January 9, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Winning big wasn’t good enough for Chris Christie. That’s because he is still a child. He’s the fat kid who everyone made fun of and now as the adult Governor of New Jersey he needs to get his revenge on all of those that made his life miserable. The jocks, the girls, the skinny beautiful people that he never was and never will be.

Christie in his usual Tony Soprano wanna be style came out and slammed all of those who were trying to make a big deal over the insane traffic jam in Fort Lee, N.J. It was suspicious from the start, thousands of cars backed up from the George Washington bridge because of lane closures that Christie said were part of a “study.” He said that all of those who are claiming he did it on purpose in order to make Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, a Democrat, look bad were just doing so because he is the great Chris Christie, a national figure.

Christie’s figure is a lot bigger than that, but I digress. You see Sokolich didn’t endorse Christie in his re-election bid against Barbara Buono. Many Democrats folded like cheap cameras and did endorse Christie, but Sokolich knew better. He knew Christie was full of shit and did nothing to improve New Jersey, so he didn’t endorse him. This enraged Christie because he wants everyone to think he appeals to both Republicans and Democrats, and that would help him in a Presidential run in 2016. 

Evan though Christie knew he would win easily, (since the Democratic party didn’t give Buono any support), it still wasn’t enough, he wanted more. So he decided to get his revenge on the guy who in essence called him a fat loser. That’s the way Christie always sees it when someone disagrees with him, the awful memories of childhood come rushing back. That revenge would be the lane closures on the bridge that would back up traffic into the small narrow streets of Fort Lee. Take that Sokolich!

However until today the evidence was sparse. Not anymore. The New York Times published the subpoenaed e-mails between his top aides and the Port Authority which proves that the supposed “study” was just the cover for a the planned revenge that led to so many problems in Fort Lee. His aids brag about how it’s “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” and that they shouldn’t feel bad about the kids who couldn’t get to school because they are the “children of Buono voters.”

After all of this Christie is still in full “bada boom bada bing” mode, saying he knew nothing of these rogue aides and their plans. Way to take responsibility fat boy! A true govone if there ever was one. 

But there are much bigger issues here than just how this will affect Christie if he decides to run for President. Abuse of power is an impeachable offense and the N.J. Legislature should move immediately to remove Christie from office. To inflict this kind of manufactured harm on his own people is disgusting and Christie has disgraced the office of Governor of New Jersey.

Then there is the 91 year old woman who died because paramedics couldn’t get to her through all of the traffic. On top of being impeached Christie should be brought up on manslaughter charges for this poor woman’s unnecessary death. His selfish, grotesque actions led to this woman dying. 

The MSM will continue to make this about 2016. That’s all they have the brains to do. But this is about so much more than what might happen three years from now. 

This is about the vile behavior of Chris Christie and how it led to a travesty and a tragedy.




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