July 11, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Those mean and nasty animals of the right are at it again.

Rick Perry was just here in San Francisco talking to a political club when he suddenly, in the city of The Castro, said that homosexuality was just like alcoholism. I guess he meant that it’s a disease that can be cured. Now he is saying that the crisis at the border is “Obama’s Katrina.” I guess he means that 3,000 Americans have died there. 

Well no homosexuality is not a disease and therefore there is no “cure.” And no, there haven’t been thousands of Americans killed at the border. You see just because Perry has decided to dress and look smart doesn’t mean he is. I mean his newly cosmopolitan style is just that…a superficial facade. He is still just a dumb, ignorant Texas boy. Just like the guy he loved so dearly when Katrina actually happened..Bush. 

Perry said that Bush got lots of criticism for just flying over New Orleans and not going down to see what was happening. Really? From whom? Guys like Perry? Noooo. Guys like me and the Democrats..well the Democrats eventually. So he wants Obama to go and see what is happening at the border. Now let’s say Obama did just that. What would we hear from the right? What would we see all over Fox News and be listening to on right wing talk radio?

Guys like Sean Hannity, who thinks he is tough while standing next to a machine gun with his shit kicker Governor buddy, patrolling the border and ready to shoot dead some of those awful 14 year old kids who want to live in the USA, would be saying it was just a photo op. There goes Obama again looking good and making a great speech. He would be ridiculed. Do you really think they would actually give him some credit for once?

Of course not. Plus Obama is learning, finally, that the Republicans are full of shit. He is done with reaching out and now he understands that they just need to be mocked. He isn’t playing their games anymore. They have had NUMEROUS chances to pass some sort of immigration reform and they refuse because he is President. And of course those of us with an IQ above 100 know that Dubya signed the bill that has led to the current issue at the border. 

Speaking of superficial ways to try and look good. Sarah Palin is back at it. Palin has officially reached top hooker status. She is at platinum level. Wearing enough make-up to make a 60 year old look..oh I don’t know..58, she is back at it, talking about how Obama must be impeached. The ignorant Palin, who is loved by the ignorant masses in America, thinks that word can be used for anything she disagrees with. Any policy that actually helps people is an impeachable offense.

Palin also loves the attention. The way a porn star does when she has ten guys taking turns. She knows that her people get all hot and bothered when she uses that word. So she just throws and it out there and as usual strings together a few other terms that make no sense. It all makes perfect sense to Palin lovers though, because it’s all about getting rid of the black President and boy does that give them multiple orgasms. Like I said..Platinum level Sarah baby!

When asked about Palin throwing around the word “Impeachment” John Boehner said he disagrees with her. However he has no problem at all throwing out the word “Lawsuit.” Yes Boehner continues to talk about suing Obama for…well he’s not quite sure. I think he has settled on Obamacare and the mandate. He had to think about it for a month or so before deciding. He is suing Obama for getting shit done! Of course this was all voted on and passed by Congress but hey, that doesn’t matter. Of course this was voted on and passed by the American people since Obama won two landslide victories with this as one of his major platforms, but hey, that doesn’t matter. 

Now this lawsuit will go nowhere as this is just a stunt by Boehner to try and deflect the attention away from his do nothing Congress for the upcoming mid terms. Your tax dollars will be used to fund this game but you are Americans, so bend over and enjoy it! His Congress does nothing to help Americans AND they get to steal your money as well! Great system we have in place. Same system that allows all but two incumbent representatives to win their primaries while polls show people giving those same reps a 7% approval. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

The good news as I mentioned earlier is that Obama seems to have reached a turning point in his Presidency. It’s a point I and many others wish he had reached on January 20, 2009 just after hearing about the Republicans plan to block him on everything and make him a one term President. The good ole boys were so incensed that a black guy had won that they held this meeting behind his back as though he were Julius Caesar. He should never have tried to reason with them for five years. Big mistake. But that was then, this is now.

He is now going around the country ridiculing their bullshit. Throwing it back in their faces. Helping the American people see them for what they are. Better late than never.

Just like Dorothy on that yellow brick road there is no reason to fear the animals. You just need to have some heart, a brain and some courage.




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