February 14, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli


The most disgusting thing in the entire world is the “pile-on.” This is when someone is accused of something and in no time at all everyone is piling on and joining in on the accusations. I think it’s a truly sick sociological condition. To need to belong to a group of individuals who are beating someone down, regardless if it’s all based on facts or lies, it’s just a bully mentality taken to an extreme.

Enter Woody Allen. I don’t like to get involved in “celebrity gossip” but I felt that I finally had to chime in on the situation. Earlier this month, Woody’s adopted daughter Dylan, wrote a letter to the N.Y. Times in which she said that Allen had molested her when she was seven years old. Now this is an old case from 21 years ago when Mia Farrow accused Woody of molesting Dylan. This was smack dab in the middle of the messy Mia-Woody-Soon-Yi drama and Mia was obviously pissed off at Woody. Maybe she even had the right to be pissed off.

The police did a thorough investigation and found no wrong doing on Woody’s part. As far as Mia was concerned they weren’t sure if seven year old Dylan was coached by Mia or not. They figured it was probably a combination of coaching from Mia and Dylan’s own resentment from being told what a shit her father was for getting involved with Soon-Yi who was in her early 20’s at the time.

Case closed. Or at least it should have been. Cue the Golden Globe awards. I was actually monitoring my twitter feed during the awards and Mia Farrow was being quite entertaining with her tweets about the event. When it came time for the Woody Allen tribute she said something to the effect of…Time to go eat ice cream..or something like that. Anyway I thought it was funny. Then came a tweet by her son Ronan which wasn’t funny. He asked when the part where Woody molests his seven year old daughter was going to be shown.

Being that Woody was never convicted or even indicted for anything Ronan is lucky he wasn’t sued. I certainly would have sued his ass. Ronan is obviously not Woody’s son. He couldn’t look more like Sinatra and he knows who his father is. My guess is that he doesn’t want to talk about this because then his mother would have been still fucking Frank while dating Woody and this wouldn’t make her look good. Anyway I digress.

I personally know of a case where a guy was dating a woman and when things went downhill the woman accused him of fondling her son. The police investigated and said the woman was making everything up and that she was crazy to boot. This happens more than you think..ladies! When a woman does this it can fuck a guys life up for good. I hope the sane, rational women out there understand this. I’m sure they do. Any woman who is found to have done such a thing like falsely accuse a man of molesting a child should be put in jail. Just the way a rape can destroy a woman, a false accusation like this can haunt a man forever. It’s not funny, it’s sick and demented.

Legal and medical professionals said that Woody never molested Dylan and that Mia may very have planted some thoughts in Dylan’s head. Shame on her if she did. I have no doubt that Dylan believes Woody molested her, as it’s not hard to manipulate a seven year old into believing things and then as an adult those manipulations are seen as reality. This is psych 101.

Ronan I’m sure believes Dylan’s story since he was younger than her and has grown up with his sister and mother, having no real contact with Woody. But he is supposedly a smart guy and should know better than to slander someone who wasn’t convicted of any wrong doing.

When I was in school I researched Woody and his films. I found out that women back in the 70’s and 80’s actually had sexual dreams and fantasies about Woody. At first it seemed laughable but it was explained psychologically as women being attracted to a man with a sense of humor, that could make them laugh. Of course Woody was always seen opposite young, good looking women in his films as well.

What I do find amazing now is how many women enjoy the “pile-on.”  It seems easy to look at the aging Woody and to make fun of him, ridicule him for being involved with a younger woman and throw accusations about child abuse at him even though they have no real facts or evidence to back it up. Some of these some people (not all women but mostly) are the first to say an accused person is innocent until proven guilty…but not Woody.

Robert Weide, a writer and a friend of Woody’s came to his defense and all I heard was how he can’t be trusted because he is Woody’s friend. Yet those who had even more at stake, people like Mia and Ronan, well THEIR opinions are valid. And what the fuck is wrong with coming to the defense of a friend? Especially is you are armed with REAL facts like Weide.

Woody himself wrote a response to the accusations and once again brought up the facts. The investigation and the judgement of EXPERTS. He also spoke about some inconsistencies with Mia that I have also found disturbing. If you hated someone and thought they molested your child would you agree to allow your clips from his movies to be shown at an event honoring that person?? That’s exactly what Mia did as Weide put the montage together and had to get Mia’s permission. Also as Weide documents, Mia has always been friends with her former director, Roman Polanski even though he was actually found to have had sex with an underage girl. I mean would someone maintain a friendship with a guy who did pretty much the same thing you accused your ex boyfriend of doing??

No there are way too many inconsistencies with Mia’s behavior. Look, she was justified with being mad at Woody and justified with never talking to him again but to accuse him of something so terrible knowing it never happened is really inexcusable. And for others to join in knowing jack shit about the facts of the case is equally abhorrent.

You don’t like the fact that Woody fell in love with Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of Farrow and Andre Previn? Fine. You don’t like the fact that Woody is always chasing after much younger women in his films? Fine.

But you have no right to accuse him of something like molesting a seven year old after people much smarter and more objective than you said it was nonsense.

Everyone really has to fucking move on with their lives.




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