November 15, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Rep. Ron Barber of Arizona
Rep. John Barrow of Georgia
Rep. Ami Bera of California
Rep. Tim Bishop of New York
Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa
Rep. Julia Brownley of California
Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois
Rep. Jim Costa of California
Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon
Rep. Suzan DelBene of Washington
Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois
Rep. Bill Enyart of Illinois
Rep. Elizabeth Esty of Connecticut
Rep. Bill Foster of Illinois
Rep. Pete Gallego of Texas
Rep. John Garamendi of California
Rep. Joe Garcia of Florida
Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin
Rep. Ann McLane Kuster of New Hampshire
Rep. Dave Loebsack of Iowa
Rep. Dan Maffei of New York
Rep. Sean Maloney of New York
Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah
Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina
Rep. Jerry McNerney of California
Rep. Patrick Murphy of Florida
Rep. Rick Nolan of Minnesota
Rep. Bill Owens of New York
Rep. Scott Peters of California
Rep. Gary Peters of Michigan
Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota
Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia
Rep. Raul Ruiz of California
Rep. Brad Schneider of Illinois
Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon
Rep. Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire
Rep. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona
Rep. Filemon Vela of Texas
Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota

These are the 39 Democrats who voted to allow insurance companies to allow selling junk insurance policies to Americans for another least. 

I really can’t express my disdain for these spineless, feckless “Democrats.” They are the lowest of low. You might be thinking, “but Mike, the Republicans are the lowest of low..” Nope. It is expected of Republicans to want to help the insurance companies. They help elect them, and Republicans care about two and power. Democrats are supposed to be different. But these Democrats have no place in government, in fact no place in any position of power in society at all. They should be scraping the gum off the bottom of my shoe.

To have absolutely no balls. They scare at the slightest bump in the night. They actually fell for the bullshit that Americans are being hurt by Obamacare, even if it’s just a few Americans. Instead of telling those constituents who were being dumped by their crappy insurance companies to simply go look for a better plan online, they caved to the mainstream media baloney. They might as well be working for Fox news. 

There is no way the ACA can work when insurance companies can continue to sell plans that are expensive and don’t cover shit. All Americans must be in it for it to work. Those with no insurance, those with crappy insurance, the sick, the healthy. Therefore these 39 Dems have poked a hole into the heart of the ACA. They joined the Republicans in trying to systematically destroy it. Ask yourself this..when was the last time Republicans joined Democrats in something most Republicans were against? They stick together, Dems scare and it’s one of the reasons why this country is royally fucked.

I want to take a giant piss on every one of those Democrats. I want to channel Lee Ermey and make their lives a living hell. They are scum. Can I make this any clearer? All they said with this vote today was that they will do anything to get re-elected in their shitty districts that don’t even deserve to be represented by a Democrat. 

Of course Obama didn’t make any of this easier yesterday when he also cowered and gave the Republicans a huge talking point going into the 2014 elections. He is no F.D.R, never has been, never will be. His main flaw is that he wants to be liked by everyone. Wants to be seen as “fair.” That has been his biggest problem since day one. 

The ACA is a great law. It should bring healthcare to millions of Americans that don’t have insurance and better insurance to those who have plans that are garbage. 

Obama needed to get up there in front of the press and say just that. Tell Americans AND Democrats to be strong and not afraid of change. To suck it up and let the ACA work its magic. Because he has finally done something that no President has ever done before and that he’s proud of it and backs it 100 percent.

He didn’t do that. And today 39 Democrats did something much worse. 

They made it tougher for Americans to be able to get real affordable health care and actually see a doctor when they are sick.

For that they should all drop dead.







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