November 25, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Another great foreign policy achievement from the Obama administration as Iran has agreed to halt their nuclear weapons program for six months while more talks take place.  This comes after Syria agreed to destroy their chemical weapons. Which came after Gaddafi was removed from power in Libya. Which came after the Iraq war was ended. Which of course came after Bin Laden was killed. Get the point?

Of course the Republican party led by the Tea Party, is once again trying to not only downplay the achievement of our first black President, but to actually try to say that Obama is allowing Iran to get a bomb? WTF? Then there is the more idiotic “argument” that Obama is using Iran as a “distraction” from the ACA. 

So they are saying that Obama wants to change the subject from giving health care to millions who don’t have it in order to bring peace to the world. Great argument! Only in this fucked up country (and yes folks proof it’s fucked up is that we are talking about this at all) would the media be giving ANY attention to these people. Problem is many of them are running the country. 

You see we have a party that is absolutely obsessed with Obamacare. They go to bed at night and dream about how to prevent millions from having what they have. They believe only rich, powerful douchbags should have health care. So they think the President should do nothing else except defend the ACA because that is all THEY can focus on. The business of the country and the world should just stop..forever. 

But the loudest screams are coming from that group that needed something to finally scream about. The neocons. You know, the guys who love war so much that they masturbate to images of bombings and people with lost limbs and dead bodies. You see they are sick people, just very sick individuals who think it’s their privilege to send others to die while they watch and get off. 

Most of them never went to war. Some like Dick Cheney, avoided going several times, using influence to get out of it. People like MItt Romney who just loved the Vietnam War but went to France, a country he will now deride, in order to avoid going to fight. These people are really the lowest of the low, there should be a special place in hell for all of them.

These people are the worst of them all because they actually believe this shit. The Republicans in Congress, led by the Tea Party, and the people on talk radio and Fox news are just playing a the game of don’t give Obama credit for anything. The neocons however really think we should dominate the world and kill anyone who gets in our way. This is why they are even worse than the political hacks in Congress. 

After eight years of a monkey President who allowed the neocons to run his administration while he really didn’t care to understand any of it, we finally have a President who wants to work towards and achieve peace. Imagine that. Even Bill Clinton pales in comparison. 

Yet what we get from the right is either facile political posturing or the drum beat for more war. From the same people who gave us the Iraq war and so many meaningless deaths. 

They are a cancer that continues to eat away at the heart and soul of this country.




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