July 4, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

On this Independence Day they are celebrating the right to carry a gun anywhere they want in Georgia. Notice I don’t put the words “great state” in front of Georgia. That’s because it isn’t. Never really was. 

Yes you can open carry your gun anywhere. Into churches, restaurants, schools, movie theaters and of course bars. As the rest of the civilized world works to bring down gun violence by instituting stricter gun laws the good ole US of A goes backwards in time. Back before the O.K. Corral. Which happened because some insane cowboys decided they didn’t want to hand in their weapons to Wyatt Earp while they were in Tombstone. 

The insane cowboys don’t have to worry about that anymore because now they don’t have to hand in their weapons before they enter town. In fact they can get drunk and carry at the same time. Great country America! No not really!

But you have to wonder, I mean just think for a minute. Why now? Why weren’t these open carry laws passed by state legislatures before? Like…I dunno…when Bill Clinton was President? Or when George W. Bush was President? I mean what could the difference be now? I can’t quite put my finger on it….

Oh wait! Barack Obama, the black guy, is President! You know, the black dude who will take your guns away and give them to the Black Panthers. Am I dating myself? Oh OK..the Bloods and the Crips. Actually when those people carry weapons they are called criminals and thugs. Happy open carriers are no longer so happy. But when Billy Bob Joe Buck Billy Joe Bobby Bubba Joe carry their weapons into a Target (hopefully not anymore) or a Home Depot..well that is just them exercising their Second Amendment rights ain’t it?

Well there have already been problems of course. You see according to the new law, citizens OR police are NOT allowed to ask someone carrying a weapon to show their gun permit.

Let’s look closer at that. As of less than a year ago a police officer could stop a black person on the streets of NYC and frisk them with no questions asked. However in Georgia if someone is carrying a deadly weapon they cannot be asked to show their license to carry that weapon by a police officer. This is your America folks.

I have a question. How does someone know if the person carrying that gun is a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun? Can anyone answer that? Wayne LaPierre maybe?

I guess you just have to wait until someone takes their gun out and shoots up a store or a church or a school. Then the good guys with the guns can shoot back, maybe killing a few innocent people after the bad guy has already had time to kill a few as well. So the bad guys with the guns have to be allowed to shoot first? Is that the way this works Georgia?

The law is called “guns everywhere.” It’s a response to the paranoia around a black President taking the guns away from white folk. That and the threat of him sending in drones and the military to kill them and in the process take away their freedoms!

Of course he hasn’t taken one gun away and there have been no laws to take guns away just laws to allow more guns.

None of this matters to the gun nuts. They are insane. They are certifiable in their anti black President paranoia fantasy land. 

Here is a fantasy of mine. It would be like if we were in a real life Tarantino movie. All of the gun nuts are standing in a circle, they all take their guns out, point them at one another and systematically blow each other away. This happens around the state of Georgia and anywhere else there are “guns everywhere” laws. 

That is my solution. There seems to be no other.






  1. natruthstudent

    You know, i just had a discussion with my son earlier this evening. He claimed that Obama is trying to take away the guns. I said if that was true it would have been done already. He told me that he’s been trying since he got in office. I replied that’s not true. You get the idea, right, Mike? I finally asked him what evidence there is to back up that claim. His response? I don’t need any evidence because I don’t care because it’s not a factor in my life.

    Go figure.

      1. natruthstudent

        How about specifying what you’re referring to? Intelligent discourse is so much better than throwing insults at people.

  2. Bob Robertson

    Are you required in Georgia to show your drivers license when stopped by a cop? I guess not, if that’s the rational applied to licenses for firearms.


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