November 27, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and you can bet your member of Congress is preparing a nice feast for turkey day. I’m sure they will have their family members there as well as some very special invited guests. There will be the huge turkey filled with tons of yummy stuffing, the mountainous mashed potatoes, the sweet cranberry sauce, candied yams, and of course a few pumpkin pies to finish off that perfect Thanksgiving meal.

For those on food stamps however, there won’t be such a meal. Even in past years there wouldn’t be such a meal but especially this year. This is because Republicans, led by the Tea Party, have cut the program. This is a program that would give an out of work individual $200 max per MONTH for food. But Republicans felt these people were just getting too damn much money in order to live. They felt it was more important to take food out of the mouths of children and the elderly rather than ask their rich buddies to pay their fair percentage of taxes. They felt it was much, much easier to make people starve than to not shut down the government and save $24 billion. And they want to cut even more!

This is your “family values” Republican party. Your “Christian” Republican party.

The pope has just written that capitalism is a “new tyranny” while urging leaders to “fight poverty and economic inequality.” He also slammed the “idolatry of money” and “trickle down economics.” That last one made the true God of the Republican party, Ronald Reagan turn over several times in his grave.

So according to the Republicans this pope is a socialist. Maybe even a communist. Here is the real difference between Pope Francis and Republicans in Congress. Well there are obviously many differences but the biggest one is this: The Pope is a true man of religion, spreading the teachings of Jesus. Whether you are a believer or not, this is what his mission is. The Republicans in Congress are false prophets. They pretend to be people of religion, many of them pretend to be Christians but they are really just phonies who USE religion to dupe people into voting for them and making them rich and powerful.

The proof they are fakes, phonies and frauds is that they believe exactly the opposite of the Pope, the man who is supposed to be their religious leader. The Pope would not vote to cut food stamps in fact he would vote to increase it. The Pope would not talk about people on food stamps as though they are lowlifes who are stealing from the system. The Pope would not do this not only because he is a good and kind man, but because he is also a smart one and knows that the fraud rate in the program is down to just 1 percent.

Republicans in Congress care about them, themselves and their own. They care nothing about the people, many of whom are their own constituents who need the assistance to live. They like to talk big about God, about how it’s SO FUCKING important to say the word in the Pledge of Allegiance and how they go to church every Sunday. They always invoke God when they are caught doing cocaine or cheating on their wives or stealing money. He is their salvation!

But when you go to the homes or apartments of the people on food stamps and all they can afford is turkey cold cuts with a side of macaroni salad because they need to conserve the few dollars they have remaining from the little assistance they get, you will understand that these Republicans aren’t very close to God at all.

They are much closer to the Devil.




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