December 12, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Understand this isn’t about politics. This has never been about politics. It’s absolutely fine that MSNBC has a “conservative” voice on the station. No problem at all. The problem is that Joe Scarborough as I wrote in a previous column, is a rat. A no good rat. He happily admitted this on the Steve Malzberg show. If you watch the video you will notice how Malzberg at first thinks that Joe is telling him that he won’t talk poorly about other MSNBC hosts but then Joe tells him that whenever he hears something he doesn’t like from a fellow host, he goes right to MSNBC boss Phil Griffin and tells him that if the offending host doesn’t apologize then he will have to chastise that host on-air.

This no doubt had something to do with the dismissal (enough of this “resignation” bullshit) of Martin Bashir. This is the problem. Griffin and the people above him at NBC Universal and Comcast need to understand that a network cannot be run by a fascist host who thinks things need to be run his way. That he can say anything he likes but everyone else is subject to his approval. Griffin’s many bosses need to know this is no way to run a cable news network. Not only is it unprofessional but it’s incredibly hypocritical since there is obviously nobody looking over Scarborough’s shoulder.

Now the only reason Joe could have such pull with Griffin would be because of the money his sponsors bring into the network. So we must hit him where it counts. If Joe’s sponsors lose money they will jump ship and Joe’s influence will head overboard as well. This is so important because nobody wants all of the other hosts to have to censor themselves to Scarborough’s liking. To my knowledge there is nobody at FOX News who censors the hosts there, so they can say anything (factual or not..usually not) and continue to keep their jobs. They can also spew bile towards Democrats and the President and face no punishment.

We need to keep things on a level playing field so the progressive voice can be strong and unfiltered and have as much influence as the conservative voice. This is so vital to the well being of this country, its survival actually.

MSNBC has lost a good chunk of viewers since Bashir’s dismissal and I want to remind you to sign the petition to bring him back. It doesn’t matter if Phil Griffin doesn’t care (his phone line has been ringing off the hook as well) we still need to have our voices heard.

It’s important to keep this sponsor boycott to the sponsors of “Morning Joe” only. He is the focus of this. You might remember when Joe said that he wouldn’t allow Chris Matthews back on his show till he “shaped up.”  Or when he banned Markos from “Daily Kos” from all shows on MSNBC because he mentioned Joe’s dead intern problem. All shows on MSNBC! I wonder how he managed that feat?!

So time and time again we see the grotesque influence that Joe has on all MSNBC programming. It must stop and it must stop now!

The only way this will happen is to hit him where it really counts, his wallet. So please be my guest and tape “Morning Joe” and take note of the sponsors. Tell them you will not buy their products and why.

Together we can insure that the other hosts on MSNBC will one day be able to truly speak their minds.

Then we will have the progressive network we deserve. Remember it’s not about politics, it’s about fairness and freedom.




  1. Brenda Costello

    In order to find out who the sponsors are, I have to watch the show?! Please NO! Can’t you just give us the names of the sponsors so we don’t have to go through the torture of listening to this righteous jerk and his milquetoast sidekick?

  2. jacqui

    great article, and yes who are the sponsors? Joe needs to go, we want news in the AM not his obnoxious holier than thou opinions. He is a despicable human.

  3. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    If enough people just #BoycottMSNBC altogether, there would be no need to have to watch the stupid show to get to know the sponsors in order to boycott them. The last time we #BoycottedMSNBC, after Ed was taken off weekdays, their ratings hit the basement, & Ed was brought back. It’s very important for us ALL to #BoycottMSNBC (ALL OF IT) for any of this to work. Do it COLD TURKEY, which is the best way to cure ANY ADDICTION. IT WORKED FOR ME!

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      I understand but thats not the best way. People who agree with us are already not watching. Joe has welcomed these kinds of boycotts in the past because they usually fail. If 100 people dont watch it means zero. If 100 people call sponsors the money CEO’s get nervous. Trust me ive been in the business. The people have to do some work if they want change. Just not watching and eating a bagel wont do shit.

      Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4G

  4. MV Hughes

    I’ll try watching Scarborough long enough to catch the sponsors but you realize this will cause my blood pressure to rise precipitously, my voice to get loud yelling “dumb f k” every time he says another idiot thing, which is simply non-stop. Three hours of idiot blithering that starts his wind-up whine with “Obamacare” and then continues every minute or two for the rest of the show. And if he can’t get anybody to play, he interrupts his guests or co-hosts, who sit there looking apoplectic most of the time, so he can once again start an Obamacare attack, which he says over and over, day after day, no new points, no new nothing. And the jerk says he proudly belongs to the Club for Growth. Look at his book reviews on Amazon. Notice you’re not hearing a word about that failure of a tragically pathetic piece of garbage. But the reviews are from his own and they are devastating. If that idiot is not good enough for the Teas because he was loud about gun legislation, then we need to really be afraid of the ones they keep running for office.

  5. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    Obviously, no one is willing to watch that IDIOT long enough to write down the names of his sponsors. I will not subject myself to a CVA (stroke), when a complete #BoycottMSNBC will do the trick. Because, you see, it’s not only Joe Scarborough who is the #Villain here. It is all who participate on that EVIL NETWORK! I believe that the ENTIRE NETWORK and ALL who reside there, & who do not speak up & come to the aid of those who are being persecuted, must be punished. If it were just Martin Bashir, it would be simple. But a series of good, honest progressives, who have not been able to voice their opinions and stand up for their beliefs, have been pushed out of their jobs. These include (but are not limited to): Phil Donahue, Keith Olbermann, David Shuster, Cenk Ugyur, Contessa Brewer, Dylan Ratigan and Martin Bashir. I realize that there have been more, but these are the ones I can easily remember. These have been strong, clear progressive voices who have lost their platforms, due to the heavy-handed, domineering right-wing agenda of the executives, sponsors & corporate interests of NBC & MSNBC & their SHILLS. There is nothing left for progressives of good-will to do, but a complete and thorough #BoycottMSNBC until these executives are brought to their knees or replaced for good!


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