December 10, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

I’m usually not one for campaigns that petition to re-hire someone because it’s awfully tough to pressure a boss into making a decision that he or she doesn’t agree with. It’s not like putting political pressure on a politician or a business that might be afraid of repercussions with voters or a loss of revenue.

It’s pretty obvious that MSNBC head cheese Phil Griffin isn’t worried about losing viewers even though there is no doubt he has lost a decent chunk since Bashir’s “resignation.” We know he doesn’t care because if he did care, he wouldn’t have let Bashir go in the first place.

There is a petition going around to tell Griffin to bring back Bashir, who was one of the most unique voices on the stations. I urge you to sign the petition. I’m not saying that it will work but Griffin needs to see the number of folks who are pissed off. I haven’t turned on MSNBC since Bashir left and I don’t plan on watching the network again. I’m not the only one, believe me.

Bashir’s “resignation” isn’t the only reason. Why bother watching a network where the hosts are held to a standard that is so much higher than anywhere else on broadcast television. Politics is a contact sport and so is talking about politics. Griffin does not understand this concept. I’m sick and fucking tired of liberals being the ones who must take the higher ground all the time. I’m tired of liberals who don’t stand up and fight toe to toe with their conservative counterparts. It’s high time for liberals to stop saying they are sorry.

Bashir was let go because of a “harsh” comment made about Sarah Palin. This is the same women who spouts bile on a daily basis about Democrats and POTUS. No, not valid criticisms but outright slander and lies. Has Palin been “resigned” from Fox news? NO. So her shrill voice remains on air while Bashir’s volice is silenced. THIS is the media environment we are living in here in the United States and I’m fucking sick of it.

This all means there is no level playing field when one network always their hosts to say anything they want while another silences it’s people for the same or lesser offenses. Who wins? The conservative voice and the country loses because this is 90 percent of what the people hear, 95 percent if you factor in right wing talk radio.

The other problem as I spoke about in my last post is that Joe Scarborough seems to be the guy who is really running things over at MSNBC. AS he admitted in an interview, he runs to Phil Griffin when he hears something on the station that he doesn’t like and demands the host apologize. Who the fuck would want to work in such an environment?

Also it’s not like any of this is working, as MSNBC’s ratings are in the dumps. So if it’s broke, fix it!

One way or another Martin Bashir needs to be brought back. If Phil Griffin won’t do it someone above his head must.

Customers matter. The people who watch MSNBC want Bashir back and they want a network that allows its hosts to speak their minds without fascist censorship!




  1. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    MSNBC is a mere speck of its former self, now that Griffin has fired all who would speak TRUTH2POWER! Keith O. MADE this network, & without him, it’s NOTHING! The others who’s free speech was too much for Griffin include Phil D., David S., Cenk U., Contessa B., Dylan R., & of course Martin Bashir. Without these REAL JOURNALISTS, this network is NOTHING but HOT AIR! #BoycottMSNBC for the TRUTH!

  2. shelley1laysi

    Well I agree with all you said here and my only other suggestion since I previously signed and shared a couple of petitions for Bashir…I suggest we take to targeting the sponsors of the get mouthy JOE Sucking Scarborough, he is NOT to big to fail in my book!! We need to get their attention by hitting them in the pockets…same as we did with the Great Rush L. we moved him from where he was for years and years…we didn’t end him but we surely made a mark and got his sponsors attention some whom still never picked him back up. That’s another bird we need to revisit with a vengeance, but that’s fodder for whole other filthy animal, let me not get started on Rush.

  3. polytix

    Agreed and well stated. I have been waging my own campaign, but it’s always better to join forces…thank you!
    Pls CALL 212 664-2456

  4. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    Good idea to #BoycottMSNBC & all of their important SPONSORS + their OWNERS, Comcast + GE. I already got rid of Comcast, after they forced Keith out. I could see the handwriting on the wall. Just think of the impact we could make if we could organize this!

  5. shelley1laysi

    Well I think we must pinpoint Joe Morning because he is where the head of the problem is. We need them to know without mistake what we are taking issue with. Joe Morning and the fact that Bashir was removed directly or indirectly based on Joe’s suggestive advice ??? To target all the sponsors would leave Joe to believe, suggest and escape as He would love to generalize it so it would reflect the entire MSNBC line up and deflect from himself…when the other MSNBC shows are not our target and don’t carry the big powerful friend/buddy relationship Mr. Joe & Mr Phil share. (Joe speaks & Phil jumps) imho

    1. mikecaccioppoli Post author

      Yes I agree…I think the focus needs to be on Joe..and not for his politics…for the fact that he controls the station and the content. That he can speak his mind but others can’t..make sure this is the focus.. to bring back Martin..

      1. shelley1laysi

        Agreed! Anyone interested in jumping on the startup committee please contact/friend me, facebook is: Shelley Laysi Peterson or email: … Looking to get started this weekend. Let’s Do This!

      2. mikecaccioppoli Post author

        Great! Let’s also remember that Joe happily admitted on Newsmax that he goes to Griffin to complain when he hears something he finds “offensive”..this isn’t guess work..along with Cenk saying he saw this when he was at MSNBC..

    1. polytix

      Aria, I would love to come to your group, but I have no idea where it is. Might you include a link so that I can join forces?


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  7. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    Although Joe Scarborough is a DISGUSTING EXCUSE for a human being, I still believe that #BoycottingMSNBC is the only answer. I understand that this is not easy for many of you, & that it is easier to just Boycott Scarborough’s sponsors, but that cannot get off the ground unless one makes a list with the names & e-mail addresses of those sponsors & organizes a campaign. It’s MUCH EASIER & MORE EFFECTIVE to just #BoycottMSNBC IN ITS ENTIRETY.

    1. shelley1laysi

      In my experience the detailed or specific targeting is going to target better and will appeal to the a much larger majority. I personally don’t believe we will have as much serious strong support trying to take on and boycott the entire MSNBC network vs a specific show or person for a specific goal or goals. Not to mention, targeting the entire MSNBC would be damaging to our party and actual give a lift to our opposition …We don’t need to eat our own sorta speak or throw out the babies with the bath water. We have already started gathering the information on the sponsors for Joe Morning. There are a few on board and we do welcome anyone else who would like to jump in on the ground floor. This has worked in the past for me, however I am open to other suggestions. Just not anything that will give red meat to the right or destroy or diminish the good that is served by MSNBC. imho


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