November 17, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was contemplating not writing this article because the issues are so moronic that any normal person wouldn’t give them a second thought before dismissing them. But there are so many people in this country that aren’t of normal mind that I guess I need to write about the absolutely idiotic comparisons being made between Obamacare and Katrina and Iraq.

Let’s make this absolutely clear. There have been 4,500 U.S. deaths in Iraq. There were 1,800 deaths from Katrina. There have been ZERO fatalities from Obamacare..period, end of story. Or at least it should be.

But of course with the lazy, headline loving media we have here it’s not the end of the story. David Gregory, another moronic comparison when it comes to the late great Tim Russert, tried to get over on Nancy Pelosi with the bullshit story that the ACA is in disarray. Gregory simply repeated Republican talking points about the ACA. Pelosi didn’t let him get away with it. This is what Democrats must do. Spit back these Fox news and talk radio driven talking points right back in their faces. Repeatedly.

Back to the main talking point, actually it’s the same talking point when the right wing wants people to believe that Obama has screwed up. They love to say it is “Obama’s Katrina, or Obama’s Iraq.” This doesn’t just show how revolting and stupid Republicans are but it also shows how insensitive they are.

I wonder how the families of the nearly 2,000 killed in Katrina feel about that statement? These are also some of the same people who need the ACA to stay alive. You gotta love how Republicans are always talking about much they care about our soldiers. Yes, comparing a health care system to their deaths is really honoring them and their families.

You know I swear I’m losing IQ points just writing about this idiocy. Speaking of idiocy, we have the prom queen of idiots, Sarah Palin, comparing our (ever shrinking under Obama) National debt and the ACA to slavery.  This makes me want to tie her to a tree and whip her once for each slave that was killed during those dark times in our country’s history. She really is a stupid bitch. A stupid bitch that our news media can’t resist covering on an almost daily basis.

So if you take all of the slaves killed, soldiers killed in Iraq and citizens killed in Katrina and add them together that equals the ACA according to Republicans. And this is the party that controls the House.

The ACA will SAVE lives. Many lives. I was just on the website (which seems to be running smoothly) and the plans available are incredible. If you make around $17,000 a year you can get a plan for about 40 bucks per month that covers nearly 95 percent of your care with NO deductibles. If you make slightly more you can get just about the same plan for a few more bucks per month. The plans available are unlike anything the insurance companies have EVER offered people. And they NEVER would without the ACA.

Do we hear the media talking about this? Do we see them showing the plans? This is information that is real and vital, not a talking point. It’s the kind of stuff the media used to cover. Information that can actually help their viewers better understand a situation.

Instead we get non stop coverage of moronic comparisons and Republican talking points.

Seems the biggest moronic comparison of them all would be our current media and the one we used to have. Before headlines were more important than facts.



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