December 7, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Where I grew up there was nothing worse than being a snitch, or as they called it..a rat! It was considered the lowest of the low and there were major repercussions if you were deemed to be in that lowest of low category. I will leave those repercussions to your vivid imaginations. The many fans of Martin Bashir were and continue to be shocked and dumbfounded as to why he was forced to resign because of a few harsh words aimed at the great quitter from Alaska, Sarah Palin. 

Why, with all of the horrible things that come out of the mouths of people on Fox News and right wing talk radio, was Bashir canned for this small “offense.” There have even been worse things said by hosts on MSNBC that didn’t warrant such a harsh penalty. So why now? Why Bashir?

Low and behold we now find out that “Morning Joe” as his brand describes him, otherwise known as Joe Scarborough, runs to Phil Griffin, the head of MSNBC whenever he feels one of the other hosts has said something Joe finds offensive or “insensitive.” Scarborough himself admitted this on the Steve Malzberg show, and former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur bears witness to the fact that Joe would do this routinely when he was at MSNBC. 

Yes, when Joey boy would hear something he didn’t like he would run to his best buddy Griffin, and tell on the “offending” host. He would tell Griffin that if something wasn’t done he would chastise the host on air. Like Fox, MSNBC doesn’t like it when their hosts go after each other on air even though that would of course make for great television. So Griffin, who is described as being very close to Scarborough, would make sure there was some kind of punishment. 

Now it’s laughable that someone like Scarborough would be the “policeman of the station” because if you remember he was the guy who ended up with a dead girl in his office when he was in Congress. One can only imagine how many people he tried to hush up when that happened! But beyond the absurdity of it all there is a big problem at a station where one host is allowed to wield so much power.

Why does Griffin care what offends Scarborough? Well it probably has more to do with money than any kind of loyalty. Scarborough is a brand at MSNBC, you can’t go to Starbucks without being reminded of his dull, idiotic morning show. There is a lot of dough involved and of course in the soulless entertainment industry that speaks volumes, so he gets his way.

Which brings me to another point. Maybe Scarborough is too full of himself to grasp this idea, but what he and the other hosts at MSNBC do, as well as on Fox and to some extent on CNN is not news reporting, it’s show biz! The news reporters were Cronkite, Jennings, Rather and Brokaw. There are no such types on cable news outlets these days. The point is to put an entertaining spin and strong point of view on the current events items of the day. THAT is what they do. So Joey boy shouldn’t take what is said so damn seriously as to run and tell on his supposed colleagues who I’m sure hate him for it.

Doesn’t it just make you sick thinking of Scarborough running into Griffin’s office and crying about something he heard that he didn’t like? What is more sickening is that Griffin would even listen to him at all. But this is obviously the way things go at MSNBC and now we know more about what led to Bashir’s departure. 

Maybe Martin got sick of Scarborough’s bullshit or maybe Joey boy told Griffin an apology just wasn’t good enough. Either way we now know there is a big rat at MSNBC that unlike most rats likes to run around and create havoc once the sun rises. 

That rat wouldn’t have gotten away with this stuff where I come from. Where he comes from however, it gets rewarded.




  1. J. Mark Soveign (@MarkSoveign)

    There is nothing about the above post that offends me. I would argue however that Joe Scarborough represents the voice of anarko-corporatocracy – people who succeeded at getting half of America to hate the other half through the abuse of the public airwaves not owned by radio and TV stations, but licensed to them in exchange for doing the public good (PSA’s, election results, etc.).

    The anarko-corporacrats sought to divide and conquer the American public by pitting the left against the right, making distraction from meaningful issues easy as bringing two opposing sides on TV to “debate” the issues of the day. When nothing is settled at all just say “we have to leave it there.”

    Joe Scarborough gets paid $99K per week to tell others that it is fine for them to work for seven bucks an hour at MacDonald’s or Walmart. Good work if you can get it. The sad irony of the Martin Bashir tale is that cable TV is a paid-for good, cable TV is not regulated in the same way as the fully-public AM radio airwaves are. The filth uttered on right-wing hate radio programs by such “talent” as Michael Savage and Rush is completely insufferable, yet nobody complains. Cable television can broadcast nudity if it chooses to, so why did Martin Bashir have to go? A matter of taste? What is the standard? What offends Joe? OK then, let’s all ask Joe what HE thinks is suitable for the ears of the public that listens to AM radio.

    I am guessing that this will never happen.

    1. MV Hughes

      There is no one more offensive than the utterly vapid and empty suited Joe Scarborough. For him to hold power at MSNBC is truly disturbing. Great article and great post.

    2. shelley1laysi

      Exactly, it wouldn’t happen and Mr Joe Sucks Scarborough (I can’t stand him period) would of course refuse to answer that directly I’m sure. But let me say I do not think even Mr JOE himself is NOT to big to fall. We have to remember when we hit them in their Sponsor’s Pockets and let it be known why we are protesting those specific Sponsors it does move some mountains around. I say it’s time once again to rattle some Sponsors loud and long right now before election time is here…Perfect time to do it…Thoughts anyone???

  2. Truthglow (@truthglow)

    I have NEVER been able to tolerate THE ‘IDIOT’ or his symbiotic, make-believe “wife.” It seems, neither can go on air without the other. Nor can either form a complete sentence without the other sitting next to him/her, completing each other’s sentences. This is a sign of pathological narcissism, and it appears to be present in both personalities. Their’s is a program of “has-beens,” “almost-beens,” and “never-will-be’s.” Few of their guests have firm, strong, or interesting opinions. Even if they did, the show wouldn’t make it in its time-slot, on its “make-believe” liberal network. Both “stars” and guests fool around, acting like a bunch of junior high school adolescents. There is no deepness, thought, or interest apparent in any of the involved ‘actors.’ That’s why I cannot fathom watching. But apparently, Phil Griffin loves it, and takes advice from its Right Wing “star,” who was implicated in some very serious “wrongs” to his female assistant during the time he was in politics. This occurred at the VERY SAME TIME he was trying with all of his might to IMPEACH PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON! Somehow he was able to save himself by making a quick exit from politics to safety, with little fanfare, into the waiting arms of NBC TV. But the question lingers. Did he do it? How can Griffin say that Scarborough is ‘OK,’ & Martin, Keith, Cenk, Dylan, Phil, Contessa, & David are NOT? I believe that Scarborough’s infraction was MUCH worse than these others, and beside, he is a DUNCE! The others made for INTERESTING TV! BRING THEM BACK! GET RID OF SCARBOROUGH! STOP LISTENING TO GRANDPA TOM BROKAW’S OPINION, OR WE REALLY WILL: #BoycottMSNBC FOR GOOD!!!!

    1. shelley1laysi

      I say Boycott Joe Sponsors that will change alot fast…on behalf of all that’s not right with MSNBC it needs to get back to the Good it was building on.

  3. shelley1laysi

    Well I think we need to pinpoint Joe because he is where the head of the problem is. We need them to know without mistake what we are taking issue with. Joe Morning and the fact that Bashir was removed directly or indirectly based on Joe’s suggestive advice ??? To target all the sponsors would leave Joe to believe and escape and He would generalize it so it would reflect the entire MSNBC line up…when that is not our target. imho


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