January 1, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

Well the big day has arrived! At least two million more people have health insurance beginning today, including myself thanks to President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. That’s two million Americans who up until today could not see a doctor if they were sick or get an operation that might save their lives. I usually say that January 1st is just another day but not this year. This year is much different and it really feels as though we have turned a corner towards a more civilized country.

The United States is the last non third world country to have a decent health care system. Still we lag behind those truly civilized nations such as Canada, Great Britain, Italy and France. Those countries have a true single payer system. It has been said before and I will say it again, the current ACA is basically the same plan Mitt Romney had in Massachusetts and it’s the plan Republicans wanted in lieu of single payer. It is a Capitalist system where most people PAY insurance companies for coverage, same as before except now they have some humane regulations to follow. The prices are also lower for those not making much money, higher for those making more money.

After a shaky October, the ACA Federal website along with the state run sites have seen hundreds of thousands of people signing up for healthcare. December was huge and this makes sense since most people especially younger people wait till the last minute to take advantage of these programs. There are still three months left to sign up for the current enrollment period and most experts believe that with new sign ups for insurance along with the Medicaid expansion, the Obama administration’s hope for seven million new customers will be met.

So now that the numbers are in and coverage has started it’s time for a big New Year’s up yours to all of those people both in and out of government who are spreading lies about the ACA. I see them everyday on twitter. You can spot the right wing talk radio and Fox News drones from 100 miles away. They all have the same talking points. From how the ACA will collect your personal info and spy on you to how Obamacare will cause a shortage of doctors.

To all these red scare morons I want to say that you are all cockroaches and I’m here to squash you!! If I LIMIT my doctor search to only male doctors (I’m kinda weird that way) who accept my insurance and are in my zip code, there are over 500 doctors ALL accepting new patients. 500 doctors that I have easy access to! Yeah a real shortage of docs numb nuts!

These are doctors who are welcoming the business. Another bullshit scare tactic is to tell people they will have to wait months to see a doctor. Hmm..I wonder why I was able to make an appointment for January 7th?!

By the time April rolls around seven million previously uninsured will have insurance while about 500,000 will have to find a new policy because they were dumped by their spiteful insurance company who didn’t want to comply with ACA standards..in other words..policies that were lemons. That’s a net gain of 6.5 million more insured in 2014 than in 2013. And if those 500,000 people get off their asses they can be covered with a BETTER plan as well.

I just love the “argument” that Obamacare will only help “poor” people. Really? So only “poor” people have pre-existing conditions? Only “poor” people had their premiums increased or were told that a procedure they needed wasn’t covered? The fact is that the ACA benefits everyone regardless if they had insurance before today or not.

And for those who complain that Obama keeps “changing the rules” I really would like to slap them right in the mouth. So, when a President sees something needs to be fixed and fixes it, that’s a flaw? It makes sense that Obama haters and therefore Bush lovers would feel this way since their beloved President let Iraq go from bad to worse without missing a night’s sleep. Or their beloved Vice President Cheney who admitted on national television that he really doesn’t have any flaws.

Yes I’m very happy that 2014 is here and now so many like myself have health coverage, but as I write this column I have realized what my New Year’s resolution is.

I promise be more partisan than ever! To be relentless in my quest to expose right wing scum for what they are. Their lies cannot go uncontested.

Obamacare is a success. In 2014 we must make sure Republicans and the Tea Party are an epic fail.





  1. Terri

    Mike, so glad you now have coverage. There were so many people that sucked the system dry when they would show up in the E.M. as self-pays. Many never payed and the hospital would then absorb the cost. I am thankful that the government is dictating that everyone must comply. This will help lessen the burden on those of us who were paying for ourselves plus. Also, be careful, if you were able to get a Dr’s appt. that quickly, double check with others about his practice. Whether they pass with an A or a D, one can still put M.D. behind his name. Good luck.


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