May 26, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli


I really didn’t want to write about this. Really. I feel very much like Michael Moore, who put out a statement about why he can’t talk about gun violence in the US anymore. It has all been said a million times. This is the new normal. It will happen again very soon. We (the sane people) have made our points, brought up all of the stats, made sense over and over again and yet it doesn’t matter. The fact is that we live in a country that is about two things and two things only. Money and violence. 

I guess I could have said money and power but it’s one and the same. Violence is how we achieve our power. So it’s no surprise at all that another mad MALE goes on a killing spree. He had left some video and some writings saying that he didn’t have this or couldn’t get that and this is why he needs to kill. Some people are saying he ( I won’t mention his name because he would want that) was a spoiled rich kid. Maybe. The others weren’t. The other killers I mean. But there was one thing that united all of them, well the most obvious thing. They were all Americans.

They all had access to as many guns as they could get their crazed hands on. But there I go again, getting into the arguments I and so many others have made many times before. I’m not gonna go there. It’s pointless. The NRA has money and power and so they control the issue. They control the feckless politicians (Republicans AND Democrats) and therefore no matter what happens, innocent children killed, innocent young girls killed, elderly folks, Jewish folks, whomever, it doesn’t make a difference. Nothing will change. 

There are people who are saying BUT THIS TIME it will be different. This time. Because a father is passionate and crying. It won’t. It won’t because he doesn’t have money and power. It won’t because there are too many people like this guy…

Todd Kincannon.

He is not alone. In fact there are enough people like him around now with money and power to destroy the country. That’s exactly what they are doing. Yes our first reaction is to say oh he is just one lunatic. It’s an isolated incident. But it’s not. You know that as well as I do. 

KIncannon has the belief that so many other Americans have. That might makes right. That if only our boys were tougher. If only they were warriors. Those of us that are sane know that is EXACTLY the problem. That boys have no outlet for anger. What are they going to do? Go to a father like KIncannon with their fears? He would just say something like “come on grow a pair son!”

But guys like Kincannon want our boys to be MORE aggressive. To carry guns and be ready to use them. He is one sick fuck but he is among many sick fucks in the country. They are winning, heck I believe they have won. The proof is what we are seeing on an almost daily basis. 

There is more proof. When I see the remarks from someone like Kincannon, I don’t feel like I want to change things. I don’t feel like I want to call my Representative or the NRA or anybody. All I feel is hatred. All I feel is loathing. I want awful things to happen to him and his kind. I can’t mention those things here. It might be illegal. 

This is what I feel. It’s what I feel when there is another mass shooting. 

They have won. We are done.





  1. Mark Grauer

    I am not an NRA member, I do not even own a gun.
    I am NOT a nationalist. “We the people” have allowed our government to transform itself from servants to self righteous, dictators of their own special interests. (On both sides)
    But, America is a great country!
    Stop bashing America!
    Your headline, with that photo is sensationalism.

    If the proportion of violence, torture, murder, etc. that happens every day in other countries, ever happened in America, we would be living in martial law. We are not.

    I don’t want to get into the “gun debate” rhetoric. It is fruitless. Neither side will ever convince the other, in their heated, hateful debates, to change positions.
    But, I think that one thing that both sides do agree on is that THE PERSON behind “the gun of murder” has a mental health problem. That is a given.
    The whole “Anti Bullying” campaign seems more affective to me in preventing a mentally unstable person from going off than a campaign against any weapon.

    I too have been guilty of bashing “the country”, and not taking inventory of my own heart.
    We need to look at our hearts, as a nation.
    What are you doing to help the poor?
    What are you doing to help organazations that look after the mentally ill?
    If you are blessed with a good creative business head, what are you doing to help people?
    There a lot of mentally messed up people in this country, if you ignore that (in your cozy cocoon) , you ignore the root of violence.

    Once this country begins to put people first, ahead of politics, ahead of mammoth profits, ahead of income “class”, ahead of fear, we will be able to work together again as one Nation under God, with liberty and Justice for all. We will be able to work together again, with real solutions. Until then, America has become divided in Spirit, like never before. Yes her Spirit has changed drastically. Ask the elderly. She is beautiful, she is great…but she is in trouble. We have become divided on issues, theories, political stands…we have forgotten to Love and care for Her people.

  2. William J Urmson

    Joe the Plumber and other heartless NRA drones display behavior that’s other than human. They love their guns more than people. With politicians in NRA pockets all we can do is brace ourselves for their next sponsored slaughter. People like Joe the Dumber who support these mass murder’s have the same amount of blood on their hands as The NRA and will answer for it. The policies and laws created by The NRA killed the kids in Newtown and allowed the vigilante George Zimmerman to murder Trayvon Martin. Back ground checks, that the NRA strongly oppose, would help keep guns out of the hands of unstable people preventing many deaths. Powerful weapons like the AR-15 are offensive not defensive weapons and have no business in the hands of the NRA idiots of today. These powerful weapons that The NRA has flooded this country with have one purpose, to overthrow the US government. When you saturate a country with guns as The NRA has done, you can expect these kind of results and they will answer to God for this carnage.
    STAND YOUR GROUND is nothing more than a license to legally hunt and kill innocent people PERIOD~

  3. James Hay

    Firearms are what made it possible for you to go on mindless rants, The idiot that just killed 6 first killed 3 with knives. So we get rid of knives and firearms? Then, as in Australia, the sales of baseball bats goes up and so does the murder rate by them. We’re humans and that’s what some humans do and if one tries to “do” someone around me They’ll get some of their own kind in return. Maybe save a life or two unless some mindless idiots have their jackbooted thugs take my firearms. Then I’ll have to fight bullets with a baseball bat.

    1. Verax

      Jame Hay, most of us don’t want to ban guns, we simply want to stop insane people from being able to buy them so easily. Even past Republican presidents have seen the wisdom of that, Unfortunately, the NRA, whose president could probably use a mental evaluation himself, refuses to understand that.


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