June 20, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

What the fuck is wrong with Chris Matthews? Of all the people for the “tough” Philadelphia talker to go after he chooses Elizabeth Warren? Are you fucking kidding me? What a slimy, chicken shit Matthews has become. Don’t go after people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. No, go after the ONE person in all of Congress who has the nerve to stand up for the American people on issue after issue. OK there is also Bernie Sanders, but Warren has been a real fighter from day one.

Matthews chastised Warren for not doing enough. NOT DOING ENOUGH!? He blamed the Democrats for not passing vital legislation. The DEMOCRATS?! Matthews has been around long enough to know how this shit works. He knows the Republicans control the House, the TEA PARTY controls the House. He knows the Republicans in the Senate filibuster everything. The TEA PARTY filibusters everything. He knows this shit inside and out because he has talked about it.

So..why go after Warren and the Democrats? This is a game that Matthews has been playing for years. He cares only about his ratings so he tries to grab as many viewers from both sides as possible. What he does is simply flip flop. He is no better than a guy like John McCain or Rand Paul, or Ron Paul, who tell one audience one thing and another audience the exact opposite. All in an attempt to get as many votes as possible from both sides. It’s a sneaky, shitty little game and it proves that Matthews is full of shit.

This is why he can say something very incisive one moment and then something totally idiotic the next. He wants to be MSNBC and FOX all wrapped into one obnoxious package. It’s about ratings folks, it’s about staying afloat when times have maybe passed you by. This is why he rarely lets his guests talk. If he had allowed Warren to explain the facts to his audience, he would be left with egg on his face. So he talks, asks a question, doesn’t let the guest answer and talks over them. It’s a basic bully host tactic. Works all of the time.

I would NEVER be a guest on a show when someone like Matthews or O’Reilly is in charge. They will always be in control, able to manipulate the conversation, cut you off, have the last word. Matthews likes to have morons like Michael Steele and John Feehery on his show. Anyone would seem like a genius sitting across from these Republican hacks. Notice you don’t see these guys on too many other shows. How would a guy like Feehery survive a bout with let’s say..Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donnell??

But let’s get back to Matthews and Warren. I’m glad she was able to get a few words in here and there. I heard something like “Stop this!” Warren was having enough of Matthews bullshit. Only the true idiots of America think Matthews has a valid point when he blames the President and the slight Democratic majority in the Senate for the failure to get legislation through. Who shut down the gov’t Chris? Who has blocked more legislation than any other Congress in history? What Congress has done less, and worked fewer hours?

Matthews knows the simple answer to these questions. He knows that no legislation can pass without the House.  He knows that Warren is a fighter despite the obstacles. He knows lots of things. But the one thing he knows the best is that he loves his job and he wants to keep it. Like most of these people he wants to keep it till he drops dead on air. The ego is a very powerful thing.

It’s Matthews ego that turns the self proclaimed “straight talker” into a bullshitter of the highest order.






  1. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    Matthews was against Hillary in 2008, so he’s now probably trying to be extra nice to her. For him, that’s being mean to the other woman. One can never trust this jerk. He used to LOVE G. W. BUSH. I remember how he praised Bush during the “Mission Accomplished” fiasco. Chris Matthews has no core. He goes where the wind blows. Don’t ever trust him. He has some real psychological issues. #NotTrustworthy

  2. suesista

    Tweety is one of several reasons to stop watching. So often he spouts in the most craven and uninformed way, MSNBC has completely succumbed to Dem spin from the lib hosts, and incorrect GOP talking points from ALL hosts. Guests with agendas are passed off as ‘pundits’–and misinformation and lies go unanswered on a regular basis. First I quit watching MSNBC, then just stopped all TV about a year ago. It’s wonderful. Now I read the news, and have the time to cross-check sourcing. Wish I’d stopped watching sooner.

  3. Patricia Kane

    It’s like I’ve been waiting for someone to voice an accurate account of Matthews’ disgusting behavior forEVER! He’ll draw you in with something “”incisive” yes then throw a bunch of BS at you in the next minute that is so offensive you swear never to watch him again. Thank You!


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