December 2, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

This is what the headline should have been when Pope Francis recently spoke about his disdain for “trickle down” economics and the “idolatry of money.” Of course very few people in the mainstream media dare to make the most obvious of connections between the writings of the Pope and the Republican party.

When the Pope wrote about how the all out love, desire and worship of the almighty dollar would lead to a “new tyranny” he was basically speaking directly to Republicans in Congress. He was denouncing their latest cut in assistance (food stamps) to those in need. When it comes to hurting people the Republicans continue to look towards the least fortunate among us. They never look at themselves and their rich buddies, like Mitt Romney, who get away with a 14 percent tax on their millions while struggling Americans pay upwards of 25-30 percent.

The Pope was also denouncing the Republicans main objective over the past couple of years, getting rid of Obamacare which would prevent millions of people from getting affordable health care. But the Pope didn’t just show his opposition to the Republican party through words, we can also look at his actions. He has taken the office of Vatican Almoner to a new level. This is the charity division of the Vatican which up until recently has been run by an older diplomat on his way out. The Pope has given the job to a 50 year old and he made the job more hands on, almost to be an extension of himself and the charity work he did when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires. That work by the way often included going out late at night and bringing food to the homeless. He would sit and eat with them on the streets.

So basically everything this Pope believes in, everything he stands for, flies in the face of the Republican party platform. The Pope also spoke about his concern about the growing gap between the rich and poor, along with wealthy tax evaders (see Romney). He said ruthless free market economics (see capitalism) is a killer that is inherently sinful.

You can’t see this any other way than Francis saying that the Republican party in the United States simply sucks and does not reflect Godly principles even though they claim, in every situation possible, that they are the party of God.

The Pope just called them out on years and years of utter bullshit and hypocrisy. He said if you believe as he does, you would never even think about voting for a Republican or believe ANYTHING they believe. Because if you do so it’s a sin. Plain and simple.

Let’s see if any of the American people who consider themselves Christians change their ways of thinking and voting now that their Pope has spoken.

Or if they are as full of shit as the people that represent them.





  1. Naomi Baltuck

    I really didn’t expect much from the Pope. The last one was just as homophobic and misogynistic as one could expect, and a Hitler Youth as well. But Pope Francis could make some incredible changes in the Catholic church and the world. He seems less concerned with keeping the church’s power and dictating by rote. Pope Francis seems more interested in doing actual good in the world and speaking out for those who have no one to advocate for them. I have the greatest respect for him. He is courageous and sincere and good.

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