July 31, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

OK Israel, enough is enough. When you start to bomb schools and kill sleeping children you have lost me for good. I knew Netanyahu was a right wing scum bucket, but now he should be considered a terrorist. If Arabs did this, we would be calling them just that. No more double standards, I’m done.

This is exactly what the Israeli’s have done. They bombed United Nations schools where Palestinian civilians went to escape the bombings because they thought they would be safe there. U.N. officials say they warned the Israeli’s no fewer than 17 times about the locations of these schools and that children would be there and that civilians were gathered there, civilians not terrorists.

“Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children” said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I agree. The Israeli’s claim there was rocket fire from near the school so of course they needed to bomb the entire school. The Geneva Convention prohibits attacks on schools and hospitals, but hey they are Israel so they can get away with it right?

Anyone who claims there is no double standard at work here is simply full of shit. I mentioned Arabs but if any other country were bombing schools and killing children at the pace the Israel’s are right now the United States would be leading the charge against that country. The war hawks here would be calling for retaliation and another war against the violating country. Not with Israel. This is as appalling as the despicable acts of violence the Israelis are responsible for.

There is no excuse. We wouldn’t be accepting one from an Iran or a North Korea or even Germany for that matter. So far there have been 1,328 Palestinian deaths in this Gaza war. There have been 59 Israeli deaths. This is a one-sided massacre. Dare I say a Holocaust? Yes I dare.

The Israeli’s want this to be seen by everyone as a fair war. If that were the case then the Palestinians would have the same fire power that Israel has. Of course they do not. It makes sense for the right wing of this country to love Netanyahu because they love war. Anyone on the left who backs this daily massacre is a hypocrite. These people will call Bush, Cheney et al, war mongers, but in the same breath they will make excuses for Netanyahu. I’m here to call them on their bullshit hypocrisy.

The United States and their Israel apologist machine is in full force. The National Security Council has already put out a statement that tried to make the Palestinians equally responsible for the bombings by saying they oppose the Israeli attacks on the schools BUT ALSO oppose Palestinians hiding weapons in the schools. There is yet to be any evidence of that of course and even if there was it’s no excuse to kill innocent civilians and children.

The word “terrorist” has not been used by the United States in response to these school bombings. I wonder why? Ask yourself if that word would be part of the discourse if the roles were reversed or if one of the “Axis of Evil” were responsible for the attacks. You and I know the answer, it’s obvious.

There have been several “terrorist” attacks on these school. The U.N. has said there have been NO weapons stored in these schools by Palestinians. The U.N. is the same organization that said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

They were right then and they are right now.

It’s time to call out Netanyahu for what he is. A terrorist.






  1. tim

    So, Hamas/Palestinians are NOT storing bombs in these schools, at all? I’m not advocating hitting schools. But, there are too many conflicting reports. I guess it boils down to who you hate the most. You apparently hate Israel more than Hamas. I mean Ms. Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian organization after all. They clearly have no blood on their hands. When your enemy is calling for your total destruction and back those threats up with actual bombs. What do you do? Take their word at face value and strike back (yes Hamas fired first) or sit back and do nothing? This is war. There is nothing pretty about it. YOU can NOT say for certain whether or not Israel intentionally fired on the school to murder innocent lives for the hell of it. You want to claim a holocaust is occurring? More people were killed on 9/11 by the same ilk as those Israel fights. I don’t think you know what that word really means.

    1. James

      1. Someone (presumably Hamas, though it may have been Islamic Jihad) did store rockets in UNRWA schools. UNRWA discovered them and condemned whoever put them there for violating their premises as is clear from the article you linked to. Also clear from that article is that the school in which rockets were found was not in use. That is stated in the very first sentence: “Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip.”

      2. You say there are “too many conflicting reports”. There are no reliable reports of Hamas or any other group hiding weapons or shooting from UNRWA facilities currently in use. There have been several incidents of Israeli forces shelling UNRWA facilities while innocent men women and children are sheltering in them. These events have come after UNRWA has diligently informed Israel of the precise coordinates of the occupied facilities numerous times.

      There is no confusion here.

      3. “When your enemy is calling for your total destruction and back those threats up with actual bombs. What do you do?”
      Interesting question. Many Israelis, including senior politicians in the ruling coalition of the Israeli Knesset, have explicitly laid out those aims regarding the Palestinians. The IDF have backed up those aims with attacks against Gaza using overwhelming military force three times in six years. Over that time, when they have not been engaged in open offensive military operations, they have blockaded Gaza, strangling and starving the civilian population.
      These facts are not up for debate. After each period of conflict, Israel has violated the agreed ceasefire terms with targeted assassinations, mass arrests (leading to torture and detention without trial, including children) and collective punishment through allowing only a third of the agreed food trucks to enter.

      Gaza has been under siege for 8 years. Israel controls anything and anyone going in or out by land, sea or air. That is war too, but the world only pays attention during the brief periods of open hostilities. The Gazans choices are strictly limited: They can consent to the blockade and die slowly from starvation, thirst and disease (medical supplies are blocked too); or they can resist and fight back with whatever puny weapons they have at their disposal.

      If I were living in Israel with the constant threat (however reduced it may be by Israel’s Iron Dome) of rocket attacks, I too would be scared and angry. I too may want my government to protect me, to attack and kill the enemy. I may even, being unable to distinguish between combatants and innocent civilians, be callous enough to rejoice at the deaths of children and women, though I hope not.

      If I were living in Gaza the same feeling would be multiplied many times over.

      When you’re in the middle of such a conflict, when you’re suffering from fear and daily deprivations, it’s hard to step outside it, see the humanity of your opponents and search for a just peace. It’s human nature for Israelis to want to be security and to demand that their military take whatever steps are required to make them safe. And it’s human nature for the Palestinians to demand freedom and resist their oppressors.

      So I find it hard to wholly condemn the Israelis who hate the Palestinians and the Palestinians who hate the Israelis.

      But we aren’t in the middle of it. We in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world are not being starved or bombed. We don’t flinch every time we hear an aircraft overhead or run for the nearest shelter every time we hear a siren. And if we want either the Israelis or the Palestinians or both to stop living like that we have a duty to condemn the violence on both sides. We have a responsibility to support the moderates on both sides.

    2. SimoHurtta

      People in Warsaw Ghetto had the right to resist with all means they had the Germans – SS, military and civilians. Of course the Palestinians have the equal right to resist. Israel has had all opportunities to end the occupation and exploitation of Palestinians already decades ago. By the way the “trade” between Israel and Palestine is 20 billion USD in a year (2013). Israel and Jews make tons of money with the Palestinians by forcing them to be a involuntary part of Israeli economy and forcing them to buy and use Israeli products.

      The UN schools with rockets and weapons, which Zionists use as “examples”, were already emptied from people and were on the direct combat zone. So storing weapons in them and the homes around the schools must be seen in that light.

  2. MarkTwain54

    In fact Arab countries have been doing that (and worse) to Israel over the past 2 decades. Where were you when they killed thousands of school children, people at weddings and every other civilian target they can find. When Israel finally attacked Gaza, Hamas has sent an average of 4 rockets per day into Israel and then hundreds to start this war. Meantime, another brutality. Syria massacred 986 the same weekend transparent anti-Semites like you were yelling at Israel. Children are children. By the way ISIS is now helping Hamas. They fired 8 rocket into Israel last week, and posted it on their official site. I hope you enjoy your “new allies”.


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