Israel almost without conscience or question. It’s just the way it is, has always been and probably will always be. Obama is no different. When Israel is responsible for the murders of children they get a slap on the wrist. “Please show restraint” the American President says. When ONE Israeli soldier is abducted it’s automatically a good reason to send more money their way to “protect and defend” themselves. It passed the House by a vote of 395-8!

If Obama is reading this he is nodding his head and saying something like “I know man but what else can I do?” He knows the score, he knows where the money is and who it comes from and that money is power and might makes right. Just the way it works. So the USA continues to fund terrorism. To fund this man.

When Russia and Putin step foot in the Ukraine all hell breaks loose and economic sanctions are swift and hard hitting. When Israel kills children and is in the process of genocide, they get even more money to help them along.

Anyone else disgusted at being an American right now?





  1. natruthstudent

    Whoa, Mike! How did you find that video, dude? This is great! I’ve been looking for something like this, solid evidence that Israel doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks about how it treats their genetic brothers!

  2. Saad

    Dear Mike
    Thanks for trying to awaken humanity on what is going on in Palestine and on Gaza Massacre.
    66 years of occupation which includes killing, land stealing, and lying to all world about what is happening on the ground and what happened in history, all these years, have been the longest holocaust that humanity afforded to watch and enjoy in human history. Israel is destroying the reputation of all world Jews, and the reputation of white man as an icon for the colonizer of indigenous communities around the World (Natives of Australia, of Americas, and of Palestine).

    Thank you for fighting for true peace in the world.

    Saad Seill
    “One State for Two Nations Solution in Palestine” supporter.

    1. Truthglow (@truthglow)

      Beautifully stated. Funding terrorism is not permissible, but it is happening every day with our own tax money. We are giving Israel $$$ BILLIONS every year to fund their MASSACRE of children! We are destroying our own reputation and creating our own new US enemies and potential new ‘9/11’s’ every day. This is possible only because of the GREED of our Congress and the Sociopathic PROPAGANDA of Netanyahu. This, while our own country’s infrastructure is crumbling and too many of own children are starving. How very sad and stupid at the same time. When will we finally band together and do something to END THIS MADNESS?

  3. Angie in WA State (@AngieinWAState)

    I’m disgusted with the US House for passing that “Emergency” Bill of $225 million (and the Senate if they approve it and Obama if he signs it) to send more ammo to kill more civilians in Gaza. I can’t say “I’m disgusted of being an American” over it. We’ve done worse, sadly. #NativeAmericans #Nicarauga #Arabia (before we helped the Saud Family take over the whole country and rename it #SaudiArabia) #Iran to name just a few places where the US Federal Government (or it’s Intelligence services) has poked it’s nose (and pocketbook) where it shouldn’t.

  4. shep krantz

    Your defense of President Obama is hilarious.What can he do hes only the president.He knows the score and of course hes a so called mainstream democrat like Hillary Clinton and you have a hard time telling it like it is when its the mainstream democratic traitors acting like worms.Obama could do the right thing and make a stand for justice but he wont and you will justify it.

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      I didnt justify anything I simply described the reality of the situation. Has any American President done the right thing in regards to Israel? I write him on a daily basis pleading…does no good.

      1. Marwan

        Balfour Declaration encourages thousands of thieves from the Jews to steal a poor country. those thieves were supported financially by the Rothschild and politically by Great Britain and the right of Vito in Security council. It is very obvious that you witness such degree of crimes by those thieves with no means to stop it until the democracy succeed in reviewing the right of Vito in the Security Council which was created to use force to eliminate rights and mainly human rights.

  5. Mary

    I have read that America needed Israel in the cold war as a base on the way to Russia.. maybe they do now.. maybe it;s to do with international politics now that the Ukraine is in such a bad way…
    I read some blogs by Israelis and I think their news is censored… they say such silly things like it was not their shells it was Hamas rockets… they truly believe it.


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