NOVEMBER 13, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

Since the mainstream media simply cannot stay away from Sarah Palin I have decided that if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Therefore I have allowed the former Governor of Alaska to write whatever she wants on my blog. Call her a guest blogger and today is her day. I will just have a few words to add when she is done but without further ado here is Sarah Palin..

HI you guys! Im so happy Mike has allowed me speak to you today because im sure you are pee owed about the lamestream media. I mean really gosh wow. Have you heard them yapping about this Obamadontcare? You would think they all worked for him or somethin. I mean we need to get rid of this junk and now folks. All it does is create tort reform situations and ya know..well its really just bad for us all. We need to look at those ideas in the Republican past that reformed health care the right way. Ya know without taxing the American people up the wazoo and all!

I mean look at that website my goodness. Nobody can get on without getting one of those website broken messages ya know and they just get frustrated and can ya blame them? I mean its like Joe Biden is running the darn thing or Anyways we just need to get rid of the whole darn thing, just pull the plug out of the wall and start over.

Can you believe how everyone is going all crazy over Chris Christie? I mean they are already putting up his family pictures on the oval office walls lol. Let’s just relax and get a real conservative like Ted Cruz in that house ya know. He’s the real deal McNeil. He was strong in holding government accountable and shutting that whole thing down,,well I guess I shouldn’t say it that way..uh oh..pc police lol. But yeah anyways he really is the go to guy for common sense situations and turning us back to capitalism from this obamasocialism thing we got ourselves into.

That lamestream media is all going crazy about Benghazi and CBS and some story that supposedly wasn’t accurate. I mean who the heck cares? Several people were killed and look at gosh, does she care? And she is supposedly the front runner for those Dems in 2016, kinda funny isn’t it? I mean she was sitting at home when all that craziness happened in Benghazi and I mean where was she ya know? She certainly wasn’t there helping out wow.

Someone asked me yesterday about this Rob Ford guy in Toronto and ya know he seems like a regular male I mean he did some drugs and drinks but what guy doesnt ya know? Especially in those far northern areas of the world i mean take it from me there are some cold lonely guys in Alaska too I know haha. But do we really care I mean it’s way up in Canada and hockey country and all so what’s the big deal?

There is just so much craziness going on all over the place and we need to work on things here in the good ole us of a. I mean look at the gun stuff, people blaming guns instead of the people that shoot them and all. I mean guns and bullets dont kill people or even animals, people do that stuff. I have shot at animals from the sky and let me tell its a rush and all, but its me killing them not the guns right? We really need to get our priorities in order here guys I mean holy cow ya know.

I guess I should finish up here i mean Mike is breathing down my back here and all but I just want everyone to know that while my grammar isnt the best I didnt do any of that copying stuff that Rand Paul did so ya you all should just know that. 

So take care and I’m not going betcha!

OK thanks Sarah Palin for that guest commentary. Boy now I really understand why the media loves to keep her in the spotlight. I mean so much to add to our national dialogue, wow.


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  1. Lisa Sims

    Mike, was this really Palin? She really just loves any attention she can get. She is a master at showing the public what a crazy person she is. Do people really still like and believe her statements? What is this country become?

    1. Mike farrell

      How could you be so dumb as to think Palin would write for this idiot. What an obviously silly”parody” created by him in a junior high school manner


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