June 13, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

There is something about former President Dubya Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer’s face that has made me want to punch his nose for quite some time now. Maybe it’s his passive aggressiveness that I hate so much. He likes to talk as though what he is saying is just commonplace and accepted when it is in fact Neocon bile of the worst order. He is like a little weasel hiding in the shadows, ready to come out whenever he feels he can give his old bosses a shot in the arm. He is the worst of PR flacks, he actually believes his own bullshit.

Today, Fleischer tweeted this..

Regardless of what anyone thinks of going into Iraq in 2002, t’s a tragedy that the successes of the 2007 surge have been lost & abandoned.

There are so many things about that tweet that make me want to give Ari boy a nice shot in his big nose. “Regardless” he begins. Regardless of the lies that were told to both Congress and the American people that got us into this shit storm of a war. Regardless of the thousands of American boys and girls who were killed because of that lie. Regardless of the fact that hundreds of thousands of civilians, MANY of them women and children were murdered because of that lie. Regardless of the economic crash that nearly put us into a depression, and would have if not for Obama and the Democrats saving the country. Regardless…

Fleischer calls the 2007 surge a “success.” Did I miss something? He means the “successes” that followed shortly after? The constant bombings and daily terrorist attacks? The continued deaths of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians? Also maybe Fleischer has forgotten that his boss proclaimed “Mission Accomplished” years before the alleged successful surge. If the mission was accomplished why was a surge needed? Doesn’t accomplished mean done..finished..completed?

No you see Fleischer is full of shit. He is a liar. He was a paid liar. He continues to lie. He said those “successes” were “lost and abandoned” This is what Fleischer tweeted back in 2011…

O decision on Iraq is right one. I was open 2 staying if he made the case it wld help w Iran, but Iraq war is over. It’s time

So Fleischer was before ending the war in Iraq before he was for continuing it. No not really. He just lies and lies and lies. And now that he and his war loving (as long as they don’t have to go to war themselves) neocon buddies like John McCain, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz want to go back to Iraq and do it all over again, Fleischer was just hoping we didn’t find that tweet from three years ago. I’m surprised he didn’t just erase it the way all right wingers do when they want to pretend they didn’t say something that contradicts what they are now saying.

So Ari boy and his buddies are now blaming…you guessed it… Obama.. on the Sunni insurgency! The immense balls they must have (except for when they are asked to go to Iraq and fight). Yes they blame Obama for an insurgency that would never be happening if the Unites States didn’t get involved in Iraq in the first place. Memory check: Dubya Bush was responsible for that. Yes since Saddam Hussein was the only guy who kept things in check in Iraq, once we caused his ousting and murder, all hell broke loose. It hasn’t stopped since and probably will never stop. Memory check number two: This is all Dubya Bush’s fault.

Doesn’t matter though. There is Ari Fleischer with his bullshit tweets and John McCain with his chest beating, telling lies about how it’s all Obama’s fault. How things were going so damn well when Dubya Bush was in control. Yes there will be people who buy it. You know who they are. I have said it here many times before. The black President haters who always find new and inventive ways to blame him for anything and everything. You and I know better.

You and I know that the people running this country in 2001 saw what a loser Dubya Bush was. They knew he had just LOST the election and had no political cache. So they came up with a way to give him some and it was Iraq (you can decide for yourself whether 9/11 was a part of that plan or just a coincidence). They knew that the country would get behind their President when it came to fighting “terrorists” in Iraq and the hated bad guy Saddam Hussein. That isn’t the only reason we went to war but it is the MAIN reason.

So we are here now. With more strife in Iraq. And the same people are saying the same shit. They love two things more than anything else..war and hating Obama. When they can combine those things they get all hot and bothered. The lies come fast and furiously.

Fleischer really is the worst of them because he is everything that is wrong with the chicken hawk. He is a phony intellectual who spews hateful garbage in the most benign way. He is a spoiled wealthy brat.. a boy who talks big and then hides behind the bigger boys. A tough talker without a tough bone in his body.

He makes me sick.





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