June 5, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

soldiers2When it comes to either supporting our troops or hating Obama the Republicans overwhelmingly choose the latter. Oh boy do they ever. The party that loves jingoistic phrases and loud macho alpha chest beating just couldn’t wait to bash the soldier that our President bravely rescued. Yes it is very brave to actually take action. And that’s what our President did. To fuck with the consequences of more bashing and phony scandal and impeachment talk from the right wing scum. Obama actually did the right thing!

Yes the Republicans love to talk big. “Support our troops”…”Semper Fi.. do or die..gung ho..gung ho…gung ho!” But when it comes to taking action all they can do is sit back and be Monday morning quarterbacks. Now many Republicans were caught erasing tweets they had sent out before Bergdahl’s return which said they were in favor of doing whatever was necessary to get him back. You see that was before Obama did what they never expected him to do..actually get the dude back. Republicans, since they are the party of do nothing, or do nothing unless it fucks most people over, figured Obama wouldn’t have the balls to actually make the deal to bring Bergdahl home.

But he did exactly that. And now they are against what they were for. Not the first time the ballsy black President has done something they actually wanted, to only bash him once he pulls the trigger. It’s commonplace. It’s not surprising at all. Not surprising because the Republican party couldn’t care less about our troops. They have been using our troops as pawns for decades. They send them to die in needless, useless wars. They destroy families in the name of power and money and greed and oil.

When the troops come back home all fucked up mentally and physically they cut funding to VA hospitals and know they can just blame the next Democratic President for it. “Never leave a man behind” they shout and pound their bloated chests, yet when the black President brings one home, the last one, they immediately try to destroy the soldiers reputation. Why? To just get back at the black President.

They destroy the soldiers father. Irish big mouthed right wing pricks on television call him “Taliban” because he has a long beard yet those same pricks give a guy like Phil Robertson a pass, because he is just a good American with a long unwashed beard. Old decrepit, senile Senators forget they were just on television saying they were in favor of the soldiers return by any means necessary. But now they are against it because they are fucked up in the head and forget what they just said. But they often do this, even when they were younger. Maybe they were always good for nothing mental midgets.

The Republicans love to “pray” for the troops. Pray for them oh lord! Just don’t let the black President actually bring them home. Let’s keep them in captivity until a good white male Republican is in fifty years if they are lucky. Lip service is all these good for nothing Republican scumbags are actually good for. When they have to take action they shit their pants, and just criticize those who actually take that action.

On issue after issue. Guns. Health care. Veterans rights. Immigration…on and on and on. They are on default mode. Wait for Obama to make his move then attack, attack, attack. Even if it means attacking our troops and their families. Erase those tweets, make up lies about soldiers dying trying to save the guy Obama saved without one lost life, go on Fox News and make shit up!

Republicans are a disgusting lot that grow more and more disgusting by the day. By the event.

To hell with the truth, with facts. Just destroy. Destroy our men and women in war and then continue to destroy them when they get home.

Scum doesn’t get any scummier.




  1. Shanon Rowland

    Hey there Mike, um, why do you keep referring to him as “the black president”? You reiterate that over and over. If he was white, would you constantly refer to him as the white president? No, I imagine you wouldn’t. Stop overstating the obvious unless you are trying to obscure the facts with some racist nonsense.

  2. David A Neves

    I’m glad that you refer to our POTUS as “the black president!” After all, isn’t that the “bottom line”? Isn’t that why they have been treasonously conspiring against this President to oppose, tear down and sabotage EVERYTHING that our President has attempted to do, even to the detriment of the American people?

  3. Amanda

    HahHahahahaha this is the MOST illiterate, inaccurate post I have seen so far. The “black” president is actually mixed idiot. My husband serves this country as an infantry soldier and has earned a purple heart doing so along with many others and for someone to release 5 high profiled terrorists is very disturbing….maybe he should put on some body armor and go fight…he wouldn’t make even a fourth of the decisions he has! How about you spend as much time doing some research as you do worrying about defending Obama’s dumbass for rescuing a DESERTER and setting America up for another 9/11.

      1. Barkley S

        You need to wash your sorry liberal mouth out with soap, mikecaccioppoli. How dare you speak to the wife of someone that actually SERVES our Country in defense of a deserter. Shameful.

  4. Barkley S

    mikecaccioppoli, how does your psychic mind know how I would feel about Bush. When you can not defend the actions of YOUR LORD, you act like you can attack me… you have NO idea. Drink the kool-aid, smoke the hash. I simply defended the wife of an American Soldier, and you attack me like you know me. Get your head out of the sand, DUMBASS!!!

  5. Barkley S

    By the way, mikecaccioppoli, it is not the question of getting one of our own out. It is the question of how he got there in the first place, and the cost of our Nation for the trade. Perhaps you should actually seek the true story, instead of listening to your pot smoking friends. How about listening to the parents of all those lost to capture the Fab 5 that were just let loose.


    Comments by republitards here show they don’t know the facts but they open their fat fucking mouths & pollute the world with their willful ignorance anyway.

    We don’t leave any of our own behind, regardless of what you dopes think he may or may not have done.

    Your side lost to Obama TWICE for a reason you fucking mouth breathing troglodites! Maybe try to figure out why that is. And don’t give me any of your bullshit talking points. Go to your fucking corner, put your fucking pinnochio noses in it & fucking THINK!!!


  7. Mark welker

    support our veterans.
    first up, I would like to say thank you to every vet for their service.

    second, there has been a lot of loose talk about backlogs at the VA.
    I do want to point out the defeated veterans bill from 3 months ago, that would have added personnel, and gotten rid of the backlog.
    nothing gets done without funding.

    here is the roll call vote from that bill…. it shows how each senator voted.

    see for yourself who supports our veterans.

    a timeline….

    1999 In spite of warnings from the VA that their hospitals were in crisis, Republicans who controlled Congress blocked a bill to increase VA health care funding.

    2003 Bush administration budget cuts force 200,000 to wait six months for health care.

    2003 Bush cuts $2 billion in veteran’s health care.

    2003 Bush cut $1½ billion of veteran’s funding.

    2004 Bush cuts another $2 billion.

    2007 Bush vetos HR 1591 that would have increased the VA’s health care spending.

    2010 Republicans filibuster a bill that would have provided benefits for homeless veterans.

    2011 Republicans filibuster jobs bill that would have provided incentives for businesses to hire returning veterans.

    2011 Republican Michelle Bachman proposes cutting $4.5 billion from the VA, including capping health care benefits and cutting disability payments.

    2012 Republicans block a bill that would have helped create jobs for returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

    2012 Republicans block a bill that would have provided job training for returning war veterans.

    2012 Republicans filibuster a bill that would have adjusted VA benefits to keep up with inflation.

    2012 Republicans block seven other bills that would have helped veterans and the VA: HR 466, 1168, 1171, 1172, 1293, 1803 and 2352.

    2013 Paul Ryan’s budget cuts $6 billion more from veterans’ benefits.

    2014 Led by Mitch McConnell, Republicans filibuster a bill that would have boosted funding for the VA by $21 billion, expanded benefits and repealed cuts pushed through under the Ryan budget deal.

    this is all true.

    Republicans don’t give a rats ass about veterans.

  8. harry xavier

    look at the comments spewed by the right wing filth. they speak volumes – EVERYTHING you need to know about the ugliness of their spirit, their casual brutality and gleeful ignorance. they have NOTHING to offer that originates above their waists. NOTHING to appeal to man’s higher nature. nothing. it’s ALL about the fear, hatred, bigotry, arrogance, ignorance and brutality. they are scum lower than prehistoric frog shit at the bottom of the new jersey scum swamp. cockroaches. it’s time to pick up the can of black flag.

  9. Shane


    Don’t forget the greed, mate. GREEEEEEED. That riles these fascist drongos like almost nothing else – apart from hatred, i suppose. Bloody well-said otherwise!


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