NOVEMBER 20, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Smart baseball fans know that you don’t always blame an entire team when one or two guys are killing the team on a daily basis. Let’s say you have a third baseman who is making two errors a game or a guy in the middle of the lineup who is 0-4 while leaving several runners stranded every game. You don’t just scream that the whole team sucks. That is of course if you are a smart fan.

The dumb fan just rants about how they ALL must go. When you try to point out to the dumb fan that no, it’s just one or two guys, don’t blame the lead off hitter or I mean the manager! But the dumb fan will continue to scream about how they all must go, from the top on down. 

That brings me to the dumb American, of which there are many. The dumb American doesn’t just blame the Tea Party led do nothing Republicans in Congress for the problems the country is facing. The dumb American does blame them but they also blame the Democrats in Congress, the Senate and yes the President. The dumb American, like the dumb baseball fan, has absolutely no critical faculties whatsoever, so the easy thing to do it to blame “all the bums!”

This is why the approval rating of the President continues to decline along with that of Congress. Nothing is happening in this country.The reason for that is the Tea Party led Congress who blocks everything this President tries to do while they vote to repeal the ACA about 50 times even though it’s a law that is going nowhere. People are signing up and coverage begins in 6 weeks. This is what this Tea Party led do nothing Congress is busy with in the few days they work due to the light schedule made by Republican Eric Cantor. 

There is no immigration reform because the bitch boy of the Tea Party, John Boehner, won’t allow a bill to come to the floor because he knows his Tea Party masters won’t vote for it.

There are judicial vacancies that need to be filled. No, not new made up seats, but actual vacancies of seats that have been filled by every President in the past. Except the Tea Party led Republicans continue to block ANY nominee this President backs. No Congress, be in Dem Or Rep has EVER done this in the past. It was a given that elections had consequences and that’s all there is to it.

Not THIS Tea Party led Congress. Over and over again they block or just refuse to vote on ANYTHING this President wants. This is why nothing is happening in this country. The Republicans shut this government down. They are responsible for the country losing $24 billion. 

Republicans don’t want you to have the health care they have.

Republicans want to take food out of the mouths of needy children by cutting food stamps.

Republicans want to continue to loosen gun regulations so we can have more school shootings and George Zimmerman’s.

Republicans continue to cut down the number of early voting days because they know the lower the voter turnout the better chance they have of winning.

Republicans won’t let a sensible gay rights law dealing with workplace discrimination come to a vote.

You see Mr or Mrs. dumb American, it’s the Republicans in Congress that are preventing ANYTHING from moving forward. They are collecting six figure pay checks with great health benefits while they do nothing in the few days per month they actual “work” while you struggle to get by. 

And yet you blame everyone and everything. They know they can get away with doing nothing because you won’t have the brains to just blame them. 

Stupid is as stupid does.









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