December 19, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Can she be this stupid? I mean really? The quitter from Alaska, who hadn’t yet finished dancing the jig on Martin Bashir’s grave has come out in support of Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” after he was suspended for making anti-gay remarks. Now I don’t watch that show and never will, and Robertson looks like he is straight out of “Deliverance” so a guy like that making anti-gay remarks doesn’t surprise me in the least. To me this dude is a big nobody so I truly don’t care what he has to say about anything. This isn’t about him at all. I want to make that clear right off the bat.

This is about the mind blowing hypocrisy of Sarah Palin AND her right wing cohorts. When Martin Bashir was FIRED not SUSPENDED from MSNBC because he gave his viewers and idiot Palin a history lesson about slavery, Palin was overjoyed. She was all over the place fingering herself and having multiple orgasms as she spoke about Bashir and his termination. Not ONCE did she say it was a bad thing that MSNBC didn’t uphold his “1st Amendment rights.”

Now however she is full bore with her “endangered species” analogies, this time of course in regards to Mr. Robertson’s (why do all loonies have that last name?) “freedom of speech.” I mean I don’t even think the word hypocrisy does this justice, I just can’t think of a better word to describe it. Is everyone else pulling out their hair the way I am? Please tell me yes!

But it really all makes sense when you stop pulling your hair out and think about it. The right wing has always been for free speech. When it is THEIR speech that is being contested. It’s always been a one way street with them and here is the proof. Fox news anchors, right wing talk radio hosts, dudes on reality tv shows, etc etc, they can say whatever they want because hey it’s free speech! But when a progressive says something they don’t like then it doesn’t fall under the same guidelines. Then it’s just liberals being mean and they must be punished!

Palin isn’t the only right winger coming to the defense of Mr. Robertson. Today on twitter, Gov. Bobby Jindal actually paid to promote a tweet that said the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. He said that the “politically correct crowd is tolerant of all views except the ones they disagree with.”  In fact as I have just pointed out it’s just the opposite. Oh, Jindal is all over twitter defending “his good friend Phil Robertson.” Ted Cruz had come to his defense as well.

What does it tell you when Republicans defend and praise a guy like this but call their Pope a “Marxist.” It tells you all you need to know about the phoniness of their “religious and moral” compass bullshit. Jindal is on national television defending Robertson, but he stays quiet on the attacks from his own party against the Pope. He goes on television to call Robertson a hero but he doesn’t allow the people in his own state who suffered through Katrina to acquire health care through the ACA, Human scum doesn’t come any lower.

I can’t stop thinking about this. Martin Bashir gives us a great powerful history lesson, hoping that he might educate that dumb shit Palin and make her see the errors of using slavery in such a wanton manner and he is fired and nobody in the media except for myself and a few others say a word about it.  Robertson says homophobic crap and gets a suspension and Palin comes stampeding to his defense along with Republican politicians and the right wing controlled media.

Once again I don’t care what A&E does with Robertson and “Duck Dynasty.” I really don’t give a shit either way.

It’s clear however that something must be done with Sarah Palin and that a giant dump in her mouth just will not suffice any longer.




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