December 16, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

No I’m not “letting it go.” Everyday I see and hear crap said by those on extreme right wing talk radio and Fox News that is ten times, no a hundred times, no a THOUSAND times worse than what Bashir said about the quitter from Alaska, Sarah Palin. It’s going on right now as I write this column. It has been going on for years especially since Obama was elected.

It started with saying that the President of the United States wasn’t a citizen. If anyone had said that to Andrew Jackson he would have killed them on the spot. But this President had to take it, over and over and fucking over again. Who the fuck is Sarah Palin? Really who the fuck is that nobody who should be slinging burgers in Juneau?! That this THING was at least partially responsible for Bashir being let go is beyond disgusting.

Over at Fox News now they are doing their annual “War on Xmas” bullshit. Yes I said “Xmas” to annoy them. Bill O’Reilly is once again talking as though Christians are the persecuted ones and that we can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore or that Christmas isn’t celebrated the way it used to be. Never mind the nationally telecast lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, the seven million performances of “A Chistmas Carol” happening all over the country, the celebration of Christmas and Santa Claus in the Thanksgiving Day parade, the hundreds of Christmas themed commercials running on television..etc etc etc. Not only is Christmas still celebrated, it’s shoved down our fucking throats in this capitalism driven country.

Just this fake war alone should get O’Reilly kicked off television. But there he is doing it again, year after year after year.

Then there is that other Rhodes scholar Megyn Kelley, telling millions of viewers that Jesus and Santa were both white. I won’t even get into how bat crap crazy that statement is for so many reasons. The point is why is this even a subject for discussion? I mean who the fuck cares? The only reason to bring it up is to be racist and to offend blacks and all non-whites but mostly blacks. Why is Kelley still on air? How is it possible?

You see, I just mentioned a few reasons why Martin Bashir should still have his job on MSNBC, but there are many, many more. I can’t let it go because everyday I’m reminded why his firing, forced resignation or whatever the hell you want to call it, was so unjust. Whenever I see O’Reilly, Kelley, Hannity or hear LImbaugh or Levin say things that would never be said in a country that wasn’t full of imbeciles whom allow it, I think of Martin Bashir and his smart, witty, droll repertoire and the fact that I can’t hear it anymore. It makes me mad as hell. I don’t suffer injustice well and that’s what happened at MSNBC.

When I think about how it all happened because of a comment aimed at Sarah Palin, I really get pissed off. You can talk shit about our President or as the right wing is doing now, the Pope, but say something negative about Palin, and watch out! Just stunning!

There are two things that need to happen come the New Year. The first is that Martin Bashir needs to be brought back.

The second thing is that during her new show, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” there needs to be a moment where Palin, showing us the wonders of nature, looks up in the sky, only to have an eagle take a giant dump in her wide open mouth!



  1. frankpovah

    Perhaps you should point out to the O’Reilly that “Xmas” is widely used in other countries (Australia for one), dates from the 16th century and that the X derives from the Greek letter Chi which is the beginning of the Greek for “Christ”.


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