January 14, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

timeI know they live in New Jersey and I know they have all watched every episode of “The Sopranos” but why do Chris Christie’s people all act like wanna be gangsters? Maybe it’s because Christie himself is a wanna be gangster, a bad guy in fat guy clothing. He loves to point at people and yell at them, try to intimidate them. He has been called a bully which is exactly what he is because he falls way way short of being a  real gangster, much to his dismay.

One only need to look at the emails that circulated between his staff to see how they are all wanna be tough guys. David Wildstein wrote that it would be “A tough November for the little Serbian.” The Serbian is actually the Croatian mayor of Fort Lee, N.J. Mark Sokolich. It was apparent that Wildstein wanted to get his revenge for some reason, most likely because Sokolich didn’t endorse Don Christie.

Christie’s spokesman Michael Drewniak was even further into wanna be gangster mode when he wrote that a Newark Star Ledger reporter was a “Fucking mutt.” And “Fuck him and the Star Ledger.” He went on to write emails that would talk about situations being “Deeply fucked up” and calling people a “Piece of shit.”

Drewniak’s emails sound like a Martin Scorsese movie. This is in line with his wanna be tough guy persona. They say a fish stinks from the head down and in the case of the Christie crew it looks like they all took their cues from the Governor, his N.J. tough guy act rubbed off on all of them. It’s almost as though they were operating as if they were actually in a movie and not in real life, with a total disconnect from reality.

This isn’t uncommon for politicians especially those on the right. They are actually just nerds who have this psychotic need to be seen as tougher and more dangerous than they actually are. When you look at Wildstein do you see someone who could be considered “intimidating”?  Of course not. He knows that and he and his fellow crew members have always known that about themselves, so they try to intimidate and bully in the only way they know how and it’s all coming out now.

But a real gangster would never be caught putting incriminating material into emails. I mean how sloppy! This is very much the work of the wanna be, not smart enough, shrewd enough, and without any real street smarts. They all learned how to be tough guys from books and movies.

It won’t take long for these faux gangsters to rat out people above them in order to get a deal. They won’t be taking jail time for anyone trust me. They are as close to being real gangsters as the kid who puts on his father’s clothes and thinks that makes him a man.

Christie himself is to blame for all of this, regardless if you believe he knew about it or not. Because he created this culture and his underlings thought they were just doing good work for “the boss.” That he wanted this and would appreciate it, maybe promote them to full wanna be status. Just like him.

This is also why so many people want to see Christie take the fall. Nobody likes a loud mouth who thinks he’s tough shit especially when it’s so easy to see through it all.

We all know that Christie and his crew are fakes, phonies and frauds. Even if in their delusional minds they were real tough guys, making people pay a price for not falling in line.



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