January 10, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

MOOK (urban dictionary)
a dummy, idiot, loser, unlikable person, poseur, etc.
Basically someone that you think is stupid. examples..i hate that mook,what’s with this mook?,get this mook out of here,fuck these mooks,this guy looks like a mook.


It’s truly hard to believe that we are actually debating whether Chris Christie knew about the scheme to back up traffic into Fort Lee, N.J. but that’s what I’m hearing in the MSM. Likable idiots such as Steve Schmidt (the man who inflicted Sarah Palin on us) and Michael Steele are talking about how “information often stops before it gets to the top” and how they “believe Christie was telling the truth” in his non stop psycho babble press conference.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Christie knew everything! It’s that simple. It won’t take long for all of the truth to come out one way or another. I have had bosses that were considerably less antagonistic than Christie and I still would never keep something this big or important from them. But to think for one second that anyone could know about a scheme like this and keep it from a boss like Christie is completely insane.

Try to imagine the fear people who work for Christie must feel when they even imagine getting on his bad side. I shiver to even contemplate it. It’s not like this was a spur of the moment thing either. The emails prove that there was planning involved. When one person says something like “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” and the other person answers “Got it” it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that both knew the deal and planning was involved. Otherwise the second person would say something like “What do you mean?” or “I don’t understand.”

Since there was obvious planning it’s really impossible that Christie didn’t know about it and orchestrate it. It’s also painfully obvious that this kind of vendetta is in line with Christie’s ‘my way or the highway’ persona. Yes he is a bully, there is no doubt about that, and this is the kind of thing a bully does when he doesn’t get his way.

But there was Christie, standing for nearly two hours and swearing up and down that HE was blindsided. He didn’t seem to feel sad about what happened to the people of Fort Lee, or to the 91 year old woman who died when paramedics couldn’t get to her through the traffic jam. He wasn’t saddened by the fact that children couldn’t get to school. No, what saddened him the most was that he was betrayed by his employees, he is grieving you see, grieving for himself.

Christie’s bloated ego was on full display for two hours. More proof that he has the psychological profile of a person that would indeed do such a stupid thing as fuck up traffic to get revenge against someone who didn’t stroke that ego. Christie’s way of governing rubbed off on the people below him, so they also felt they could conspire with him and get away with it. It was all fun and games to them and to Christie as well (he laughed about putting up the cones on the road) until the shit hit the fan.

Oh there is much more shit that will hit the fan and Christie will go down in flames as he deserves to. When that happens I want to confront all of the people in the MSM who believe his bullshit story. My guess is they will give the same song and dance as Christie, that they are hurt and saddened and feel betrayed.

The truth is they are all mooks. Much like the Governor they trust and believe.





  1. CherokeeNative (@CherokeeNative3)

    Bravo Mike. Christie didn’t question his people prior to Wednesday’s press conference & the release of the emails that proved that bridgegate originated from his office because – HE KNEW ALL ALONG who was behind the bridge closure. There was nothing to ask because he was the instigator.

    The only thing that Christie was “blindsided” by was that his people were so “stupid” as to leave an electronic paper trail leading right back to Christie’s office. That is what made Christie so sad – not that his constituents were inconvenienced, not that children were stranded, or that a woman died waiting for EMTs caught in the snarls of his political vendetta. Christie has made a career out of bullying and political wrangling. Christie has been playing these retaliation vendetta games far too long and knows better than to leave a paper/electronic trail. Christie was “sad” that those in his inner circle were so “stupid” as to not know the #1 rule in playing the political retaliation vendetta game after having spent 5 years mentoring from their master. Christie is disappointed that their ignorance and sloppiness has jeopardized his run for the Whitehouse.

    I am appalled that MSM is putting forth a political debate with a partisan spin on it that is treating this as a “teachable moment” for Christie rather than a crime that it is if he is found to have been a player. MSM are all coming to Christie’s defense by insinuating that this is something that the American people should just brush aside instead of treating it with the gravity that it should.

    If it can be shown that Christie, at any time before 8:50 a.m. Wednesday morning had any knowledge of the cause of bridgegate, or the subsequent cover-up, he is guilty of felony conspiracy on many charges. If he did not come forward to proper authorities as soon as he learned of this behavior, he is guilty of a felony. Conviction on any one of these charges in a court of law would mean criminal sanctions. He would lose his license to practice law. Any of these are also impeachable offenses

    While the emails speak for themselves and are highly incriminating, when put together with the known facts and conduct of Christie in handling of this scandal, this is a grave situation that if Christie is found guilty should serve time in prison. For example,

    Why isn’t more being said about Wildstein’s attempt to intimidate reporter Shawn Boburg in order to get him to stop his inquiries into the reason for the bridge closure? When that didn’t work, Wildstein retaliated. See, shawnboburg.com. and http://who.is/whois/shawnboburg.com.

    Why isn’t more being said about Christie’s telephone call to Governor Cuomo the week of December 13th asking that he make Patrick Foye back off from his probing?

    There is the fact that when these efforts did not bring a halt to the probing, Christie quietly called for the back-to-back resignations of his two Port Authority appointees, David Wildstein and Bill Baroni. Obviously, this was done in hopes of cutting off the link between the Port Authority and Christie’s office. We know he wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for Wildstein so there must have been some understanding between the two.

    During this time, it appears that Christie was trying to run out the clock on the Legislative Assembly investigation in hopes of it being dissolved without a finding. The subpoena power of the Assembly was to run out Tuesday, January 14th. All of a sudden, all those ridiculous statements Christie had been making for the last few months made sense. He was simply deflecting until January 14th when he was counting on the investigation being halted. And the fact that David Wildstein had filed a lawsuit trying to block the subpoena he had received was all about running out the clock too.

    Christie had reason to believe that the subpoena power by the incoming Assembly Speaker might not be extended. Christie and his people were hoping that would be the end of it because Christie has had an alliance with some major Democratic power brokers in the state. And the incoming Speaker is the product of that alliance. So there was strong reason to believe before Wednesday that the incoming Speaker might not extend it.

    And as added security, Christie has appointed his current Chief of Staff to be the State Attorney General who was due to be confirmed Tuesday, January 14th. Once confirmed, any decision on whether to prosecute Christie or any of his former appointees and aides for the bridge closure would be made by this newly appointed Attorney General, Christie’s former Chief of Staff. It stands to reason that Christie and his people had reason to believe that the newly appointed Attorney General would not choose to prosecute Christie or his people.

    So, Christie had every reason to believe that bridgegate would eventually go away by one method or the other. That was until 8:50 a.m. Wednesday morning when the incriminating emails produced by Wildstein to the Assembly directly implicated Christie. Up until that time, Christie had no idea the emails existed and had no reason to believe he would be caught.

    So, on Thursday morning, Christie did the only thing he could do to try and salvage his reputation and career short of telling the truth. He held a 2 hour presser during which he threw every one of his remaining appointees and aides (who had been exposed in the emails) under the bus and drove over them repeatedly. As for Bridgett Kelly, his Deputy Chief of Staff he called her a “LIAR” more than once and repeatedly stated how “stupid” she was. Keep in mind that Christie KNOWS there is nothing in writing from him that would implicate him personally in the bridgegate fiasco. Christie is way too crafty for that, but you best believe that his calling Kelly “stupid” was directly in reference to her creation of email trails coming out of his office .

    It is only a matter of time before someone comes forward and tells what transpired. I believe it will be a race to see who can secure an immunity deal the first, Wildstein or Kelly. When that happens, I predict that Governor Christie will resign from office.


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