April 2, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli


As I watched the coverage of the latest shooting involving police officers and a person who was in no way, shape or form posing a threat to them, I realized something. Whenever someone talks about a police officer killing a person they use the term “excessive force.” Why don’t they call it what it is? Murder. If a citizen shoots someone in the back, as the police of the Albuquerque PD did, do we say the person used “excessive force?” No we say they murdered in cold blood.

Why do we hold people who are PAID and TRAINED to a lower standard than Joe citizen? These are people who are supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE not kill and destroy. But this is what we now have in these United States, police officers killing innocent people. Finally, at long last, there was a huge protest by the citizens of Albuquerque that caught national attention. The downright stupid police chief said that the shooting was justified but after the protest and the release of the video and all if the attention, NOW he says maybe not.

Hey, jerk, it was DEFINITELY NOT justified. The man, a homeless guy that was just camping where he shouldn’t have been (since Albuquerque is basically a desert wasteland I can’t see why you can’t just camp any fucking place) was turning his back when police shot him dead, for all the world to see. What makes this even more frightening is that the police were taping the whole thing like it was a sick snuff film. Here is Lawrence O’Donnell with the video but let me worn you that it is extremely graphic and very tough to watch.

Probably not too tough for these cops though who think they did the right thing. That is the biggest problem. We have a country where the police act as though they are in a war zone (maybe many of them were too afraid to actually go to war) and escalate situations when they need to be quelling them. They use bombs, riot gear, and tough guy language that seems to come out of some macho, alpha male driven movie rather than real life.

There is a reason why the military doesn’t patrol the streets in this country. We aren’t supposed to have a police state. But let me tell you, at this point I’d rather have real soldiers policing the streets rather than these hooligans that are on the police forces. Soldiers seem to have more respect for human life and more of an understand of what it’s like to be in a TRULY tense situation. There are just way too many cops (it’s no longer the one or two bad apples) on the force these days and because of all of the unjustified shootings, the public no longer trusts them. Not just the criminals anymore, but the general public.

Way too many of these cases are either not prosecuted or dumb, American jurors decide that cops get the benefit of the doubt because well, they just do. This is another problem, too many Americans have a BEHAVE AND SUBMIT mentality. Meaning the authorities are always right even when they are wrong. Just comply and obey! This mentality feeds into this current disease of police brutality and murder that is sweeping our nation.

It will only stop when the people, the citizens, DEMAND that it stops. I’m afraid that eventuality will not be a pretty one.



3 thoughts on “MURDER BY COP

  1. Matthew

    Reblogged this on Carolina Mountain Blue and commented:
    The more I read about what’s going on in New Mexico, the more I get the feeling an LAPD-style consent decree is eventually going to be placed upon the Albuquerque PD…and you wonder why police in America get such little respect anymore; this is but another reason why.


    Your hard-hitting blog tells it like it is…we all have a civic duty to protest all injustice–no matter who commits it…We must watch graphic footage of such police state violence, in order to stop it.
    Ignoring this growing and alarming crisis of the militarization of the police vs. the populace will only empower it…You sound the alarm, as the watchman on the tower!


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