December 21, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

I just received the best Christmas present ever! On January 1st I will be covered under the ACA also known by the name right wingers gave it and the rest of us have run with, Obamacare. There has been so much negative press, most of it bullshit right wing media spin over the ACA. The Federal website has had some issues because so many people need health insurance that it crashed in early October and has been a bit slow at times. Of course this is the only angle that has been talked about because all of those multi-millionaire broadcasters don’t need it so they can revel in the political game of making Obama look bad. 

The real thing to talk about is the program itself and how it will help at least 50 million Americans finally get affordable or free health care. Nobody will give two shits about the slow website when they can see a doctor when they get sick and go to the hospital without it costing them tens of thousands of dollars. We don’t hear many right wing corporate owned media peeps talking about we?

So here is my success story, the real story of the ACA. It’s also the story of millions of others who don’t have the voice that I have to tell the world about how happy they are, how at peace they feel now that they will have insurance. 

I went on “Covered California” the state website for the ACA. By the way, there would never have been the need for a Federal site if all those Republican Governors allowed their states to have their own sites, as was INTENDED. Governors such as Bobby “Swindal” of Louisiana. Anyway I digress. I applied for health insurance but made a slight mistake so I needed to call them to figure out how to fix it. I waited for a short period of time and got a pleasant woman who fixed my issue in no time. She also went through the plans with me, letting me know the differences. 

This is what I ended up with…

A “silver” plan that costs under $50 a month. I get a great tax subsidy because I’m a poor writer. The plan has NO deductibles at all and a doctor visit has a $3 co-pay. I specialist is $5. If I need drugs to calm my nerves from Tea Party asswipes they cost $3 for generic brands and $5 for name brands. If I need an ambulance because Sarah Palin gave me a heart attack it’s a $25 fee. The most I can spend out of pocket for the year is $2200..period. Even if my medical costs are a million bucks. 

When I checked to see how many doctors I can choose from, there were over a thousand in my area. This will end up being the best plan I’ve ever had as well as the cheapest…by far! It’s also important to note that I have not had health insurance for a long stretch. 

These are the facts of my Obamacare success story. Others are having similar experiences. Yes, the more you make, the more your plan costs. That’s the way it should be. Once I’m writing for “The New York Times” I will have to pay more. It’s not called socialism, it’s called FAIRNESS. 

The fact that Republicans are trying to undermine such a great program is disgusting, It makes my stomach turn. I want karma to make them suffer because of it. Millions of people just like me will be able to afford to see a doctor in 2014 and beyond. 

Think about it. ALL of the people we are hearing from in the public eye have great health insurance and they don’t want others to have the same. They have no idea what it’s like to not be able to see a doctor when they are sick. The same goes for their kids and spouses. They simply don’t care about the millions who can’t see a doctor when they get sick.

Our great President, with vision only trumped by the greater FDR, has implemented a program that will help sick people get better.

My gratitude cannot be put into words.






  1. JAAZEE (@jaazee1)

    #TCOT #pjnet #teaparty #msnbc
    $50 a month for a plan that most hard working, middle-class Americans will never be able to afford because they are actually earning a living, paying their bills, feeding and clothing their families. And now THEY will be paying the cost of YOUR insurance.

    Where do you think that Obama “subsidy” comes from, OTHER WORKING AMERICANS.
    You are one happy liberal leech!


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