June 3, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

bergdahlOK this is it. The height of Republican hypocrisy . I truly cannot take it anymore. I can’t. President Obama swapped five Gitmo detainees, who have been found to be guilty of nothing other than maybe despising George W. Bush, (if this were a crime I would be on death row by now along with many others) for our last remaining POW of Bush’s many wars. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released by the Taliban as the five detainees were sent home. Right away there was Republican outrage over the swap. Of course the guy who was a POW himself John McCain has been extremely vocal in his criticism.

McCain of all people should be championing this. He knows what years in captivity can do your mind, body and spirit. He knows that the people in Gitmo are being held illegally. He knows this but denies it. He claims to be against torture but in the next breath will say that holding human beings illegally is not torture. Yes it is. Those prisoners in Gitmo have as much right to their freedom as Sgt. Bergdahl does. McCain is once again a no good hypocrite, one of rapidly deteriorating mental health as well.

Sarah Palin who had just recently prayed for the quick and safe return of Bergdahl, is now condemning Obama for the swap. Palin has even less worth than McCain. She prays that something will happen even though you and I know she doesn’t believe in shit. However prayer is as far as she goes. When it comes to actually doing something to make that prayer come true she is at a loss. She would praise God but condemn Obama for doing the exact thing she has been praying for. But of course she wouldn’t have any real ideas, or solutions, because she is the quitter from Alaska. She is a soulless, brainless entity that is of no use.

Let’s forget for a moment about the details surrounding the disappearance of Bergdahl. Some are calling him a hero, others a traitor. This is neither here nor there. He is an American who was being held captive by the Taliban and his return is welcome and the right thing to have happened. Once again Obama accomplishes a major foreign affairs issue with little drama and no violence or deaths. Our country wanted him back and he is back. Safe. Ted Cruz said he would have sent forces in to get him. And a hundred American soldier deaths later we might have him back, albeit maybe not in one piece.

If there was to be any criticism coming it certainly can’t be from the same people that had no problem at all with their hero Ronnie Reagan sending deadly weapons to our enemies in return for hostages. Right? I mean this is a no brainer, isn’t it? Thousands of weapons that could in turn kill us and our soldiers swapped for hostages. I mean that is far far worse than just five dudes for one soldier right? Let’s do the math. Oh well most Republicans can’t add so I guess that is out the window!

You really can’t wrap your mind around the hypocrisy. Yet there they are, loud and clear calling Obama a criminal. Saying that what he did was an impeachable act. This is the kind of stuff they are saying. Yes, they fully backed their hero Reagan, the man of their wet dreams (the only kind of wet dreams Republicans can have anyway). But when it comes to that black, socialist, welfare loving, free health care giving President Obama, well then it’s just an outrage!

I will give them some of their own medicine. If you don’t agree with the safe return of an American soldier, you are not a patriot. You are a traitor. You should live somewhere else.

Speaking of that I would like to propose a trade. To the Taliban I send John McCain and Sarah Palin. In return I would like some of your best hummus. I think that’s fair.

Hey, I said I only wanted their best, right?





  1. Fir.E

    I love seeing McCant [McCain] and Pallid [Palin] as traitors! The idea of them being traded away is delightful… thanks for that great idea. What a wonderful world it would be without them and all the other unsavory deadbeats who hate that a black man is our president.

  2. Jeff Pinkerton

    But how much hummus is enough? I mean, after the McCain/Palin swap, there are dozens more who are equally qualified, equally hypocritical, who can be traded. Cruz, Issa, Boehner, just for starters.


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