NOVEMBER 18, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

So, after another long weekend of the awful (I don’t give a shit that it gets viewers) “Lockup” I turn on MSNBC to watch one of my favorite hosts, Martin Bashir. It’s Monday and I can’t wait for his brand of British sarcasm that works so well when aimed at Republicans.

It didn’t take long for my heart to drop as he began to apologize about his comments aimed at Sarah Palin at the end of Friday’s show. He had blasted her for comparing the debt and the ACA to slavery. I thought his comments were spot on. He was obviously pissed off that Palin could be so insensitive and ignorant about what slavery was and that comparing it to something so benign was wicked dumb and showed what Palin really is, a shrill idiot. 

Bashir didn’t come close to saying anything as inflammatory as what I said in my previous post..when I said I wanted to tie her to a tree and whip her once for every slave that was killed. By the way, I wish to NOT apologize and make it two whips for every slave. 

Anyway I digress. I have no idea why Bashir would have to apologize. I though his comments were strong but warranted and NOT out of line at all. It’s no secret that MSNBC’s ratings are low, and there is no excuse for that. Their ratings should be sky high if you factor in they are the only real progressive network around and hatred of Republicans is at an all time high. However under the leadership of Phil Griffin the network is tanking. No doubt that if NBC really cared about the channel (which they don’t) Phil Griffin would not be running it anymore. 

The apology today is one of the reasons MSNBC needs a leadership change. As shitty as FOX news is content wise, Roger Ailes knows there is something called the First Amendment and he never tells his people to apologize.. and just look at how many out of bounds comments they make. Not to mention the factual inaccuracies. He knows his viewers want this red meat. Griffin has no such knowledge, no balls to run something that takes a person with brass ones (male or female) to make it work. The nature of the business is controversial to begin with, to force your hosts to apologize and to castrate them is inexcusable. 

This Bashir apology comes on the heels of the Alec Baldwin “suspension” for calling a reporter a “fag.” Baldwin is a great Liberal but also hot headed so I’m not surprised. I’m quite sure he has many gay friends and has been known to champion gay organizations where it really matters…with his wallet. Phil Griffin’s reaction was even more juvenile than Baldwin’s comment. He pulled Baldwin’s show for two weeks including this coming Friday when he was supposed to have a special JFK show. Is Baldwin a 15 year old boy who needs his Xbox taken away? I’m sure he is really crying over this and will never use that bad word again!

I’m sick and fucking tired of weak Democrats both in Congress and in the media! I’m so glad I have this blog where nobody can tell me what to say or how to say it. And please don’t tell me that Bashir just contemplated his words over the weekend and decided he was just too tough on poor Palin. Griffin made him do this, pure and simple.

MSNBC needs a quick and simple change. Phil Griffin must be removed and replaced by someone who will let his or her hosts be who they are. To be strong and unapologetic when they say something that might sting.

Griffin removed one of those guys, the great Ed Schultz, and sent him to weekends only to bring him back to weekdays when he finally realized what a mistake he made. Of course Big Ed should be back in his old 8 pm eastern time slot but Griffin isn’t ready to acknowledge his mistake full bore just yet.

Bottom line is that Griffin is the wrong guy for MSNBC.

A change needs to be made. No apologies.








3 thoughts on “PHIL GRIFFIN MUST GO!

  1. Wendi Ramlal

    Brilliant Article & I support Martin Bashir. If anyone else does contact Phil Griffin @ 212-664-2456 & let him know. RWNJ & Scarborough are gunning for Bashir.


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