NOVEMBER 22, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Boxing is more than just about throwing wild punches and hoping to get in a lucky punch. It’s a game of finesse, where you have to size up your opponent and maybe even play possum. To make your opponent think you are in trouble, to deceive them into thinking they have the upper hand, before coming out of the corner and unleashing a series of blows that knocks them out cold.

Harry Reid, the great leader of the Senate was a boxer at one time. If you think about, he was born to be a pugilist. His looks are deceiving. He looks very much like he could be your grandfather, or a character in a Norman Rockwell painting. Yet beneath that cool, calm exterior beats the heart of a lion. Someone who took on organized crime in Las Vegas in the 70’s when they wanted to run casinos. He went toe to toe with guys who wanted to and could whack him, they even tried. So do you really think he is afraid of a Mitch McConnell? Seriously.

Reid could only take so much. Like the quiet kid who is bullied over and over again until he loses it. The quiet kid with the fists of steel. Yesterday we saw that quiet kid get his revenge. He said no more bullying. President Obama was elected twice…easily. He destroyed John McCain and Mitt Romney. That means he destroyed conservatism. The country chose liberalism…twice. And if you think McCain and Romney aren’t “true conservatives” you belong in a nuthouse.

However, the Tea Party led Republicans have blocked every single thing this President wants. His judicial nominees are highly regarded by normal sane people across the spectrum. But even if they were considered extreme liberals, this twice elected President has every right to appoint them because, you see, he was elected by the people to do just that. To govern in a Progressive way. The people said that..twice. Like it or not.

When Scalia, a far far far right judge was nominated, 98 Senators voted for him. The Democrats didn’t like his ideology one bit but it didn’t matter because THEY understood that elections have consequences and Scalia was qualified. They also understood that the government MUST work for the people and not be shut down.  Life goes on.

This Tea Party led Republican party doesn’t care about any of that. If THIS President wants it, they are going to block it. Harry Reid had enough of this. So he finally destroyed the filibuster, knocked it right the fuck out.  It was a series of small jabs before the big right hook. Boy was Mitch McConnell shocked. He was so surprised he nearly pissed himself. He thought Reid was done. Too afraid to come out of that corner and throw those KO punches. So he did what any sore loser does after the fight. He moaned and cried.

Yes, McConnell was so upset. He was screaming about how the guy with the heavy punch and his peeps would regret this! They will get theirs. He wants a rematch!

Half of the filibusters in the history of our country have happened under President Obama..half! There was a clip of McConnell back in the monkey Bush years talking about how nominees should have an up or down vote. Now of course he loves the filibuster. Fucking hypocrite.

No, yesterday Harry Reid had enough. He had enough of the Tea Party bullying him and his twice elected President.

He came out of the corner and threw those punches. And down went Phil E. Buster, down went Phil E. Buster.




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