December 29, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Well it’s the end of another year and everyone is doing their annual 10 best or worst something or other so I think it’s the perfect time to give you the Top 10 Republican fuck-ups of 2013. This means the stuff that screws over most people while not at all affecting the top 1 percent. You know, the stuff the Republicans are good at.


The top fuck-up was an easy choice. The 16 day Republican forced shutdown of the government which cost the American people $24 billion. That’s from the self-appointed “fiscally responsible” party. The Tea Party led hard on for Obamacare gave Cruz and his cronies a reason to stop everything and cause financial harm to everyone other than themselves. The economy will be feeling the effects of this for a long time.


Nearly 50 votes by House Republicans to repeal Obamacare even though it is the law of the land and has no chance to be repealed. This instead of tackling issues such as jobs, immigration and gun control. All because they do not want to see this President have any success whatsoever.


November marked the first time in the 80 year history of the food stamps program that the program was cut across the board. That affects 47 million people who rely on the program to eat and live. Included in that 47 million are the elderly and children. The Republicans felt that instead of their rich buddies paying their fair share of taxes, those struggling should get less than $200 a month for food. Disgusting.

4. Goodbye unemployment benefits 

Continuing the spread of their holiday cheer, the Republicans in Congress decided it was time to cut unemployment benefits from 1.3 million people just a few days after Christmas. These are people who morons like Rand Paul believe are just enjoying the meager sum of money they get every month instead of looking for a job. Paul, who like most Republicans in Congress, never worked an honest job in his life simply doesn’t give a shit. By the way, when Paul and other Republicans talk about “lazy people” it’s sneaky racist code for “lazy blacks.” This is how they get their Tea Party voters on their side. Sickening.

5. No gun control

Even an event like Newtown didn’t get Republicans in Congress to agree on sweeping gun control legislation. Think about that. Twenty little kids blown to bits and nothing. Makes me sick and it should make any person with a heart sick as well. Nothing else needs to be said.

6. The Pope is a Marxist!

The leader of Christians tells everyone in his own eloquent way how full of shit Republicans are and they strike back calling him a “Marxist” who “doesn’t understand Capitalism.” Republican and Tea Party voters might want to take a moment to decide whether they side with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan or the Pope. Could be the most important decision they make in life…..or death.

7. Darryl Issa

From Darryl Issa, the man who brought you Governor Terminator, it’s “Scandalgate!” Issa, tried to personally convict President Obama on scandal after scandal, from Benghazi to the I.R.S. to “Fast and Furious.” The result was a whole lot of wasted time and of course money once again. His sick vendetta against the President went nowhere and he needs to face banishment from Congress because of it.

8. Martin Luther King 

On the 50th anniversary of King’s famous “I have a dream” speech, not one Republican in Congress showed up despite being invited. Of course this didn’t prevent morons like Bill O’Reilly to falsely claim that no Republicans were invited, making Democrats look like the bad guys. Once again Republicans turn their noses at a group of voters they claim they are trying to appeal to. What a joke! By the way, O’Reilly still has his job even though he lied..again.

9. Republican Governors nix Obamacare

One thing you didn’t hear from the MSM is how the fact that Republican Governors in nearly half of the states decided to not allow local exchanges helped cause the crash of the Federal ACA website. But so much more important than a website is that these selfish, ignorant Governors prevented their constituents, many of whom have no health coverage, from obtaining good plans that people living under Democratic Governors had immediate access to. They must feel they were elected to fuck people over.

10. John Boehner and his do nothing Congress

Boehner finally exploded after another year of bowing down to the Tea Party and letting them run Congress. But it was way too little too late. Passing the fewest bills ever, Boehner was a total disaster as majority leader. The economy is improving thanks to the President and Democrats but it could be so much further along if Republicans didn’t try to block every single thing that came their way. This is the Congress we are stuck with again in 2014. It should be the last year Republicans control anything!



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