January 31, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli


So shock of shocks..it now looks like there is evidence Chris Christie knew about the lane closures that caused major traffic jams in Fort Lee, N.J. and contributed to the death of at least one person that we know of. The lawyer of David Wildstein says his client has evidence that proves Christie knew. Once he gets immunity the evidence will be released.

This is what I and so many others have been saying since the start. That eventually someone would talk and Christie would be proven a liar. If the lawyer is telling the truth and I can’t see what he would gain from not as no immunity will be given unless the investigators know what they are getting in return, then Christie is much much worse than just a liar he is also a criminal.

We need to look at this as though it were you or I that caused a week of lane closures and gridlock and possibly led to the death a person. Would we not go to jail? This is what bothers me the most about those in “power”, be it politicians, judges or police. So often when one of them gets caught doing something criminal, they get a suspension or are impeached or fired. You and I would go directly to jail. The same penalties must apply to Christie for causing havoc and tragedy because he was mad at a guy for not endorsing him or because he didn’t want some project to go through or whatever the fuck was the “reason.”

Why would Christie lie when he knew the truth? Because that is what criminals do. We don’t need a psychologist to examine him. 

There is more going on with Christie, having to do with who got how much money from the Federal Sandy funds. It also looks like a pattern of those who played ball with his administration getting more money than those who didn’t. Since it involved Federal funds, if proven it’s also a criminal offense.

Then there is Michael Grimm. The U.S. Congressman from Staten Island who threatened to throw a reporter over a ledge and break him in half like a boy. Yes both. The reporter won’t press charges, probably because he is afraid Grimm will get revenge if he does. Grimm is a total loser, another wanna be tough guy, who if you got him in a room one on one without his gun, he would shit in his pants and beg for mercy like John Turturro in “Miller’s Crossing.” But we know that Grimm always has his gun with him. Like when he waved it around in a nightclub and threatened everyone. The line he was most remembered for in that incident was, “everyone who is white get out of here.” Everyone else had to “get up against the wall”, ordered Grimm, who was an F.B.I. agent at the time. Doesn’t the F.B.I. do extensive psychological testing before hiring someone? Grimm I’m sure had some “connections” from Staten Island who helped get him in.

Grimm’s actions inside that nightclub were criminal as was the incident with the reporter. Once again let’s apply the standard that you or I would be held to. We would go to jail for both offenses. Grimm was an F.B.I agent at the time and is now in Congress. So he is held to a different standard.

Same as Christie, the Governor of New Jersey. I’m sure the worst that will happen is Grimm will not be re-elected (and that is still a big IF because of where he is running) and Christie might be compelled to resign or be impeached. The absolute worst.

We look at people in power in this country as though they should be “respected” or bowed down to. Do what the police say and don’t question it! Respect should be reserved for those who deserve it, a title should make no difference, be it a police officer, and F.B.I. agent, a Governor or even a President.

Christie and Grimm. This is more and more what the Republican party is looking like. They threaten, block, intimidate, and break the law. 

This is not a party anymore, it’s a criminal entity. 









  1. Blue Honey (@devans00)

    I don’t agree that the general public thinks the rich and powerful should get away with criminal behavior. Think how many citizens wanted bankers to pay for crashing the economy because of greed.

    In fact, most of us resent the fact that those lowlifes get away with so much because of their connections and friends in high places. Protecting them from having to deal with the consequences of bad or criminal behavior.

    There’s a difference.

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      So then where is the outrage when a politician gets away with murder, literal or figurative, or police officers are caught on camera breaking the law and still nothing is done?

      Not enough outrage. Too much complacency. Americans in general have a “respect all authority” complex that goes much further than many other nations where they question authority.

      Just take a look at the British parliamentary system where they can question their leaders weekly, in a non respectful way and it’s considered commonplace.

      Not here..it’s called disrespectful when we challenge someone “above us” here. That’s also why so many Americans think people in Congress should make great money, the rich deserve to be rich, while the poor deserve to be poor.

      Remember “Blue” MOST Americans aren’t like us. Take a trip to the south and the mid-west sometime and you will see.


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